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Spanish Promotion Play-Offs

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I'm currently building the Spanish football pyramid down to level 9. I'm currently going through the Tercera Division Groups 1-18 and have come to the promotion/relegation play-offs, which I have became stuck on.

The way the promotion play offs work is by the following;

Champions Play-Off

18 group winners play each other over 2 legs - the 9 winners on aggregate are promoted.

Non-Championship Play-Off

The 18 runners up are drawn against one of the seventeen fourth placed clubs outside their group and the 18 3rd place teams are drawn against one another over 2 legs.

The 27 winners advance with the 9 losing teams from the Champions Play-Off to determine the 18 teams that enter the 2 leg matches for the last 9 promotion places.

The 18 teams play each other and the winning 9 are promoted.


Is this even possible to set up? When I go into Tercera Division Group 1 rules and go to the playoffs section it asks for how many teams are entered. Do I enter 1 for the winning team or enter 4 for the top 4? Is there a way to add another play off for the Non-Championship Play-Off or do I just set the how many teams entered to 2 and then let them battle it out? Is it possible to set up the play off structure so 1st v 1st, 2nd v 4th and 3rd v 3rd and then the losing 9 from the Championship Play-off join the non-championship play off structure? Do I set it up as 2 cups instead?


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If you set 1 league with 18 groups - there is no way to organize them regionaly. Game simply cant do that. At least i never managed to do it right. I your case - in real life - you have 18 child regional divisions under 1 parent competition. This should be set like this. And its not easy - believe me.

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Many thanks, I'll take a look! Do you know how to set it up so I have 2 leagues/divisions/groups for relegated teams? i.e. north and south? In 'Division For Relegated Teams' I only have the option to pick one and not two. Also the 'Division For Promoted Teams' is greyed out as well

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