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Covert Custom FM 19 Database to FM 20


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I am wondering if there is anyway to convert or get the MadScientistFM's 2003/04 Custom Database for FM19 to FM20 capabilities so we could play with that database.  I just found out about it but don't want to play FM19 any more.  

Also would love for Si to potentially look into letting you start in previous years with them handling the database.  Especially since they have all the past databases already.

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I added a bunch of leagues on top of it last year, so I'm used to working with it. The leagues all have missing teams or extra teams in 20, so it doesn't look like it should run, but that should be a ten minute fix. The big problem is all the players who got disappeared from 19 to 20, about 600-800 of them. Every player has a database entry, and every year SI will delete some of the database entries if the retired player isn't in coaching or management. Same goes for players who just retired last year like Xavi, I think their player data is inaccessible. These players will have to be created again one-by-one from scratch.

One thing I was able to do was go into the XML file and batch-edit everyone's birth year up by 1.

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