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FM20 Blog  - 'The Yeovil Revival'- Football Manager 2020 Blog.  Part 2  

We’ve all been there. Busy packing for a family break away when the idea of starting a new Football Manager save grabs your attention.
You eye the trunks and armbands on the bed. Do I pack them?...or do I ‘forget’ them and use the time to start a new Football Manager save? Of course, I’d be absolutely gutted to miss out on family time, but I could also turn to that old flame Football Manager for a shoulder to cry on. Decisions to be made and FAST!
An hour later we’re on the road, trunks safely still at home and the thoughts of glory now firmly dancing around my head.
The possibilities are endless, but in order for this to work the save needs two things;
First, the challenge must be exciting so that it draws you in instantly. We have no time to waste here .
Secondly, the team MUST be close in location to where we are going on holiday.
Local boy turns good is always a good story..even if he is a ‘foreign man in a foreign land’ as AL Simon once said...which by the way was an epic tune often overlooked.
I digress, now, in this case, I was going for a nice little break away to the beautiful seaside town of Minehead on the west coast of England.
While stopping at South Mims for a ‘comfort break’ (never comfort in there) I turned to my Google Map and after far too long in a public restroom, I narrowed my options down to 2 lucky teams;
League 2
Exeter , 44 miles away
Vanarama National side
Yeovil 51 Miles away
I decided this was a mental conversation for myself while driving the additional 150 odd mile trip as I highly doubted my loved ones would know or even care whether Yeovil or Exeter had fantastic recruitment policies.
So, after sitting and thinking a while and getting a bad headache in the process I finally settled on a team just as we approached Bristol....Yeovil!!
I’m going to be the mighty Yeovil. Now why Yeovil?
Well, this is a club that only five years ago were in the Championship. Just what has happened since then? Back to back relegation's lead them into League two where the struggle to survive was finally too much and the club was relegated to non-league football for the first time since the 2002/03 season, a whopping 16 years ago!
This simply can’t be allowed to continue. It seems like yesterday that Joel Grant was smashing in a top bins shot against my beloved Ipswich Town. Yeovil MUST be saved.
After all, this is a club that could be the biggest in the South West and certainly one that should be challenging Bristol for ‘top dog’ status.
It’s time Yeovil rose from the ashes and the fightback began.
Join me next time as we take charge of Yeovil and the journey fully begins.
The blog will also be posted on my website >> https://homedressingroom89.wixsite.com/hdrmartin/post/fm20yeovilrevival
I'd love any feedback as this is my first ever blog in any way , shape or form. 
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