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Fighting against 5-3-2

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Alright so I'm not sure if many other people have noticed this but 5-3-2 WB is either quite overpowered on this game or I am just personally really struggling against it. Playing a network game and one of my friends is using it, not sure if it's a downloaded tactic or one of his own but it's killing the AI, mind he has a decent team so I wont go as far as saying that's proof for it being overpowered. Concerning my friend the most suspect thing I would say is the WBs, he's using are fairly average (Lweis and Aarons) wing backs and they still both getting double figure assists and 6-7 goals each.

Anyway more to the general point, I have literally sat down and tried to work it all through. I look at the 5-3-2 and think - what are the weaknesses. For me I come to the conclusion that compared to conventional tactics there's only one man on each wing rather than 2. So when their wing backs attack there's space on those wings to counter. That I would say is the major weakness of that tactic in a general sense. Now I primarily play a 4-1-2-3 Wide, which at a glance seems like the perfect tactic to counter this, but I am having no luck whatsoever. Any team that plays me with this tactic I know it's 50/50 I may lose. Anybody got any advice? Thanks.

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