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Steam purchase vs DVD purchase

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Could someone explain to me what is the difference between buying FM through steam and buying the DVD and using the key to activate it on steam ? If we buy the game on DVD shouldn't we have the game installed on our laptop/PC ? And do we always need to be logged into steam account to be able to play it ?

Thank you!

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It's basically just another way to buy it, it still uses Steam and requires you to log into Steam to play. It's not that different from buying the CD key from a site and putting that into Steam to activate the game.

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Buy from Steam and the game files are downloaded.

DVD installs from Disc then log in to Steam to register the Key

Play in either on-line or offline mode (take Steam offline) and play as much as you like.


My game is installed on Laptop, I play it whenever and wherever, with or without internet - not sure how Steam can tell if I am logged in if I am not online.

Launch the game, if you are offline it will ask if you want to go online or to continue in Offline.


I usually leave Steam offline and play offline. Would only switch Steam 'back on' if there was an update or I needed the files verified.





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5 hours ago, bitzu_rock said:

So basically the DVD only is not enough to play the game ? (besides the activation code via steam...it still downloads needed files to play the game ?)

No, even if you install from the DVD, some files need to be downloaded still.

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