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Set piece advice please


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I’m playing as Charlton and I’ve got two CBs, one has 17 for jumping (Sarr) and the other 11 (Pointius).

Both guys are competing for the same spot as the left-sided CB.

i cross a lot of different types of set pieces to the far post where I have a CB trying to head it.

If Sarr is in the left side CB position then I want him to be the CB attacking the far post.

But if Pontius is the left side CB then I don’t want him attacking the far post, instead I want the other CB from the right side to attack it.

How do I create set pieces for this please?

Right now I can’t see a way of doing this simply, it seems I have to create brand new set piece routines for this simple change. And there is no option to ‘create copy of current set piece routine’ either, so I have to rebuild from scratch every single routine that involves a cross to the far post (a lot).

any advice please?

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