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FM19 - Other team doesn't try to win?

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It's a bit strange but my problem seems to be that the game is far too easy. The other team let my players run straight past them and don't seem to ever actually press, wingers end up free in so much space, and when the other team get the ball they just stand there with it until either I tackle them and counter, or they just punt it up the pitch and give it back to me

I thought I just somehow created an OP tactic but it's nothing special, just a pretty regular wide 433. But I've actually removed all my player instructions, made my team stop pressing so highly and things like this just to try and get the other team to actually play, yet they don't do anything!! Like as I type this I'm in a game against Granada (I am Real Hispalis) and first half winning 3-0 and the other team had 1 shot 0 on target. Last game was AWAY TO ATLETICO and I was 2-0 up in about 20 mins, changed to Cautious just to try and invite them to attack me, they managed to actually get some shots away by the end of the game but wasn't threatening much.

Why is this happening?!?! It's not the tactic because I even switched it to a 4411 and 4231 just to see if somehow the tactic was broken even though all the instructions were removed. It's not my management because I'm literally just sending players out and don't even need to study the other team. It's not my players because Real Hispalis have quite an average squad really. I was managing Arsenal before on another save and the same thing was happening, it was so so easy to win every game and I don't want this, I want a challenge and I'm not getting one, I really don't understand


EDIT: as a test, I set a new tactic 4231 with ZERO team instructions and ZERO player instructions, on Balanced mentality. I also changed player roles, like I was using winger before so I changed to inside forward. Was using CM(A) and BBM so changed to BWM and DLP. Just changing everything possible so I know it's not tactic related in any way. Game was away to Bilbao. Half time? Winning 3-0 and other team has had no shots on target, still not marking, still not pressing, still not going forward when they get the ball. I don't understand. Changed to 5212 for the second half of that Bilbao game just for something random, still no instructions whatsoever, random roles, they only manage one shot on target in the whole game and it ended 4-0

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7 minutes ago, FMunderachiever said:

good tactics dont have to feature tons of instructions. your team and tactics must just be very well balanced and suit a balanced mentality.

Hundreds of pages of this forum show plenty of people find the game plenty hard though.

But I can literally pick any tactic and the opposition still aren't trying to play, that's what I mean. I'm deliberately messing up my tactics yet nothing is changing.

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