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Penalty Conversion Rate


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How is everyone's penalty conversion going?, mine is absolutely horrendous. Similar to the issues being noticed with 1-on-1's actually.

penalty taking abililty is average on all my takers, but i've never had a conversion rate this low, regardless of ability.

Much fun


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Anything around and above 70% is good and to be expected, regardless of the League as the ability of the Penalty Kicker and the ability of the Goalkeeper should almost allways be in a similar balance ratio.

In 3 different starts (bcs i got bored so fast and starting is a big part of the fun when boredom has not set in yet) i had 1 Striker scoring every single Penalty (4/4) and every other Player is either missing any of them or in the low 30% range at best.

No other FM i ever played behaved like this...



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