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Copying save games between Touch and Full FM2020

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I know that there is a bug on the FM2020 touch for ipadOS where cross-sync isn't available. I bought the full FM2020 on steam yesterday before knowing this. Until cross-sync is available is there another way to play my save on the full FM2020 version? 

Can I just copy the save file off of the ipad and paste it into FM2020 in steam and back to the ipad again later?


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  • SI Staff

Yes you can, I don't have a full guide for you but in iTunes it is possibly copy the save games folder off the tablet and then replace it again later. I assume you need to have a Mac to do it but maybe it is possible with the Windows version of iTunes, but I've never tried that.

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@EdL I had no problems copying the FMT 2020 save file off of the ipad. The file extension of the FMT save game is .fmv and the save games for FM are .fm files though. 

I tried the simple method of renaming the file to .fm BUT when I go to load the game, it shows me the meta data about the save game but when I actually try load the game it fails with a generic "the game failed to load" error. More info would be appreciated.

(working with ipadOS for FMT and macOS Mojave for FM2020)

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2 hours ago, EdL said:

You have to install Football Manager Touch (included with full FM) to play games from IPad. Which is the same if you were using cross-sync

Hi, thx for getting back so quickly, but I'm not sure I get it.

I have FMT on my macbook, what do I need to do to play a save on my iPad:

- buy a copy/install FMT also on my ipad.

- copy the save file manually from my mac to the ipad? If yes, where do I find the save file on the mac and where do I copy it to on the ipad?

Anything else? 

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I must still be missing something, I have done the following:

  1. Installed both FM2020 and FM2020 Touch on my Macbook
  2. Copied the save from my ipad to my Macbook and loaded up the save game in FM2020 Touch on my macbook.
  3. Played a few matches and saved my game
  4. Save the game to the Cloud
  5. Open Full FM2020, go to "Load game" and choose cloud but there is nothing there.


How do I load up my save in full FM2020? Did I misunderstand something? Is this even possible @EdL?

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