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Hi Everyone,

I've started a Let's Play on YouTube for my FM20 career. It's starting out as a Dafuge Challenge, may morph into a British & Irish Steel Challenge, and potentially end up as a straight Journeyman career. First episode (19 min.) is up on YouTube now, with updates scheduled Monday through Friday at 3pm GMT.

Playlist Link:
Devotion to Promotion

Feedback/advice welcome, thanks!


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Hi Everyone! I've got a new short Football Manager 21 series up on YouTube:

The Sodfather
Can we last one season at a "family-run" Juventus, where we have to start the Sodfather's 16-year-old twin sons at striker and keeper? Spoiler: They suck.

Comes complete with:
- Stupid intros
- The Sodfather
- Nintendo characters
- Pronunciation errors
- Horses
- More stuff I haven't thought of yet

Total series will be about 10 20-minute episodes.

Thanks in advance for checking it out!




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