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[Suggestion] suggestions for future FM


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-Be able to decide, for example, which sponsors to choose, which technical sponsors to have, etc. So you can improve your club's financial situation. Often it happens that you have to stay within the budget despite perhaps continuing to win the championship etc., the club is still in financial difficulties or similar. 

-It would also be interesting to have the opportunity to suggest for example in the stadium issue, to build a stadium of property to increase the financial revenue due to commercial revenues, as in the case of Milan and Inter who want to build a stadium of property to increase their economic power and avoid paying the rent annually. Currently the only criterion is the public, but it is not very realistic, since it is not the only criterion for evaluation. 

-In addition to the summer tours, include the possibility to participate in tournaments that allow commercial revenue and improvement of the reputation of the team as happens in reality.

-for example, you buy a possible crack from South America, but it is non-EU and can not be registered by your team for the rules regarding non-EU players, it would be good to add the possibility of agreeing with a smaller club and turn on loan this player until the following year, as happened in Inter at the time of Julio Cesar, bought by Inter but shot immediately on loan to Chievo, or in the recent case of Brazao, bought by Inter and borrowed to Parma. It would also be useful to add the possibility of lending to Italian or Spanish teams players in other countries until he obtains citizenship that makes him become a member of the community, for example in Spain for non-EU players the naturalization takes 730 days, while in Italy it takes 1400 or in England 1825. Maybe to have an affiliated company for this purpose.

- It would be interesting to have the opportunity to create youth academies around the world, so as to attract interesting young people of other nationalities.
- It would also be interesting to have the opportunity to have more information about youth in order to be able to monitor or otherwise follow the young people who in the following years will be selected for the U18 team. (For example Gigio Donnarumma was bought by Milan at a young age, it would be interesting to perform scouting on young people) 
- Have the opportunity to improve the youth sector, as in the game for example it often happens that other teams with youth of the same level churn out 3 future champions with 5 stars of potential and in their academy perhaps result in 2 with 3 stars and a half.



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