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Providing Feedback and engaging with others


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Whilst we can understand sometimes users get frustrated with their game, we would appreciate it if users could remember a few important things when posting on our forums:

When providing critical feedback, where possible please try and keep it constructive. This helps us help you.
- We understand that sometimes people need to let off some steam, but when doing so we can only try and make things better if we know the cause of complaint. Try and provide details of specific areas where you think things can be improved and why you may not like a certain part of the game when providing feedback. 

Bugs are best raised on the Bug Forums
- If you're posting on an area of the forum, it's worth asking yourself "is what I'm posting a bug"? If it is, please try to raise it via our bugs forum, that way our QA team can investigate. 

Remember when you talk about SI, you're talking about real people who read these forums.
- In the past we've read things like: "SI are idiots", "Did the QA team even test this game" and "whoever is responsible for this should be sacked" and more. These forums were set up to be a way where our development team can engage directly with the community on a whole host of issues. Over time unfortunately the frequency our developers post has dropped considerably due to the types of comments above. Please bear in mind when you're making comments in regards to the game that the people who created it are likely reading. Keep things civil and above all respectful. Failure to do so means we may be forced to edit or remove your post. Continued failure to do so will lead to warnings and infractions. 

The Moderating team are here to help
- The moderators are unpaid volunteers and provide support and help because they're extremely passionate about the game. They're not told to walk a company line, nor are they told to convince anyone who doesn't like the game the reasons why they should. They try to use their knowledge of the game to help people, to engage in debate and to make sure misinformation doesn't spread. Please remember when engaging with them that they're trying to help and deserve to be shown respect like everyone else. 


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