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[FMT20] Sunshine on Leith.


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Apr 2022

3 wins in 3 in the league, (including another 3 goals scored past Celtic), is reason for optimism, but the only thing worth than losing in the Semi of the Cup to an injury time penalty is...... doing so to Hearts


Ladbrokes Premiership. The gap between already crowned Champions Celtic and 3rd placed Ranger is a ridiculous 35 points. Celtic have conceded 14 goals in the league and we have scored 8 of them, (with another 9 goals scored against them by us in other competitions. They are still streaks ahead of us in terms of squad top end strength and especially depth, but we are starting to get to grips with them in our head-to-heads. 


Scottish Cup. Really not happy. REALLY not happy. :mad:


Finances. We are still very much a selling club and this is going to remain the case until we start qualifying for the Group stage of the Champions League. At the moment we haven't been forced to sell, but some of our youngsters are starting to attract attention from England, Europe and Celtic. Nobody will be sold to Celtic, but I will be letting players leave to provide the club with an injection of cash. 


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1 hour ago, kevhamster said:

Good stuff.  It's obviously very tough to break the stranglehold of Celtic but you're doing a grand job there.

Very tough is a slight exaggeration. :lol:

They have McTominay, Rondon, McGregor, Rogic & Maksimovic but Timoth Weah has turned into an absolute beast and is tearing the rest of Scotland apart. 

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May 2022.

Another unbeaten month, but not the same level of consistency as previous months. In truth, I rotated the squad more often than usual and this showed in the results. Playing kids is always an investment though. Right? 


Ladbrokes Premiership.Only 4 draws is ok, but we lost away to Dundee & Celtic, at home to Ross County and Celtic again. Like I have said before, losses to Celtic are ok, but especially the home defeat to Ross County was a bit of a disaster. 


The reason I post the prize money picture each season isn't to boast about how much money we've been given, but to compare it to previous seasons. In 2021 we also finished 2nd and received £2.28M, so a rise of £0.71M is significant. I can't compare it to 2020 accurately because we finished 3rd. 



Manager of the Year




Best XI.


Youth Development upgraded


Youth Facilities upgraded.


New records

I've never heard of Nmecha (GER) in real life but he has certainly made an impact after arriving on a free. The DoF signed him, (and did the deal), which is why he gets 15% of the next transfer deal which is something I usually just refuse to even entertain. Although he's worth £12.75M now, he has a minimum fee release clause of £11.75M, so my plan is to offer him out for £10M + 25% + friendly. Wherever he goes, he won't be going to Celtic because the minimum fee release clause is for...... oh damn, it's not for foreign clubs only. Celtic could be in for him. I just can't let that happen. 






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Unlockable achieved. May 2022

I thought it unlikely that we were going to unlock this anytime soon because of Celtic's dominance, but it seems we have done it through the back door as a player we have on loan at Championship Champions Kilmarnock has won the 2nd tiers accolade. We bought him for just £53,000 and the plan is to keep him here next season and start to give him 1st Team opportunities. We only have 1 loan in this season and next season I plan on it being 0 so the no loan restrictions won't affect us in that way, but it might help in terms of loaning players out. I know that when I was managing in France on FM19 I was frustrated with being only able to loan out 7 players each season to other French clubs. This would have come in very handy then. 





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Youth Intake Day. Jun 2022

After the 1st season was falsely high because of the FMT "feature" used and then the 2nd intake was just an excellent un-improved intake, this season we have a more modest intake. 


(22a) McStay *.


While I am here, let's have a look at the squad ranked by PA. 

These are all the players who have a minimum of 4.0 PA. To put their relative ability into context, (17) Porteous *, who is 3 from the bottom, currently had 3.0 CA and at the age of 23 has 11 Senior (SCO) International Caps. New youth intake "Kriss" (22a) McStay * has gone straight to the top of the pile in terms of PA and let's hope that he stays there after he signs a contract and we get to see a bit more of him.

Nmecha (GER) is the best player at the club, but will shortly be leaving,


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1 hour ago, SRL88 said:

Excellent points haul. Celtic miles in front though. Next season?

