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Several Bugs


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I found several bugs. Here´s a list with the attached save-game.

  1. Own manager formation stays 4-4-2, even though i play 4-3-2-1
  2. The formation of the assistant coach attached to the reserve team don´t match. My youth team manager has a 4-1-2-2-1 formation but my reserve team plays with a 4-4-2
  3. Manager reputation goes up way to slow. I won Spanish Cup, EL and CL but my reputation only went to continental. In my opinion it should go to continental after winning EL and to worldclass after winning CL. Also after winning the Spanish Cup i would have excpected that i get a national reputation, not regional
  4. In the "Manager Options" the scouts and assistant managers that you choosed at an older club stay even after resigning and starting at a new club.
  5. My assistant choaches have no influence on players anymore. In my first 4-5 seasons it workt properly but after moving to Barcelona non of my players is affected by the coaches. Even though i have some young players, they don´t get influenced by my youth coach (for example)
  6. When looking at the managers with the in-Game Editor, Guardiola has a half star at maximum potential but 5 stars at current potential
  7. Some weird transfers like Dan Carvajal to Krasnodar (how can they even afford him) with the age of 28. Also no high bids for any players, highest i have ever seen was around 80 mil.
  8. If you assigned a player as a Mentor, the mentoring does not end after the player that gets mentoring moves to another club. After buying a player (Manzannara) i got a message a few weeks later, that the mentoring has ended now even though the Mentor still played at the other club
  9. Managers play completle different tactics in comparison to their "oficcial" tactic in the coach screen. For example Klopp officialy plays with a 4-1-2-2-1, but now at Gladbach he plays 5-3-2
  10. Players often can´t reach their full potential. For example Oussmane Dembele from Barca only got to 4 stars at 28 of age. He wasn´t injuried that often and played good nearly every game. Also i had his training on high intensity. Same with Lautaro Martinez, who only reached 4 stars with 4,5 potential at 28 years of age. (I adjusted the current potential with the In-Game-Editor)
  11. (Edit): I almost never get loan offers from teams, even after placing the player on loan list and offer loan to other clubs

This is all that i got for now. I hope this is helpfull for you guys.

Feel free to ask back if you want to know more about things from the list above. :)

fm_save1 (2).zip

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Hi Adelrahn, I have look at your your save and have numbered each issue you found to make it easier to go through.

  1. This issue has now been bugged.
  2. This issue has now been bugged.
  3. I Would argue that winning the CL once doesn't make you a world class manager in real life, i would also say that you shouldn't become a world class manager by winning domestic trophies only. In your save you have won the CL several times are are now a world class manager which i feel is fair. I will however raise this with the dev team as an on going balancing issue, so that getting World Class stays in the the right balance between realistic and fun.
  4. This is a known issue currently open with the dev team.
  5. I will however look into this further as it is possible to gain a players influence on your save but it is quite slow.
  6. Known issue
  7. I was not able to see the Krasnodar transfer in the save you sent us (If you have another save please send it), i was also able to see several 90 mil transfers and a few over 100 mil. If you select a club and view their club history you can see the highest transfer fee paid and received. In your save Man City sold Leroy Sane to PSG for 115 mill in 2025/26. 
  8. Known issue
  9. I wasn't able to see this in the save you sent us, Gladbach are currently playing a 4-1-2-2-1
  10. A player can continue to develop past 28, even some players in their 30 can show some improvement in certain conditions. Both Dembele and Martinez gain XP from matches so can still reach their full potential.
  11.  Currently looking at this.
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Hi James thanks for your fast reply.


3. It´s a fair point. Maybe you could just adjust so that when you win a national Trophy such as Copa Del Rey or Spanish League your manager rating goes to national. After winning the Spanish Cup the first time my rating went to regional which in my opinion is not that realistic.

5. After playing on for a little in the save file my motivational coach started influencing one player. But the other still (included myself) have no influence. i also replace some coaches but after beeing in the club for 2-3 months they also have no influence.

7. Looks like Carvajal retiered already. Unfortunately i have no older save-file. Thanks for the tipp with the club history.

9. That´s very strange. I just looked it up myself again and you are absolutely right. Sorry for that one.


Edit: Now i remember i forgot another "bug" ( i don´t know if it really is one). If i give a player the "Advanced Playmaker" role he only has around 20 passes per game and losses the ball very often. Shouldn´t they be able to hold the ball, pass it to hold the team in possession or make runs into the final third? Same with "Inside Forwards" who normally cut inside from wide areas but the "IF´s" always stay in the middle of the pitch.

If this is supposed to be liket hat maybe we then need some more player roles or edit the player roles itself so we can adjust the team in that way.

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On your last point, I would argue that someone deployed as an advanced playmaker is going to try more risky and creative actions in the final third (passes, dribbles, shots, crosses) so are more likely to lose the ball. A prime example is Messi, who statistically concedes possession a lot, because he tries the most difficult actions like mentioned. 

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