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FM20 - Rotherham United

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Another year, another Rotherham United save.  This year is a different twist, we may have suffered relegation but with the introduction of Rob Scott and a new recruitment drive has seen us stop picking up players such as Blackstock and Halford for silly wages  and instead bringing in youth talent for us to hopefully mature and progress for us to get back into the Championship.  We have no debt, we own our stadium and we have a squad capable of bouncing back straight up.


First thing before I get into anything is a new feature from Football Manager.  The 5 year plan.  I was hoping we may of had another year to build before we push the play off spot/promotion but they want it straight away.  Hardest part might be playing attacking football, I mean we do try in real life but we just end up playing hoofball but on that side we do have some good attacking players and enough that we're able to play different formations this year.  The odd one and I'm even sure why this was put in is developing players from our youth system.  We have basic youth facilities and apart from Ben Wiles who this save should hopefully be built around and the signing of Julien Lamy, there isn't anyone else close to coming through.  Cooper, Hinds and Kayode won't make the mark.

We do have a brilliant stadium but this our facilities.


Anyway, like I said we have some youth talent now and we have an excitement squad this year, so it's time to show you them!  I'll only be posting pictures of key players or promising.



Daniel Iversen was brought in from Leciester on loan and he's an exceptional talent.  He'll be our starting goalkeeper, he has room to improve to be a Premiership goalkeeper one day.  He's class.


Price is still here to play back up, just this year it isn't for Rodak.



We actually have a pretty solid back line.

Billy Jones and the new signing Matt Olsounde both competiting for the right back spot.  If we can just improve Matts crossing I think he'll be a great player for quite some time in this save. 


The center back spots haven't been this strong in years.  Ihiekwe has seen improvement and rightfully so, he's improved a lot in real life and Robertson will be the main to partner him.  Wood is showing he still has it to play at league 1 level and he's very much still the vocal captain.  Thomspon has just signed from Bury and looks like he'll do an alright job at cover.

Left backs, as always Joe Mattock and he's still looking cracking.  He's just signed a new contract at the club and will be my starting LB for a couple of seasons yet.  To try and take his place is new purchase Trevor Clarke.  He's a bit short to be a LB in my opinion and I think his stats scream left winger 'cus that's where I'll be playing him.  Just look at 'em!




Now this looks very different this year.  Linsday has come down from Scotland, Ogbene from Brentford, Lamy from France, MacDonald from injury and Barlaser and Hastie on loan.

The wings have pace, not the greatest techincal ability but a lot of pace.  Ogbene I'll be training to play on the right and to get his crossing up.


Hastie isn't too bad but has a lot of room for improvement, something I like to see as I rate him in real life.


Now the center of midfield.  Linsday looks a good player and in real life he's everywhere, he's great to watch.  With Wiles beside him I'm hoping they make a great partnership.  I mean Wiles looks awesome in this save.



Barlaser will play backup for Wiles and MacDonald back up for Lindsey.  Crooks I'd like to play in an AMC position.


This is the hard one.  We have four.  Morris keeps playing out wide in real life at the moment.  It's basically Smith and Ladapo as target men with Vassell and Morris as the strikers playing off them.  Smith is always going to start for me, I'm a big fan and he's had a nice improvement.  Freddie doesn't look all that which is a shame but not really unexpected.  Morris probably edges it as the "best" of the lot but there isn't much in it.


See Overall we do have a strong squad but I will be looking for a parent team or something as such.  I was going to not bring anyone in but like real life I think in an injury crisis we lack a left back.  Clarke will be my winger, I can't expect Mattock to start every game.  We can play Robertson there but he's our best CB. I don't feel there's a weak player in the squad, no one needs selling.  It looks like you can trust everyone to do there job and I don't think I've been able to say that for years. I think the formation options are 4 - 4 - 2, 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 and 4 - 4 - 1 - 1.  I need to see in pre-season how these work and then I'll share my formations.


These were changed slightly and we do have that little bit more room and option this year.  We'd probably have enough to bring in one player in if the right player was available but it's more about keeping the balance healthy.


Right, on with the game.  I'll update next when I have a formation set and to see if there's any changes to the squad.  I mean we do have spaces for more loans so if there's a good player that I can bring in, why not!  I have a big enough database.


Quick edited, I've negotoated the clubs vision and there's no developing youth players, woo!


I mean, I like doing this, we just don't have the facilities.


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Well that was unexpected, I asked for more wages and they gave it me


So, I did purchase one player, one I saw in the hidden gems sections of the forums because he's easily a championship player and he came for 200k.  Someone who can take free kicks!


So with the players I have I just put on Gegenpress, it should work for us, well it did. 


Now let's see if we can take a form like that into the league!

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Well, pre-season didn't go all that well.


I mean we did concede 2 in 2 minutes against Legia, 91st and 93rd and imo they were both own goals.  Furth I changed formation, we were awful, I changed back we won a penalty, missed and Vassell missed about 5 1 on 1's.  Paris came from 2 - 0 down to 2 - 2 and equalised in the 93rd minute.  Think I need to change it from the 70th onwards.

It's time for the league, only problem is Ogbene who has been one of the better players in pre-season will miss it, he's out for about 10 days.

I did bring one more player in, a LB from Leeds.  Will allow Clarke to play LM.


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Honestly, it's been a good month, very happy with it.  The only reason we're not top is because we're played less games (think we'd of played Bury).


Portsmouth were a solid side and they just edged it.  Havin' Bekiroglu in that midfield whippin' in freekicks has been a huge advantage for us.


Best bit is I keep being told that Carlton is being played out of position, I have him as an IF-A at AML.

This is the tactic I've been using, with the AMR positon changing between W/IF depending who plays.


Olosunde has been immense at RB, Davis is playing well as Mattock is injured, though vs Blackburn I had no left backs.


And we were so unlucky!  You couldn't write it.  We were down, I changed formation and we brought it back with two penaltys for it to be 2 - 2.


