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What specs are needed...

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Hi guys, 


I have a very good PC that was built 5 years ago that at the time played ArmA 3 on ultra at 60fps... I had this built specifically for FM though.


However, im currently on FM19 waiting for the 1v1 issues to be fixed ect on FM20 before buying it. 


I have just upgraded the ram in this machine to 16gb as i was told ram is important for FM. I since got it back home and tried setting up a 5 league game with loads of background players totalling 90k approx. My star system was 1.5. I was hoping this recent upgrade would make a vast difference to the projected speed, as my other saves were around 1star for a lot more players.


So what i am asking is this:


What are the premium things to look at when it comes to running player and league heavy games? ram? processor? 

Im on scan looking at PCs and laptops but i really want one thats gonna make FM very very fast.


Kind regards

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3 minutes ago, craigd84 said:

Best to ask here  : 


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