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question for mac users (touchbar)

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seeing as apple has graced us with a physical escape key, i'm curious how other mac users are doing without the rest of the function keys.  i've got a lot.. a whole lot.. of muscle memory built up around both fm and vim (did i mention lots? i think i did), and have been pondering how to deal with the seemingly inevitable change to having a stupid touchbar.

has anyone changed over to one of those things after playing fm since forever and how did it go?

the 2019 mbp looks alright. i've looked at loads of gaming laptops only to stop and think i'd only play fm on the thing anyway.  pour one out for fm on linux too but ah well.

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aye, i get the expense with apple but for everything other than gaming (basically only fm for me) they work rather well.  waiting a bit to see how ms wsl works out / if there's any major qc issues in the 19 refresh



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