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Scott Mc tominay underrated in fm 20

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He has come into his own more this year & I would agree. He was deemed an up & coming talent at the beginning of the season so his stats were probably there or there abouts at the start. But, he's definitely come along leaps & bounds since then so his attributes probably should have an upgrade and probably will.  But unfortunately this thread/area isn't the place to bring it up in. Manchester United forum my friend.  

I dare say the Manchester United researcher is probably aware of that. I'd like to think...

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1 minute ago, jden86 said:

He is underrated atleast in potential. But then again half the Man Utd team are grossly overrated, IE: Lingard, Martial, Jones, Rojo, Lindelof (I'm a Man Utd fan too)

Mctominay is very underrated. He is one of our best players. Ashford a little underrated as he is worse now than last year. Martial is about right but the others are definitely overrated.

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Bear in mind that player ratings will have been based on the data up to the end of last season and will not take into account performance in the current season.  Any player who stands out as being under or over rated will be adjusted in the Transfer window update

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