But we got a 3rd!  3 penalties in 1 game!  AND WE MISSED IT!


Every game should of had that bit excitement for the fans at least and I hope we can take that into September.  Shame about losing in the cup but Blackburn are a good team.  Oh and in the Leasing Trophy, I'm in a group with only 3 teams? I didn't know that happened.


Oh and If I could, I'd sell Vassell.  He can't hit a bloody barn door.

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Some dropped points here.  We started well, a solid win vs Donny, same vs Bolton.  Sunderland we battled but couldn't get a winner.  Shrewsbury was the game of two amazing goals.  Bristol Rovers, we were 1 - 0 down, I had to go for it.  Smith missing chance after chance and we left ourselves too open.  We're creating chances but we're missing too many. 


We're still in play off contention.  I need to figure out how to get more out of my AMC and more out of Wiles.  He's gone from being a class player in form to as average as anyone else.  Only Olosunde sits in the assist charts.  Vassell wanted a new contract, I said no he doesn't deserve it and only Wiles wasn't happy with it.  It's since then and it's a shame.  Vassell has started to play better but I'd like more from my midfield again.



I can't disagree with them.  Davis is playing much better than Mattock and with Clarke back, Mattock has to improve.  Smith isn't scoring so I'm going to move Morris in the middle and try and get him to link with my AMC.  Freddie picked up a couple of month injury so I can't try him.  Hopefully I can bring Ogbene in to perform, his pace is awesome, his shooting isn't.  We also lose Olosunde for a few games due to international duty which is a blow.  Jones is good but he can't play like Olosunde.  October is a tough month with Blackpool, Oxford and Ipswich.  I'd be happy with 9 points from 5 here.

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October and November

I hadn't noticed how much I'd played.  I was just playin' game after game.


October was a strong month vs some very good teams.  Blackpool we just didn't put our chances away and we had enough.  We had a few players away but I chose to play the game anyway.


November can't be said the same.  We've progressed in cups but we turned up very arrogant vs 23rd place Accrington Stanley, you know the only team below -12 point Bolton and they absolutely battered us.  In fact we're the only team they've beat!  I tried a different formation vs MK Dons that I'd used with my reserve players in the cups and they beat us from set pieces.

Formations and my team are still a massive work in progress.  I'm not sure how to get the best out of my midfield.

We're still in the play offs but we need to get some more wins.



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Changed formation and we started off really well and then teams found us out.  Fleetwood if we'd of just stayed onside we'd of won 3 - 1.  Shrewsbury pumped balls into the box, or for some reason I have a throw in issue I can't seem to fix.  My players are bloody terrible at throw ins and like throwing it to the opposition or they don't mark up on short throw ins and they get a free cross.  I can't figure it out anywhere, if anyone knows where I can change this it'd be a huge help!

Vassell has been on fire on comin' in from the right.  Lapado hasn't been too bad upfront.  Morris hasn't had the best month but we're still in the play offs.


We've been missing Olosunde, he picked up a three week injury and he's a big part of how we play.


We're still looking strong to make the play offs.  I'd like to get promoted.  January is going to be interested, there's some good young players for not a lot of money but we don't have money to spend.  IF I can sell some of the fringe players then we could have a strong window, problem is our finances are what you'd expect.


And with Wiles demanding a new contract and I can't turn it down with clubs like Swansea looking at him, I have no room in the wadge budget, well any budget.


There is a chance I will get rid of Hastie if I have a clause, he isn't good enough for me, he's being paid too much and I am horribly tempted to pick up Grant Ward on a free.

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What an amazing month.  After the drop of form at over the festive period, I decided to change tactic and it's absolutely worked wonders.  I'm finally getting the talented midfielders to show how good they are. 

This is how we're set up with Gegenpress.


Barlaser is playing fantastic in the DLP-D role.  Olosunde is the best performer in the league.  Ladapo and Smith are both scoring goals and with this, we're top of the league!  With Ladapo scoring a perfect hat trick vs Ipswich to send us top.



Check out Bolton.  They'd be pushing for the play offs without those -12 points.


We've been given a forunate cup run, in both the FA cup and the Leasing Trophy.  In reality with the teams left we should be winning the Leasing and the FA cup run is just doing us good.  Thompson was awful from 'Boro, subbed him off and Ogbene decided to turn on the heat and had his best game in a Millers shirt.  It was a second string team with Ipswich the game after so I'm pleased we managed to get a replay out of it. 


The finances are stablising, with the FA cup run looking like it's help a bit. 

When it came to transfers I could of sold Ajayis clause for 300k(worth 500k) but I don't have room in the budget and with it being mid season my fringe players are needed to play a part, I already have in mind who needs to leave in the summer.  I wasn't able to secure any loans with every player I looked at, their club wanted the wages covering, I can't afford that and the team playing well as it is, I thought better to just leave it 'til the summer.

Let's see how February will look.  Some games we should be winning but also some congestion with the mid week games.  I'd love to beat 'Boro, who doesn't love an FA cup run.


Oh, I just got my first manager of the month award!


And my Chairman is proud of me!


So fancy giving me a contract that extends past the summer? :D

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The FA Cup run continues :cool:


The Joe Mattock Match

What an absolute mad game!  First things, Mattock scores an absolute beauty from the edge of the area and we look like we're in control.  Mattock then has it on the left hand side of our half and just hits the most bloody stupid ball I can recall this season to Ihiekwe who had Britt Assombalonga inbetween them, he took the ball and smashed it in.  In his defense he had nothing to do with 'Boro's second goal.  That was just an absolute belter from Howson.  Though the third goal, corner comes in, it's hit, Price saves, onto Mattock, own goal.  Our fans start leaving and I go attacking, so does Mattock.  He whips a peach, Vassell centers it and Smith scores.  The fans want back in now!  Yeah, to see Mattock and he centers another ball where Smith finishes. Two goals in 3 minutes thanks to Mattock.

