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Idea about potentially optimal youth training

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I have an idea about training schedules.

Instead of keeping your U23 and U18 teams together, split them into attacking and defensive units regardless of their ability.

All your attacking players in one, all your defensive players in the other. I'm not sure if players ineligible to play for U18s can train with them and receive attribute boosts in the same way as usual, but if not, place the guys who are too old in your first team squad list.

Lets say your U18s are your attackers, so midfielders, attacking midfielders, wingers and forwards. You set your U18s training to focus entirely on attacking, possession, tactics team sessions (the dark blue general ones) and 1 or 2 physical sessions a week with the same number of slots of recovery. This alongside the usual individual and role training.

Then your U23s, the defensive unit, focuses entirely on defending, tactics and physical. These guys are your defensive line plus any defensive midfielder.

If you set up like this, your U18s and U23s should develop their key attributes extremely strongly, whereas the other attributes unimportant to their role will never be improved, eg flair for a centre back or marking for a striker.

Goalkeepers obviously get totally neglected but you could throw in a GK session once a week in both U23s and U18s while the other players will work on their roles.

So what do you think? Will it work?

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30 minutes ago, permanentquandary said:

So what do you think? Will it work?

It might work however there is one aspect that can't be overlooked - SI have developed the training module in conjunction with real life football coaches in order to be as close to real life training sessions as possible (within the current framework of the game).  If what you suggest is how real life coaches handle training then potentially you could be onto something.

This might be better off in the Feature Requests forum as personally I have no idea what real life coaches get up to.  However I'll give @Seb Wassell a quick tag for reference.

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No I was just wondering if this is a strong and viable way to set up training youth.

For the schedules I would only use the general team training in dark blue, plus some recoveries if I did a physical session. No match prep except maybe occasionally Teamwork.

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