With the exception of the loss at home to Ross County, and to a lesser extent the loss away to Dundee, I'm delighted with how the season went, (let's just ignore the fact that Hearts beat us in 2 cups). If I'm honest though, I don't think we are even close to challenging Celtic though. We are going to lose our best player, (a striker), and Celtic don't seem set to lose anyone at all. 

They have 14 players valued at £10M+ and the wages they are paying are astonishing. £81,000 per week is the highest earner compared to our 5 players valued at £10M+ and our highest earner is £15,250 per week  and when Nmecha (GER) leaves our highest earner will be 19 year old Robertson * at £11,500 per week, so their highest earner will be earning more than 7x that of our highest earner and if we compare total wage bills then..... oh, you can't do that in FMT. Anyway, there's is enormous compared to ours. At a rough reckoning, £894,000 per week is their wage bull and ours is approx £120,000 per week. It's pretty hard to compete on that sort of basis. 

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Unlockable achieved. Jun 2022.


I know it's silly that I can take advantage of some FMT features but not others, but I just can't bring myself to use this. I know it's stupid but it just seems wrong. 







TV Rights. Jun 2022.


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Jul & Aug 2022

Celtic first up is a tough start to the season, but our defeat has already been even up by them subsequently losing to Hamilton. It's actually Rangers who are currently in the strongest position, 2nd, but with a game in hand and a 100% record. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. I've mentioned that I am accepting of losses to Celtic, so to keep winning while playing in Europe during the week is pretty impressive. 


Betfred Cup. We eased past Alloa and into the next round without any issues.


Champions League. We would have beat them had I not sold Nmecha (GER). Unfortunately this is the cost. Ah well, on the plus side, we got what appears to be a decent EURO Cup Group. 







New Record.


Goal-scoring GK has got off to a slow start in this save, but it is rapidly picking up pace. (21d) Robertson * scored his 2nd goal of the season, (in 3 games), bringing his career total to 7. This is his 1st free-kick.

Transfer Window


Hibs Transfers.  







Celtic Transfers


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Sept 2022.

What a frustrating month. First of all we draw at home to Dundee and then lose on penalties in the Betfred Cup. (That's is simply down to me and the sale of Nmecha (GER) during the close-season). In hindsight I should have maybe kept hold of him for another season, or at least until the next window. Then we batter Hearts at home in the league and somehow lose 1-0. The result itself is bad enough, but to lose in this manner against Hearts...... :(


Ladbrokes Premiership.  How on Earth are Hamilton top and Celtic are languishing down in 4th having already dropped 10 points from a possible 24. They lost to Hamilton and then Rangers and then drew with both Hearts and Aberdeen. Rangers have just lost to us, but have 2 games in hand on Hamilton


EURO Cup. We are probably where we deserve to be and where I expected us to be. We have 2 games against Maccabi Tel-Aviv and a home game against Bilbao that should hopefully be enough to see us finish 2nd in the Group. I'm still not 100% sure if the 3rd place team here drops into the EC2 knockout stages. I will have to check on that. 


Betfred Cup. What an absolute shambles. No other words for it. 



Finances. We've now got £16M+ in the bank and have a transfer kitty of £10M+ burning a hole in my pocket. In hindsight, I think I have been toon conservative in the transfer market and have cancelled a number of deals initiated by the DoF. 

I like our young GK's.
We bought in a good DL, but he's missed the last 4 games and that has probably been significant in our results. I probably need another DL in. :thdn:
We have 2 decent DR's and there is another in on loan so I am happy with the depth here. :thup:
DC is an area of strength with 4 good youngsters & I signed a more experienced player on a free and the DoF also bought in a loan in this area to give us 6 options in total. Happy with that. :thup:

MC is an area of strength with 4 good quality players ready to play right now and 4 more ready to step up. :thup:
ML now has 4 players competing for a position after the £1.4M arrival of Eliasson (SWE). Happy with that. :thup:
MR is an are of concern. I only have 3 options here. 1 of them isn't inverted, (which I like obviously) and another simply isn't good enough. I need to go and sign one. A top end one. :thdn:

SC is an area in which we were strong, but with Nmecha (GER) now at Watford, we are lacking just that little bit of quality up front. We ahev some PA in the squad, but I probably need to go and splash the cash on someone special, :thdn:


Goal-scoring GK (21d Robertson) * scores his 2nd free-kick to make it 3 for the season and 8 career goals in total. 


