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Regional Division Promotion Playoffs and Third Placed Playoff after Group Stage


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I am struggling to work out how to do the following two things in the advanced editor:

1. I have 18 regional divisions. The second placed team in each division enter a promotion playoff. Rather than having each play off match pit two random teams against each other, I need teams who finish second in Division A play the team that finishes second in division B, C against D and so on.

2. I have a cup that starts with a group stage. The winner of each group go straight through to the final, while the teams that are runners up in each group play a third place playoff. I've tried having the cup as two separate stages, but despite asking the final to get teams from the group stage and instructing both the winner and the loser of third place playoff to not enter another round, whoever wins the third place playoff still ends up in the final.

If I try making it with the cup as one stage, I can't figure out how to ensure that the teams who finished 2nd in the group stage enter the first round and the teams who topped the group stage enter the second round.

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