We go to extra time, there's no clear chance, Olosunde comes on for Jones so I can try and him them with pace.  It doesn't matter though.  Mattock crosses and it evades everyone.  Vassell puts it in, Crooks heads down, it hits the defender, Ladapo plays it back to Crooks who smashes in :cool:.

What a bloody game.



At least we should have a sell out for this one!


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I'm glad with the amount of green but it was a much harder month.  Teams lower down in the division sit back in numbers and we're finder is harder to break through and when we do we're missing some good chances.

Oxford we were the better side but Ladapo missed a penalty and we went away with only a point.  The 'Boro game is above, what a game!  The rest of the league one matches were just very tight contests.  Wimbledon we managed to take 3 points from an OG after Smith this time missed a penalty.    Iversen has made some quality saves.  I'm quite suprised Accrington are so low down, we were lucky there.

The biggest let down was the Leasing Trophy.


Lewis Price under no pressure kicks out an absolute awful ball that lets them hit it into an open net, we managed to claw one back from a corner but that was it, wasn't our day which is a shame 'cus I'd of liked the trophy.  I won't have another opportunity if all goes well.


It's a three man race for the top spot.  We have a game in hand but that doesn't mean anything at this point imo.

It's onto March and first our FA Cup game, can we get a win? A replay? We'll see!  I'm glad we have less fixtures to give players a break and I have to rotate less.



Still no sign of a contract :onmehead:

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Fa Cup Run is... OVER

Well, we weren't as bad as the score line reflects but damn.


We started well, got the first goal and went into the half holding on well.  Iwobi and Siggy had some chances but they weren't hitting 'em very well.  Corner comes in, it drops down and Iwobi is there to give them the equaliser.  Then it just goes worse, we get a red card when Robertson pulls Siggy back for his 2nd yellow, which he didn't need to do at all.  They get a penalty for bugger all, really harsh but them Iwobi just turned it on and we couldn't cope with him.

It didn't help I'd used my subs so I couldn't put a CB on and had MacDonald playing next to Wood.  Was never gonna end well :lol:.

Still gotta be proud of that run!

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Not much too say but a poor month.  We can't finish, we're lacking chances from a formation that was brilliant for us.  It's concerning as I'd like to win the league.  Our only league goal of the month came from Ihiekwe.   6 games left and the last game of the season is against 2nd place Sunderland.  I'll update again after the season finishes.  Let the best team win.


Wait, it's finally come!


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It's down the last day

Three teams can win it, two promoted, one play off.  It's Rotherham vs Sunderland.


We still stuggled in April but that's now the past, it's time to attack Sunderland, we're at home.  We have the advantage, let's go!


The match


We line up with our normal attacking formation.  We're using an AMC, they're using a DM, will it make a difference?

First half

4th minute:  Laird hits one from the edge of the box and Iversen has to be equal.

7th minute: Vassell swings in the corner, it's headed out but we still have it.  Vassell is fouled, it's a penalty!  SMITH STEPS UP AND... HE MISSES

19th minute: The post!  Free kick swung in and Wiles heads it off the post!

28th minute:  Another free kick in but Vassell heads wide.

39th minute: Corner is swung in for Sunderland and cleared, they pick up the ball and unleash but it's far over.

43rd minute: Sunderland cut in from the right but they hit wide.

Half time.  We gotta play betteer then this to get promoted.  Ipswich are 1 - 0 so we're sat in 3rd right now.

2nd half

64th minute:  Grigg cuts in, squares to McGeady who hits a tame shot.  I need to change this.  Ladapo, Linsday and Hastie are replacing Wiles, Vassell and Smith.

81st minute:  Embleton shoots and Iversen has to make a great save to deny.  I'm going very attacking.

82nd minute: Linsday smashes it and it's a great save to deny.

8t9h minute: McGeady plays it off Olosunde for a corner. 

92nd minute: Great ball to Ladapo, but he hits wide!  Costly chance.

94th minute: Last chance is a corner. That's it.

We're in the play offs.


Smith and Lapado both missing huge chances to sneak the win and the League One title.





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League One Play Off Final

We're missing a huge player.


May the best team win!

First half

2nd minute: Portsmouth swing in the corner, it's cleared, Vassell breaks all the way down, shoots and it's saved for a corner.  Corner comes in, they counter and Barslaser is booked.

3rd minute: Portsmouth smash it from the edge of the area and it's off the bar.

10th minute: We swing in the corner, it's flicked on, we keep hold, Smith lays it off and Linsday smashes it in! 1 - 0 to the Millers!

18th minute: Corner to Portsmouth, cleared, swung back in and a half volley wide.

19th minute: It's 2 - 0!  Vassell plays in Smith, his shot is saved but Ogbene hits in!

20th minute:  Mattock bursts up the left, crosses in low, it comes back to Linsday and he hits just wide.

25th minute: Linsday plays a poor ball and Portsmouth counter.  Iversen saves.

46th minute: Portsmouth burst down the right, it's crossed in but the headed effort is saved.

46th minute:  It's 3 - 0! Bekiroglu hits in a free kick and Robertson heads in!

It's half time.  What a half!

Second half

51st minute: Iverson makes a good save.  Free kick is swung in and there's a good head on it.  Another great save as Portsmouth hit from the follow up.  It ends up a free kick where Iversen makes another great save!

55th minute:  Bringing Crooks on for Barlaser with his booking.

63rd minute: 4 - 0!!! Ogbene runs up the left, cuts in, plays a ball to Smith.  Edge of the area he just smashes it to the bottom corner!

67th minute: It's 5!  Olosunde takes on his man, dribbles up, crosses in and Ogbene sticks a leg out to

78th minute: It's 5 - 1.  Jones crosses in, Cox beats Mattock in the air to head in.

79th minute: Good save.  Olosunde hits it from the edge of the box but it's saved.

