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For next year's game could we see where the team is predicted to finish beside the teams name so we know what to expect from the team because sometimes we may manage in a league we know nothing about and pick a random team and expect then to do well when in reality they're not; and can this refresh every season, like when you get into a new season the game looks at the team in the background and gives you a news article with all clubs and where they are predicted to finish based on the squad they have and it should refresh once again after the first transfer window shuts just so we know if we improved our squad or not.


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I second this idea. It is a crucial part of deciding on a save - you need to know whether the team is predicted to be the best or worst in the league or somewhere in between. Sometimes i want to pick a struggler and build them up and other times i want a good team but unless you know the league very well there is no way of finding this out until you are installed as manager. We need more tools to assist us in picking a team BEFORE we commit.

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