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VAR always makes the same decisions

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On 19/07/2021 at 11:36, Neil Brock said:

Is down to how certain decisions are presented in game. Due to the flow of the game, different decisions are often quickly given to the referee in their earpiece (so for instance, they say goal is onside) so time isn't taken out of the game for the referee to run over to the sideline etc and there isn't clear commentary in-match to make it clear this has happened. This gives the impression one type of decision is more prevalent than others. The actual balance of decisions given/not given in-game is modelled on real life. 

It's something which has been raised within the community and is something we're looking at for future versions of FM. 

Can you go into a bit more detail on this?

I've always wondered what happens in the game when it is modelled accurately but the users think it's slanted in a certain way.  Do you side with realism or playability in these cases?

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