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Available for Reserves > Unless picked in first team matchday squad


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Simple little suggestion. I'd quite like an option to tag players as available for my reserves/ youth team etc UNLESS I've put them in my first teams match day squad.

- Make available for reserves unless picked in first team match day squad* < something like this.


I don't have to keep setting players available for reserves and then unavailable etc.

I don't accidentally have half of my squad playing for the reserves when I planned on them being in the first team (it bugs me that being in the first team match day squad is overridden by them being selected for the reserves).

Makes life easier (QOL) getting players match fitness in the reserves while training/ mentoring with the first team.


Can't really think of any.


Additional: I'd like to see this option as an additional choice, rather than taking away one of the existing ones.

I get that IDEALLY reserve players will be playing with the reserves and training with the reserves, but I often have players who float between the two when I want to mentor them or get them training with the first team for a while, so I think this would be useful.



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