91st minute:  Bringing on Wood and Jones because it's probably both their last times in a Rotherham shirt.



And with a nice cheeky bonus.


And my word, we have a budget!


Seems small compared to some of the teams but I can do some stuff with this!

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End of Season


What a great 200k we spent on Efkan.  He was brilliant.


Would of liked to of won the Leasing but we had a strong season all round.

Hmm, are the board a bit drunk trying to add this? Absolutely not.



I mean, I am, we just don't have the facilities!  This makes us look like bloody Barnsley!

Well that sucks, I had no room to negiotiate, they had no interest. 


Smith did better then I thought!



Finances are okay.



Right, let's see what we can do in the transfer window!

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Transfer Window

Honestly, that was horrible.  Trying to find the right places was a nightmare.  I've ended up with a half decent young squad but I feel I'm a goalkeeper short still.  Apart from players from Chelsea I'm having to pay for players wages on loans and they're not cheap, I'll tell ya that.  Usually on FM you can let the older players go and find some young cheap players and loans.  This year? Nope.  Good luck with that.  I've managed to sign a couple of cheap players but no one half decent was released, or they wanted way too much money.



We were pretty much done with the transfers until Willem Geubbels became available.  I had to go for a player of his calibre. 

So, who are these people?

Let's start with the;



Versatile, can play across the attacking line up.  Will be using mainly from the right and should have a good impact for us.


Another player who is versatile.  Will be playing from the left but will play games upfront and AMC.  Cracking signing.


Looks like a solid DLP which is what I needed as Barlaser went back.


Cover for Olosunde.  I couldn't right a right back at all, glad I found a loan.


The best of them all.  Should be playing at a higher level then this and Chelsea might take him back in January but for the time being we have ourselves an amazing CB.



He's been on my radar since the first season.  I got him for a lot cheaper then first though, he has potential, can play LB and RB.  Could end up being a cracking player.


I needed another CB, he looks alright, still has room to improve and he's English.


Not my normal type of purchase but he's an England u19s player, listed, a lot of bigger clubs were after him and I wanted to see if I can get him to be a better version of Ogbene.


I must of spend an hour looking through teams, listings etc for a goalkeeper and I failed.  I had to pick one up before the window ended so Dieng was the best I could get.


Young, very cheap, has potential. It's what the board wants, not sure if he'll make it here but worth a try.  There was supposed to be a CB comin' with him with the same mould but he chose Brentford over us.


I found him in the England U19s when I was looking at Tullock.  He's a player I hadn't heard of before which is mad considering he was supposed to of been bought for 8mil from Forest!?  He was listed, either footed, next Michael Owen, he has great pace.  Let's see what I can do with him.  600k is a lot for us but I think he'll be a good player.


This is an absolute crazy purchase.  My scouts recommended him earlier and he was interested so I had him on my shortlist.  Monaco recently transfer listed him!  He's our best striker and I don't he'll be with us long before a bigger club picks up him.  Absolute mad.


We didn't have much of a pre-season because how badly I struggled finding players.  The Huddersfield game was close, we went down to 10 men with Hickey being sent of but we battled and managed to hold them, I was happy with that.

Let's see what this next squad can do with the rest of the month.  It's going to be a tough one.


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Not the best but not the worst.  We're not in the relegation zone.  We're still in the Carabao cup, thanks to penalties. 

Derby game was pretty event, Rooney hit a ball over the top and Andre Grey hit in.  Birmingham my wide players were brilliant.  Appiah and Tulloch tore them apart.  Ipswich was frustrating game.  Sheff Weds the less said the better, hate losing to them and Reading, easy crosses they put in, awful defending.  Dropping Ampadu for Ihiekew to see if it helps.


Transfer news.  Clarke has gone out on loan for first team football and Proctor has been sold, which is great because I'm back to being in my wage budget.


This is a shame, he's not playing well but I know he needs time to gel and he's got injured.


Next month I'll be lucky to get 3 points.  That is a hard month.  Hopefully we can progress in the Carabao cup though.


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What a month!


3 points!? Try 10!

Forest we were awful.  The tactic I'd used in league one just doesn't work here.  We end up too congested, we didn't make space for each other, we don't create chances, so I was like, that's it, half time, we're changing it.  We have pace, we have better players on the ball, the AMC slot isn't doing anything for us and we have Thuram to play DMC.  So I changed to this.


And this happened.


We scored six in one half.  Appiah and Chong have been amazing together.  We beat 2nd in the league Fulham, progressed in the cup thanks to an amazing performance from Tulloch.  We drew with league leaders who had just drew in the cup vs Liverpool! QPR was frustrating, we had so many clear chances.  Woodburn should of won us the game with the amount he had just by himself.  The ball dropped and I'm like yes! like gasp equaliser!  Tulloch hit wide, gutted.  But what an amazing month.

We're 6 points above relegation which is huge.


But then our cup game is...



This has how Chong finds the tactic.



Hopefully we can take 6 points out of October, it's an another tough month.


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A really solid month.  I wanted 6 points, we got 8.


Swansea we were leading 2 - 1 and lost 3 - 2.  I blame myself for the subs, can only learn from it.  We bounced back to absolutely smash Crystal Palace, was great to watch.  Preston, we had the only chance of the game, our attackers weren't firing on all cylinders.  I'm happy take to draw away at Leeds.  We were 1 - 0 up and a ball over the top cost us the win and we lost Tulloch.


 The Manchester City game was frustrating!  Apart from a couple of players such as Jesus and Foden they had 2nd tier players out and we didn't take our chances, in the last 10 minutes we should of scored two.  Was such a shame.  I'm very happy with how some of our 2nd tier players played.  Shows they can cut it still.

The Luton game we did take our chances.  Geubbels finally got himself a goal in a Millers shirt.  Hoping it continues.


We're closer to the play offs then we are relegation, I'm very happy how we're 12th after 15 games.  I thought we'd be more 22nd.