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Oct 2022.

A much better month. After a slow start to the season we are finally starting to hit our stride. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. 3 wins out of 3 is decent and I'm starting to look down at Celtic and the 6 point gap that has developed. Celtic have absolutely imploded and have won just 1 of their last 11 games in all competitions. Rangers look to be very good defensively and have only conceded 3 goals in 10 games. 


EURO Cup. A win in our last game at home to Maccabi Tel-Aviv will ensure qualification as Runners Up, but the fact that Celtic have dropped so may points and the league should probably be our priority has got me thinking about "throwing" the last game and purposefully going for the EC2 knockout stages. Actually that's the wrong way round though. If we wanted to prioritise the Cup then we should do that, but as I'm thinking we might want to prioritise the league we should just win the last game and then play who we are drawn. 






Goal-scoring GK (21d) Robertson * is up to 4 goals for the season and 9 in total over his career. 

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Nov & Dec 2022

Only 3 competitive games in this period, but 3 wins from 3. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. We're at the top of the table, (although Rangers have a game in hand), after they could only manage a 0-0 away to Aberdeen. Celtic are back to winning ways again and up to 3rd, but we have a 6 point gap to play with. 


EURO Cup. We turned over Maccabi Tel-Aviv at home as expected and our luck with the knockout rounds continues as we meet Porto in the 1st Knockout Round. 






Transfer window. It's a lot of money, but I was happy to let the DoF do the deal getting Greg Taylor in for £8.75M.  I identified that left back was a problem area so this solves 1 problem at least. I plan on selling at least 1 more player at some point this season, (ideally in the close-season), and this should boost the finances and transfer kitty again. 




New record



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Jan 2023.

I think I'm right in saying that this is the 1st time we have played such a busy month as this and remained unbeaten. The icing on the cake is a stupendous home win against Celtic at the end of the month.


Ladbrokes Premiership. 6 wins and 2 draws, (including a win against Celtic), seems like great form, but you might notice that Rangers are now level on points with us and have a game in hand. They have won 7 and drawn 1 of 8 league games this month and credit where it's due, that's great form. :applause:It seems like no sooner do we see off the threat of a previously dominant Celtic, but a resurgent Rangers fight us tooth and nail for the title. Celtic are a whole 10 points adrift now and it's going to take something special for them to reel us in. 


Scottish Cup. A run of the mill victory and a clean sheet. Next! 





New record



Forgot to mention Goal-scoring GK watch where (21d) Robertson * was up to his old tricks. 


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42 minutes ago, kevhamster said:

Hopefully, this will be the season!

Loving the fact that you've still got your keepers taking free kicks all these years later.  I remember your goalscoring keepers back in the days of the LLM forum,

Yeah, fingers crossed. 

You know I haven't kept at it in every save, but I certainly smashed the **** out of it on FM19 (4 consecutive seasons with the same GK scoring 20+ goals is pretty decent), but when I don't do it I miss it. It just makes me "feel" more for the save and to be more engaged I suppose. In a team that is not dominant, (and I have certainly managed many of them), it's actually counter-productive to send the GK up for everything but I just love it. If I can turn over Celtic, I'm also thinking of having the GK lurking at corners because I seem to be scoring a lot of goals that way. It just depends on whether we start to concede too many at the other end. 

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Youth Intake Preview. Feb 2023

This looks really promising and could be properly classed as another Golden Generation. A GK, a DL or a DR and a DC. We will take all positions gladly at the moment, and I'm particularly delighted about the full back, but what I really want is a striker.


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Feb 2023.

