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Need help with Paul Pogba please

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Here's the situation.  I'm halfway through my 2nd season with Man Utd, and here is Paul Pogba.  My captain.  My best player of the team.  A leader and an extremely influential player on the club.



He's 27 years old with a birthday coming up.

The current date is Dec 29th 2020.  His contract expires 6/30/22.  I feel like I need to make a decision this year on him, and not wait until his final year.

1. Do I give him a new contract?  It would have to be 5 years and probably $450,000 per week, along with incentives.

2. Do I try to sell him?  I do potentially have a replacement for him coming up as I can re-train Angel Gomes as he already fits AMC, and I could train him as a Central Midfielder as well.

The fans want me to re-sign Pogba.  The happiness and dynamics of my team probably want me to re-sign him too.  However, my transfer budget wants me to sell him for 150-200 million.

What would you do?

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He is one of my favourite players of all time on Football Manager (over taking Tommy Spurr).

I would of course offer him a new contract, I usually build my midfield around getting the best out of him.

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You should sign him to a new contract. He is a beast, performs amazingly well, a team leader and he has the home grown at club status. As United, you don't really need the money, you'll be given plenty by the board.

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