We have 4 games in November and I'd be happy with 6 points but I feel we can take more.


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We got the 6 points but we could of had more.

We were brilliant in our first two games.  We fell behind at Sunderland but then went at them.  Then again it was the same with Blackburn, we went behind before we woke up.  Sheff Utd game we dominated first half and went in 1 - 0 up and then they woke up.  2nd half they played really well but I thought we'd got a draw, 93rd minute we equalised and then they scored from a corner in the 95th!  Blackburn were the better side.  I just need to get the rest of my defenders playing as well as Olosunde, he's been absolutely brilliant for me.

We're in 10th after 19 games!  9 points off the play offs and 13 above relegation.  Never expected this.


Losing Chong wasn't great but Ogbene, Tulloch and Appiah have all played well.  Chong will be back soon at least.  It questions whether I keep Woodburn in January.  He's on a lot of wages and he's basically a benchwarmer at this point.


Geubbels is finding his feet, it's great to see.


Oh and he did this, nice bloke.


There has been a transfer.


He'll be leaving for first team football.  He demanded to play when my midfield were playing too well.  He fits here, he does play alright but he can't just expect first team football when we're playing so well.  Not when he's down as a squad player.

Also, I bought out every clause possible.



Neither of them are playing for their clubs.  Maybe I could of held onto the Vaulks transfer clause but at this rate he's going on a free.  It also helps with finances and incase there's a must buy in Jan. 


Looking at December I'd honestly expect 12 points minimum.  We'll see if we can get my defense performing better.


The FA Cup has also been drawn, our first game isn't until the 2nd January but it's a game we should be winning and i'd like another cup run.



Well, this is a bad start to December.



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I mean I knew it looked easier than previous months but I didnt expect this!


Awards are nice to go with it ^_^





Someone will come in for him soon, he's far too good for my team.


Efkan was making noise about a contract and teams wanted him so I had to give him a new one, he's worth it.  I just need to keep money coming in.


We picked up a couple of injuries on the way though.  It's a shame about Warton 'cus I was giving him football and he was doing well.



We've left the EU


And I've sent Woodburn back, I don't need him.  We have better players at AML and I don't need an AMC anymore.  If I sign anyone this transfer window it'll be youth players.

1 point off the play offs, it's going so damn well.


But January is looking like one tough month.  I'll be happy with 3 points.


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8 points with us destroying Sheff Weds, great month!


Started off with a routine win in the cup and then a draw away at Swansea. I thought we'd won it, Chong hit in a wonder of a free kick to give us the lead in the 89th minute but our defense had a shocking game and Baston was in again to give them a draw.  Beating Derby is a huge result but Huddersfield were just too much for us.  Neither us or Birmingham really made a chance, a bore draw was really the the only option.  Arsenal though, wow.  We could of lost by more, they were brilliant, we couldn't cope with their pace.

But then we came back to the New York Stadium and did this :cool:


We're so close to the play offs and I could never of expected this.


Chong has returned and seems to love playing in a Millers shirt, well deserved.



This is how well we're performing.


Thuram has been amazing but due to the harsh brexit I have, he won't be able to come back infact he's currently playing without a work permit but I guess since he was on loan prior to us leaving he's still allowed to play? I'm not sure here but I can't drop a player that is doing so well, even if it's a bug.  I mean look at his stats, he'd be able to do a job for any prem team and he's only 19 and still has potential!


Brexit seems to have hit clubs differently.  I've been up looking in Scotland, I've seem some half decent players but nothing that I'd say will improve the squad.  Then there's been other teams buying odd players?



I have no idea why they've seen but he currently plays for Birmingham.

I have brought in a player on loan since Woodburn went back and it's to cover for Thuram and with Lindsey leaving and our youngster Erhahon going out on loan.  Illic has done well so far.


Looking at next month, there's no reason that can't all be green. 


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11/18 ain't bad.  Though we had six clear cut chances against Reading, we should of taken the three points.


We started the month with this.  He hasn't been playing much but still a shame incase we needed him.


And the team ticks with Chong in it, we missed him vs Brentford.  Neither team created much but Watkins scored an amazing goal to give them the win.


Three clean sheets and nice wins vs Ipswich, Millwall and Sunderland is huge but so is the Sheff Utd draw, I didn't realise how well they were doing and how they've known for being so solid at the back.  In the 91st minute Appiah played a ball threw to Geubbels and he slotted in.

We're still just off the play offs and the best thing is, we easily have the best GD in the leauge!  If I only used this tactic in August :lol:



I'll be happy with 6 points from March, tough games.  Heck, we even have two on TV!


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Frustrating.  We didn't turn up to Ewood and we were lucky to draw, Geubbels again getting us a point in the 93rd minute.  Then we go back home and smash 'Boro, we were amazing, 4th in the league and we win 6 - 0!  Then we face 22nd in the league and we were awful, they were never going to score but it was like we didn't to win, threw away 2 points.  Watford was frustrating, we led both times and then ended up losing, felt like we just threw away goals and opportunies.  Tulloch scored a belting goal to get us going, then missed a sitter from 6 yards out, then Geubbels did the same.  We need to score these chances but overall first season in the championship, we're 7th with 6 games to go, it's bloody impressive that my squad is playing so well.  Tulloch came back in for Ogbene and got this.


It's between us and Swansea for 6th place and sadly we don't face them.  The next month will tell everything.


This was a shame, he'll be leaving at the end of the season but I think he'll still be injured.


And another injury


Got to the point we've had a break at the end of March so.. I gave them a holiday :lol:


Hopefully the rest can help us pick up maximum points in March.  I don't like that we're playing Friday and Monday though.


And we can see even though in May we have one game with Leeds, who is going to win the golden boot.