What a shambles. We simply implode when it comes to Cup competitions. The reasonable theory behind this is that the squad is full of young players and they are not likely to have a good important matches rating. The unreasonable theory is that newgens are being produced with high cases of 1 set for certain attributes such as "important matches", but I'm trying to ignore that. I can't see that because the Editor doesn't work with FMT so what I can't see isn't happening. Right? :lol:


Ladbrokes Premiership. Of course we lost the 18th game after I posted/boasted that we had gone 16 games unbeaten. The FM Gods see everything and take a very dim view on gloating of any kind. We are level on points with Rangers now who no longer have a game in hand and Celtic do have a game in hand and now only trail by 8 points. 


Scottish Cup. We bottled it. The only way this could have been worse is that if we lost at home or if we lost to Hearts. 


EURO Cup. We played the away leg and lost a narrow game 1-0 and I thought yeah we will turn this over at home only to find out that for some reason it was a one-legged affair and we were out. wtf! :eek:






Goal-scoring GK watch. (21d) Robertson * missed not 1, not 2, but 3 penalties this month. 


This doesn't look right. 5 penalties saved from 6 faced = 100%? I don't think so. I reported this in the Beta and it's still wrong. 

It's back to the Bugs Forum for me. :(


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Looks like I may have some info to share with you. I played FMT19 for a bit before the release of FM20.

If it is still the same this year, you can just override the individual training instructions for your players on the relevant screen, even when training in general is delegated to your assistant. (may have to switch between "list" and "detailed" view, going from memory here).

If you want to see the levels of youth recruitment and youth coaching, it is viewable via the Club Info (I think?) screen, where there should be a "facilities" button somewhere which shows you the same overview as in the full fat version.

I hereby conclude my brief interruption.

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Mar 2023.

Brilliant month. We took not 3 but 6 points off our closest league rivals Rangers and then held Celtic to a 0-0 away when reduced to 10 men. 


Ladbrokes Premiership




Finances.  It's a little worrying that we are now overdrawn at the bank despite only spending £257k of our £571k weekly wage budget. I know that we have spent approx £9M on new players in January, but this is still a little concerning. I need to sell some players to keep our balance healthy so that the board don't step in and sell our youngsters. 



Goal-scoring GK watch. It's up to 9 goals for the season and 14 career goals now for (21d) Robertson *.


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3 hours ago, Joren V said:

If you want to see the levels of youth recruitment and youth coaching, it is viewable via the Club Info (I think?) screen, where there should be a "facilities" button somewhere which shows you the same overview as in the full fat version.

Good shout. :applause:

It's not clear at all, but yes the info is still there. 

Club info - View club information - View facilities. 


I will have a look at training later. 

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Apr & May 2023.


We finished really strongly over the last couple of months, not letting up at all and even setting a new record for biggest club league win. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. We pis... romped it in the end. Rangers absolutely imploded winning just..... actually no, they didn't. It looks like they have been in awful form because they have dropped so many points, but actually we have beaten them 3 times in the league in the last 3 months, (without conceding), and it's this that has really taken a toll on their league standing.






Unlockable achieved. But what unlockable? The message is blank. 


But this achievement did pop-up. 


Let me see what that actually means? I think when I paid to use this before I had to wait for the intake to arrive and then activate it. I'm expecting a good intake this time so it will be interesting to see what happens when I super-charge it. I'm still not sure how I have un-locked it though? (By winning the league possibly?)


New record


Goal-scoring GK watch(21d) Robertson * finished the season with 11 goals for the season, (8 goals and 3 penalties), and 16 career goals in total.


Best XI.




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On 28/11/2019 at 17:11, Jimbokav1971 said:

Youth Intake Preview. Feb 2023

This looks really promising and could be properly classed as another Golden Generation. A GK, a DL or a DR and a DC. We will take all positions gladly at the moment, and I'm particularly delighted about the full back, but what I really want is a striker.


This is what the Youth Intake looks like initially. It doesn't look great. 


"Kriss" Greg Mitchell.


Now let's see what happens if I can use the unlockable Golden generation option....


