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Official database update (real life winter transfers)

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Hey everybody

It is every year the same.


I wish the official winter database update would be a real life update, that means transfers which happen during the January transfer window would be implemented in the database as future transfers.


For example let's assume player xx plays at AC Milan and is transferred on 15th of January to Juventus. When I start with AC Milan a new save in June 2019 the player would be marked as a future transfer to Juventus on the 15th of January.

I think it is a big lost of reality if players are immediately transferred (as it happens on the winter database update). In addition to a real life update there should be added an option 'don't allow transfers in summer and winter', so I could play the first season exactly as it was (will be).


It should not be a big deal for the researchers > it would just mean that for example every transfer happend after a pre-defined date (let's say 1st of october) is a future transfer in the database.

For the lovers of immediately transfers: SI could provide two databases, through mass mutation it should be possible to change in the Master DB all future transfers to immediately transfers. 


I think a game which claims to be the most real life football manager simulation should also consider to simulate the database the same way. Every year SI is working on bringing trainings, transfer negotiations, personalities etc. closer to real life, it should be time to implement a small feature to the database, as it defenitely isn't the biggest feature request. 


Additionally it would allow to enjoy also people like me the winter transfer update, all the new added talents and players during this update including future transfers. Because somebody who likes real life databases, for them the winter update isn't that cool ... 

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One thing I can foresee is that the onus on testing this would actually fall on the researchers. To test this on a global level, it would be too time consuming and it would need to be tested repeatedly with each update to the data. 

There's the tricky issue to resolve of players going to leagues where they then become marked not for inclusion, due to licensing reasons. 

Personally to me it looks like the majority of the barriers lie away from technically making it possible. It's not the biggest feature as you mention, but the intensiveness of the testing for it is where I see most issues. Making sure the fees are correct, the add-on clauses are correct, the wages are correct and that all these elements are correct pre and post-transfer. The current end of season future transfers when players are moving at the end of their contracts such as with Rooney to Derby are far less numerous. Every transfer and loan being on the same system would be much more comprehensive in scope.

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