This isn't good.  I think we get about 4mil at the end of the season though which means we won't have to sell anyone.  We have a very impressive core, build on that and we'll go up.  Worst bit is that our main expenditure is wages and we have the lowest budget in the league, ouch.


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I won't get to finish April until tomorrow night but I had to post this.

Imagine it's 1 - 1.  You're in the 93rd minute and their defender tried to head a safety ball and messes it up and it drops to your winger who just won young player of the month scoring 4 in 4 and he does this.


I literally screamed myself "WHAT DO YOU MEAN".  How the hell did he miss that.  He has enough time to go with his right, no idea why he's gone with his left.

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Okay since I can't sleep with this damn flu.  FM it is.


Not the best.  Fulham I can't complain, Serri was amazing, one quality goal and one quality ball from him was the different.  QPR, Bristol City and Barnsley we did not take our chances.  Geubbel should of had an easy hat-trick vs Barnsley!  Especially since when we beat Palace, it looked like this.


Someone at Swansea is doing a bloody bad job.


We went into the final two games though without Tulloch, Chong(will be back vs Leeds) and Hickey.  Big losses.




We've tied down Robertson, for some reason my back room staff told me not to bother, not sure why.


The final day looks like this.


We're at home to Leeds who we drew with at Elland Road, Swansea play away at 10th place Derby.

Let the best team get the play off spot! Palace would need to score 5 and both us and Swansea lose to take it.

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It's the final day and we're without our bloody starting goalkeeper.


Dieng is only just returning from injury.  Hoping it doesn't cost us.

Final Day

It's only taken 3 minutes and Geubbels puts us ahead. 


At the other end Sunderland are 2 - 1 up after 23 mins and look to be stayin' up.


29th minute we have a penalty!  Keeper gets a hand to it but Geubbels makes it.


Baston scores and we're asking a lot from Derby.


It's half time.  Can Derby help us out?

Can they finish the job!? Imagine if Tulloch had scored from the gif above :lol:


10 minutes to go.  Everyone is winning that could be relegated and Swansea are still drawing.

It's all over, we win but we miss out by one point.  We just threw away 3!  Middlesbrough also lost to Forest! So close for us!


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End of Season

First going straight to finances as I think the game confused itself.

So before anything came through, I got this, which... considering the boards new vision is going to be hard.


Then we got this, we've had no prize money yet.


Then you can see we got sponsorship money.


And now the prize money comes in


So we have some finances and no one has to go!


I just have a very small budget where I need to play attacking, pressing, entertaining football after they decided I can sign older player where after 1 more season I should be competiting for the play offs every season, nothing put down as I just over-achieved.  Well damn.


On a positive note:

This is how it all ended.



Reading won the play offs.


Efkan is just amazing.  Burnley are sniffing but I'd honestly want 20+mil.


We did very bloody well.

And so did Efkan.




And then the Championship awards came in:






The core of the team is amazing but it's also made up of loan players, if I can keep Chong I can replace the rest.  I need to get rid of the fringe players as they don't fit the system and look for some free transfers.  It's going to be difficult as I don't have much of any budget spare and we got such a bad brexit.  Let's see what I can build for Season 3!

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Not shown here is we kept hold of Iversen, Ampadu, Illic and Chong which is huge for us!


So who are they?


Barlaser is currently in loan from Newcastle at Rotherham in real life so he was here for season 1.  He can play any of my midfield roles so he was good to bring in as a backup.


Roles comes in with some potential left.  Hoping some games in the championship can help him push on.


New backup goalkeeper.  Was free and less wages.


Will cover both midfielder roles but is going to push Wiles for his starting spot as Wiles wasn't great last year.


Hopefully I can push Alpha on and he'll reach his potentail and be as good if not better then Olosunde.


I needed another striker, looks pretty good apart from his team work.  Already got some goals in pre-season.


We're allowed to bring in experience this year and why not? He has everything I want, can play in many positions can take corners and free kicks. 


One for the future, thought he looked alright and he still has time to develop.



We kept Geubbels, Bekiroglu and Olosunde which is huge.  We've only one bid and that was 7mil + 2mil in bonuses for Olosunde which isn't even worth his value and I wasn't taking.  He's happy to stay which is great 'cus he's been awesome for me.

Wharton didn't really fit and he needed game time I didn't feel like he deserved or would perform so out he went.  Dieng I didn't need, I could replace for nothing.  I think Clarke is great in real life but I neither us or any team that had him on loan could get him to perform, hope he kicks on at Wigan. Crooks and Smith both had a year left on their contract so I cashed in.


He'll be here after we've played our first game but we have another CB incoming.  He's a bit like a better, younger Richard Wood and I need that, someone who can rally the team and help at the back and especially in the air which we struggled.


So it's time for our first game but


We're without Chong and Geubbels which is a huge blow.  It's actually nice to see, Ladapo is still here and played well in pre-season.  I haven't made my mind up who's going to start uptop.

Edit - Deadline Day

Fulham bid three times for Efkan Bekiroglu, I rejected them all with this being my best.


He's happy to stay as long as he gets a new contract and I'm happy with that.

It leaves me with


And we're not bottom this year.


We do have a new CB and a full squad.


We started the season just before deadline say which we won and this happened.  Not having a lot of luck with injuries.


Onto Season 3!

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It's so nearly a perfect league month and it should have been!


Some scrappy wins but that's how you win leagues.  A win is a win.

Palace we up and the better side until they had a player sent off and we deserved our win.  We battered Barnsley it was great to watch.  Blackburn we won with ease.  Preston and Derby scrappy wins but the Cardiff game! Argh!  A ball over the top and Iheanacho outpaced Burns, which is expected, it was well played and they went 1 - 0 up in the 2nd minute.  Bacuna got sent off for an awful challenge in the 5th!  We had 85 minutes vs 10 men!!!  We were on top through out and Ogbene missed two sitters!  It wasn't our day.

Our cup run is over but losing 3 - 2 to a team who sit 2nd in the prem without losing and have some bloody good players is a good effort.