I think because I have already purchased it, I can't now benefit from it a 2nd time. If there is a way to do it, I can't work out how. 

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Big deal. Aug 2023.

£21.5M for a player in Scotland, that we paid £675,000 for, seems like a great deal, but when you see that we will be giving £10.17M to his old club Raith, (who are in the Championship by the way so this is HUGE money for them), it's still good, but it's not amazing. We only get £1.7M added to the transfer kitty, but that's not what this deal is about. This deal is about making sure that he doesn't go to Celtic, (which is where he wants to go), and making sure that we have enough cash in the bank to stop the board accepting deals on anyone else. 






New record



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Jul & Aug 2023.

16 competitive games unbeaten now. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. We are one of 4 unbeaten teams after 3 games. The normal 3 + St. Johnstone. 


Betfred Cup. A comfortable win against Dundee gives us revenge for the Scottish Cup 5th round defeat last season. 

Champions League






Finances. This is more like it. Even if I spend the transfer budget of £8M, we still have £16M left in the bank. That should keep the wolf from the door, (and the Chairman away from my squad), for a while at least. 


Transfers. Lots of fringe players off-loaded for nominal fees.


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Sep 2023.

We can compete with the lesser lights when we are playing twice a week, but when it comes to the likes of Celtic and Rangers our 2nd string is just not good enough. We hammered them with our strongest team, but they hammered us 3 days later when I rotated our squad. It was our 1st loss in 22 games. 


Ladbrokes Premierhsip.


Champions League


Betfred Cup






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Leading producers of National Team players. Oct 2023

This is the 1st time we have ever topped this list and I don't expect us to relinquish our position at the top of it ever from this point. 

3 players are obviously products of our Academy, (1 before my arrival), and 2 players were produced elsewhere but developed here. The fact that only Bowie has moved on, (to Leeds), suggests that we are in a strong position, and that they players still with us are 18, 19, 29 & 24 suggests that they have more time still to grow. 

I expect (21a) Docherty *Campbell *(21d) Robertson *(20c) Orr *(20d) Davidson * to join them over the next 18 months or so and then there are more in the pipeline after that. I can see us proving most of the Scottish squad in the future. 


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Oct 2023

An unbeaten month and only Dortmund managed to score against our young defenders. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. Celtic might be the only unbeaten side left in the league, (we beat Rangers and Rangers beat us), but we are only 1 point behind Celtic and assuming Rangers win their game in hand we will only be 2 points behind them. 


Champions League. Beyond my wildest dreams. 


New record.






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Nov & 1st game of Dec 2023.

We were well beaten by Celtic in the league, but other than that we have been in decent form. 


Ladbrokes Premiership. I think it's reasonable to suggest that our k=league form is going to suffer a little if we were going to try and get out of a Champions League Group this early in the save. All in all I think we're doing pretty well. 


Champions League. We've qualified for the knockout stages already and the last game is at home to Dortmund


Betfred Cup. We play Aberdeen in the Final and I will be looking to add a 3rd Trophy to the Hibs Cabinet under my tenure. 


Confidence. B- for winning the league and getting out of the Champions League group? Come on. What's a bloke got to do for an A?


Finances. We've also got almost £30M in the bank. The board should love me! 


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Dec 2023.


We've lost 2 games this month. The last Champions League Group game at home to Dortmund after we had already qualified, and the league game at home to Rangers


Ladbrokes Premiership. We're 6 points behind both Celtic and Rangers but we have already won a Cup this season and have also got out of the Champions League Group. We are out-scoring both our rivals but are also conceding too many goals.


Champions League


Betfred Cup FInal




Confidence. This doesn't seem right to me. We won the league last season, we've already won the Betfred Cup this season and well as reaching the Knockout stages of the Champions league and have almost £30M in the bank. How is this only a C+?




New records



Goal-scoring GK watch. What I really wanted to show you wasn't that (21d) Robertson * had scored 3 penalties this season, bringing him to 19 career goals, but that he has missed 5 of 8 penalties this season. :(


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