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Editor update available - fix for verifying bug


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Okay we've put the updated editor out via the public beta, unfortunately we're unable to currently put it out normally but hope to do so as soon as possible.

Details on how to access this below

- Open Steam
- Go to 'Football Manager 2020 Editor' within your Steam Library
- Right-Click on the game and select 'Properties'
- Select the 'Beta' tab
- Via the 'Select the beta you would like to opt into' dropdown, select 'public beta'
- Click 'Close'

Upon launching the game, the changes should be active and you should now be able to verify your files. Any problems in doing so, please let us know. 


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I just want to apologize for my anger yesterday it was just super inconvenient timing.

But i do want to thank you guys for being so prompt and also using the public beta branch. If you could do this with all future patches that would probably stop some of these small oversights from popping up

Back to editing i go! Love ya, mwah! xx

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I second that. It is nice to get such a quick fix for this problem. We often moan on these forums that the editor does not get enough attention or love. This is clearly not the case here. A problem quickly identified and quickly fixed. 

I can confirm that the beta works for me. I have no longer any errors when verifying files. Once again, an excellent example of good customer service. It may not mean a lot, but kudos to the devs and thank you for fixing the issue in such a timely manner. 

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