We've tied Efkan down which is great, he scored a beauty vs Blackburn.


This baffled me though;


He's been out for a month, that's all.  He dropped quite a few attributes, a bit too many.  Still, if it means he stays with us longer then I guess it could be a good thing.


Another award for me :D



The end of August and we got a bid for Olosunde, I rejected(I want more) and he's fine with it but I can see him wanting to move to a bigger club soon with some of the interest, he's replaceable.


Also at the end, we're top of the league!


We're very close to havin' a fully fit squad so we can kick on from there.  Appiah is playing well this season and he can play AML/AMR or ST which is a huge plus.

September is a tough month though but I can try get maximum points.


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An alright month, just the first result was bad. 


Set pieces destroyed us.  Freekick and a corner and after 20 mins they were 2 - 0 up.  29th minute another set piece but this time it's an OG.  Game over.  Swansea we went behind and then battered them and we were 4 - 0 up against Charlton and they scored in the 87th and 89th minute.  The 'Boro game, we were very strong at the back and awful uptop.

Tulloch playing well off the left.


But Efkan was robbed.


We're 1 point off top which i'm happy about.  Cardiff are a good side.


Look at Efkan go!


Next month I expect 9 points at least.  West Brom will be a difficult game.


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So close to being perfect!  But my word we scored some belters... and didn't get in the goal of the month!


The sort of month that wins titles.  We fell behind to West Brom through a penalty and I bollocked them at half time.  Barlaser and Chong both scored crackers from outside the box to give us the win.  We battered Lincoln we old boy Joe Newell getting a goal against us.  Portsmouth was the Tulloch match, he was sensational.  He scored a hat-trick including his second goal he picked it up in our half, ran all the way down and slotted in, quality.  He didn't have his shooting boots on vs Birmingham and was subbed for Snodgrass, even though we were 1- 0 up Snodgrass has picked the ball up in our half, ran all the way down and slotted in, the same as Tulloch, showing he's not the only one that can do it.  Both awesome goals.  We needed that goal as Jutkiewicz scored a cracking volley from just inside the box in the 85th minute. 

The game that let us down was Sheff Weds and they probably should of won.  I changed the side slightly, I dropped Mattock as he wasn't in good form and had been subbed in the previous two games and I gave Burn the captains armband for the game and I should of started with local lad Wiles and didn't.  I brought him on and within minutes he scored an equaliser with a belter from outside the box.  That's the positive, atleast we're scoring goals again.

And through out typing that I didn't mention Chong once, I mean, he was our best player in October.



And we're still top :cool:



Though November is looking a tough month, I'll take 6 points if I can.


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Great month!  I wanted 6, we got 10!


Bristol City we took the lead in the 4th minute through Wiles and it was over 23 minutes in when Chong doubled for the Millers.  Callum O'Dowda pulled one back after a great ball from Luke Freeman but it wasn't enough.  The Sheffield United game was made, we went 2 - 0 down, made 0 changes and went 3 - 2 by half time.  They scored 19 seconds into the 2nd half, took the lead in the 67th, I did make changes with Olosunde ending up at LB and he scored in the 87th minute to equalise.  The players were tired and I played a 2nd string vs 4th place Norwich and they were awesome.  Barry gave us the lead in the 24th minute after Norwich went down to 10 men with Godfrey being sent off in the 19th but it was Appiah who was MOM after scoring a hat-trick from the AMR-IF position.  Iassc Success pulled one back in the 91st minute.  Sunderland were awful, Townsend was sent off in the 17th minute and it was just pickings from there.


We missed Dan Burn against Sheff Utd, Robertson was awful but since then I've played Ihiekew and Ampadu together and they've been really good.

Well deserved for our #1.


And well deserved for me :cool:


We're getting more interest in Olosunde and I'm not sure we'll keep him in January.  I do have a replacement I've had shortlisted for some time incase and at the moment we'll be able to pick him up on a free.


And even though he doesn't look much, Alpha is playing well when we call on him.


This is how the league looks, we're just edging it.



Ekfan is one heck of a player.

We should start a cup run as well with Palace away being a game we can win.


December will be a tough month but I'll be fuming to drop any points to Forest with how they're doing.  Hopefully we beat Sheff Weds since we're at home aswell.


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Another solid month.


Forest didn't beat us :cool:.  It was their first game under new boss Mark Hughes and we still managed to take the 3 points.  Leeds was frustrating!  We didn't take our chances and ended up equalising in the 92nd minute with Snodgrass whipping in a low cross for Barry to finish.  Leeds scored from a penalty in the 5th minute, their only shot on target!  QPR we were brilliant, I had to play Dewsbury-Hall has he had played for QRP previously on loan.  He scored two belters and took the MotM award.  Brentford was another frustrating match.  We didn't take our clear cut chances, Barry should of won us the game but instead from nothing they pull out a draw.  Portsmouth were the better side and we we lucky to draw this time.  Sheff Weds though, we battered them, it was great viewing :D.

We're still top by just a slither!



Transfer window is opening with Olosunde and Geubbels both wanted.  I don't have the power to stop these transfers.  We're leaking money and it's through wages even though our wage budget is the 3rd lowest in the league at 170k P/W.  I'd rather keep Geubbels but I'm fine with Olosunde going to help with the balance.


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Not a bad month overall, a bit frustrating at times but still picking up the points and we're having an FA cup run. 

West Brom we just couldn't score, Geubbels missed an early penalty and that summed up the afternoon.  It was the same with Barnsley, they got a lucky penalty but we managed to equalise a minute later.  We started to get into some form beating both Palace and Sunderland in the cup and then watched as Preston scored 3 against us, I mean we scored 3 more but they were all offside, two of them were just off, but that loss puts us 2nd in the table.  I changed it up slightly for Derby and Dewsbury-Hall got a brace to get us back on a winning streak.

