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How to apply for work permits in Touch?

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Is there a way to apply for a work permit in FM Touch? I’m in the Australian league and there is a striker I brought in on trial. I’d like to sign him but he needs a work permit. His information note says “You are now able to apply for a new work permit” but I can’t figure out how to do that. 

Obviously I don’t want to sign him if there’s no way to apply. I’d rather not buy the “no work permits” thing because I don’t like cheat codes. 

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7 hours ago, RyanBrown said:

I believe if you offer them a contract, that's when the work permit will go in again.

Thanks for the reply, but no that didn’t happen. I signed him but nothing happened automatically with the work permit and there’s no option for me to apply. It looks like Athe programmers forgot to deal with work permits in FM Touch. We’ll all just have to avoid players that need one. 

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