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[FM20] How can i change to lower case?

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title.fontxml in your skin's font folder.

Comment the line:

<string id="capitalisation" value="upper case" />

by doing this:

<!--<string id="capitalisation" value="upper case" />-->

This will disable capitalisation on all titles.

Example from my game:


If you only want to change the capitalisation on the titlebar, then you need to edit the file: title search panel.xml within the generic folder of your skin
Remove font="title" from the line:

!-- title area -->
				<widget class="text" id="sect" font="title" alignment="left,bottom" size="13" style="semi_bold" multiline="false" auto_size="vertical" wants_mouse_events="false" dont_give_default_focus="true" colour="secondary">


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