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Should I always listen to my asst manager in matches?

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What is his primary tactic? If it goes against what your currently playing that does I believe mean advice isn't always great. 


Normally I watch the game even if full mode if it's pre season and I am trying to install a tactic. Then in addition to his advice make a decision based on what I think I am seeing 

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It's probably better than doing nothing, but not as good as watching comprhensive highlights and using your own judgement. Some of the advise is downright flawed and has been for years. E.g. the other team is pumping long balls to their 5ft3 striker you're dealing with easily. The assisstant spots that you're dominant in the air, and so suggests you start pumping long balls to your own 5ft1 striker up against their 6ft6 defenders.

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Minute 10- " I think that we should try a longer passing game"- ok then, that's what we will do

Minute 12- " I think that we should try a shorter passing game"  What?

After using all your subs:

"Player x is looking exhausted"  Yeah, I can see that but what do you want me to do about it?


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