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Youth Team Bug

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I found some bugs with the youth teams (Spanish and German League, but i think it applies to all the youh teams that play in a lower tier legaue and not in the etxra reserve team competition)

  1. My assistant coaches tactic for the youth team is not applied on the team. Also some player are concerned about who becomes their next coach ('personal' tab in player interface)
  2. The training report says that the players need better training facilities, even though training and youth facilities are both outstanding. Interessting is that when i look at my youth teams facilities via in-game editor they are worse. Instead of outstanding it´s just impressive and great for training and youth.

It´s very frustrating because the young palyers don´t really develop in the youth team. Also i get next to none loan offers for my players. i would be very thankful if you could fix those problems fast.

Best regards

(The 1. point is not found in this save-file but i got the problem earlier in the file and i also saw someone else having the same problem in this forum)


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Hi Adel.

On your first point that is a known issue for second teams that are in competitions like you mentioned. But thank you for raising it! 

Regarding your second point, I have looked in the save and it says Superb for both in the general info page and in the in-game editor. Could you provide screenshots of what you mean? 

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Hi Louie,

i think i accidentally edited it by myself with the in-game editor befor saving the game.

I resigned and signed another club, in that case Real Sociedad. But it´s the same problem.

It is in german but as you can see in the club information tab it says 'hochmodern' or 'ultramodern' (i don´t know the proper englisch word, but it´s the best level of the facilities) for both training and youth. But when i look at it with the in-game editor it says 'hervorragend' or `'superb' and 'ausgezeichnet' or excellent.

Screenshot_20200102-180644_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200102-180658_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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Hi Louie,

it´s the third point on the negative side. Translated it means something like 'would benefit from better facilities'.

Not all players have this point but i would say a third to a half have it.

Again at Valencia where i edited the reserves team facilities none of my players got this point. But nearly every player got a point which says 'need im proved specialt raining'. But if i remember right this means for example a goalkeeper need a goalkeeper assistant coach.


Screenshot_20200103-145446_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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