I mean we had done damn well before the Preston game, we'd broke our record after the West Brom game.



And we have a chance in the next round of the FA cup.


At the end of the window they shared the wage budget figures, the board want us to be at least in the top half, I'm over-achieveing thanks to some lucky buys/loans and this is far down we are.  Clearly this divison has some big sides, what on earth will the Prem be like.  Saying that look how much was spent in the Prem in January.  Chelsea spent 106mil on Joe Gomez.



When it comes to our transfers, we sold one and we're losing another on a free that I tried to sell but Sevilla came in for him which seemed odd.  Interest for Olosunde and Geubbels dropped off with is a win for me.

First I wanted to try and get Ilic this summer, but Amiens have signed him up on a free.  City wouldn't sell him for less than 4mil which I obviously don't have.


I sold Jack Roles who I'd only brought in this summer for 700k.  I didn't need him, he was basically my 7th midfielder and they're all playing well enough I couldn't give him game time.


Ethan will be joining Sevilla in the summer which seems odd.  I don't think he's ever going to get good enough to play here so I'm not sure what they see in him.  His loan club St. Johnstone had bid for him after I'd listed and I was hoping to sell for 80k + 20% future fee but in came Sevilla and there he goes.


Here's the table. 



My wide players have dropped off.  Tulloch keeps getting injured, Chong is in awful form, both being in the top 3 averate ratings at times this season and February is the month that seals the title in my opinion.


There's a lot of difficult games here and we play Cardiff away, those three points would be huge.  Let's see who finishes the month at the top of the league!

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Could of been better, we both dropped points and we couldn't capatalise on it.


We were behind at Blackburn, I yelled, I changed players, we smashed them.  I started the super subs and we missed clear cut chances vs Cardiff which was huge.  Luckily they also missed a penalty but that was points dropped.  Again, we knew where the net was and battered Leeds but then it went pear shaped, we just stopped attacking well and drew blanks against QRP and Sheff Utd.  We didn't create chances and we didn't do well enough.  Norwich were just great against us, they only won it in the 93rd minute but I can't complain, they should be higher in the league.

We need to start winning again 'cus it feels Huddersfield are creeping.  We're still in a position to win the league.






Nice of him :D.  Glad he's starting to find his feet again, he's not been anywhere near his level of last season.

We start with a cup run and a month I really need to see green, let's try our best!


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We were so close to going top.


Shame about our FA Cup run, West Brom were the better side and deserved to go through.  Sunderland how we didn't win I'll never bloody know, so many chances, so many misses, it was mind-boggling!  Nottingham Forest, routine stuff.  Huddersfield though, they battered us, we didn't even have a shot on target first half, I went with an old 5 - 3 - 2 tactic and changed it a bit, we played a lot better in the second half and Geubbels missed an absolute sitter to put us ahead, oh he also the reason I felt like resigning from Rotherham vs Sunderland.  Quality ball over from Robertson, he just needs to hit it on target and it should be a goal, he whacks it wide.  Can't believe how much that 4 week injury has changed him as a player.  Charlton saw Tulloch actually be able to play and not be injured and he scord a brace.  I thought we were top as Cardiff were 2 - 0 down to Brentford but nope, they won 4 - 2.

We've pulled away from Huddersfield and we're looking good for promotion, I want to win the league though!



We're going to have to do it without Olosunde though which is a massive loss.  Alpha is playing alright but Olosunde is probably the best right back in the league.


Here's the final fixture list and honestly we have a good chance of winning all of those.  Come on lads, let's win the league!


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We've won promotion :D but it isn't over yet.  Where should should of wrapped up the title, we just lost 1 - 0 to Brentford and Cardiff beat Preston 3 - 1 meaning the title is down to the last day.  We face Birmingham who just beat Swansea 5 - 1! Cardiff face Crystal Palace who just lost 1 - 0 23rd place Nottingham Forest.  Then again we just lost to 22nd place Brentford.


Final day time!

We go 1 - 0 up after 3 minutes.  Gueblles heads an Olosunde cross(he's back!) against the bar and Chong hits in.

31 minutes in and Birmingham are knocking.  Iversen makes a good save to get low and deny Mitchell and they hit a good chance wide.  We go into half time leading and Crystal Palace vs Cardiff is 0 - 0.

I've told them at half time, we win this and we're champions! (Quack, quack, quack, quack).

Chong is fouled and we have a penalty!  Geubbels' hits in after 52 mins to make it 2 - 0! Also on 52 mins Cardiff take the lead at Palace after Pack hits in a penalty.  It's now 1 - 1 after 58 mins!  Sorloth equalises! No it's 2 - 1!  Milivojevic scores from the spot to givee Palace the lead!

We enter the final 15 and I'm taking Snodgrass off for Tulloch and praising my team.  Close to being 3, Efkans free kick is just wide.


I've missed the damn picture though as I clicked tactics the same time we won and it went to team talk!

That'll do, I'm showing the trophy to our fans :lol:



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End of Season

What a season, can be proud of that.


Well, we have a budget and we can work with this.  Keeping our current best players happy, which we already have.



And of course I used the loan clause and bought a 10mil goalkeeper for 750k :lol:


Though I think this shows we need to purchase a new LB and two CBs.


Then again I say that when I get this achievement.



Got it spot on here.  I'm going to miss Ilic.  He even bagged young player of the year.


Efkan showing why he was such a good purchase in my first season bagged player of the year.


I bagged some awards aswell.



Nice from the chairman :cool:


And we got some 6 players in team of the year!  All of them will be in a Millers shirt again next season I hope.  Just need to get Chong back but I won't be paying for him.  He costs way too much.


Finances are hit and miss but they'll obviously get better in the prem.  Mr. Stewart has given us a loan again.




Right, let's see who I can sign with this brexit.  There's a very highly rated CM I'd like to train as my DLP-DM for 20k, but he's Belgian and I don't think he can get a work permit.

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