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Ways to Improve my Defence

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With this tactic I had lots of success. Tried it with couple teams in different levels and outcome was similar: Statistic wise I usually have most chances created, goals, shots on target. My teams usually in top five in average possession, pass completion ratio, passes completed and sadly foulds made.

If I talk about negative sides of this tactic, it starts with conceding goals, loads of goals. I usually be in bottom half of the conceded statistics. There are very few games I failed to score but fewer games I managed to get clean sheet. I know it's the part of football I want to play but I'm trying to improve my back a little bit without losing my devestating power in front...

Any ideas I can accomplish this, without changing my sytle too much?


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I'd focus initially on the Out Of Possession instructions.  You've maxed out on everything which is very extreme and likely a cause of your issues.  Your pushing very high so a lot of space behind if your urgent pressing doesn't cause a mistake with only the 2 CBs are staying back (WB-Su + WB-At) to sweep up the flanks and behind them.

Consider your CM players, they need to strong defensively to cover for the wingbacks, do you have the right players here or are they attacking players?  Then consider the roles+duties your using; IW-At won't really drop and help defensively so the WB-Su and DLP-Su need to handle the left+middle defensively, potentially 2v2 or 2v3, are they good defensively?  If the player you use as CAR-Su is better defensively i'd potentially look at swapping your CM pair.  This should also leave space for the IF-Su with the DLP sitting and cover the WB-At better.

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Swapping midfield duo makes sense, gonna give it a try for sure, my DLP is Pirlo like, great passer with no physical attributes, he usually in top 3 of assists tho, which works with me. Carriello guy is more like BWM type of a guy, does decent on defensive duties. Might also give my DLP-S to DLP-D role.

I'm not happy with my AMC role, he usually gets low ratings but whenever I take him off for a DM or something my strikers efficiency drops a lot (His goals per game halves at least). That's why I'm not changing that side.

Out of Possesion is something I'm looking to rebuild from scratch, you are right there...

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