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FM20 - Just some lower league gems i've found


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Just playing a save as Wrexham (my old side) in the VNL and thought i'd post some absolute bargains i've managed to find after scouring europe for far too many hours lol.


Romano - an amazing deep-lying playmaker in the traditional italian mould .. amazing player for lower league sides, expensive but worth it 




Dekoke - natural CB but i signed to play LB.. took a few weeks to convince to drop to my level, but would do the job in higher levels too i think.




Oualembo - couldn't believe that this guy would come to us and not that expensive either (1.1k wages) .. complete striker.




Storie - probably known, but i'll post anywya... great engine in midfield




Bicho - couldnt quite get him in eventually but he talked to us, so there is hope... clearly a superstar if you can get him.




This is my first foray into lower league management in fm20 so these might be well known, but would lobve to see who you guys have pivked up.

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Total agreement with Welshace on scouting. Every season around January I scout all the Premier sides players that are on 1,000 or less a week wages and that are expiring in June. A lot of them get new contracts, but the ones that don't and are willing to come to my small sides are generally much better than what I have. 

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