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[BUG] - Final part of every game.

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Hi there,

Im here to say that this "bug" comes since 2015 ( if I remember ) but I hope that the FM team can put this better than old motor games...

Everytime that we got "90+3" minutes, and its 93:15 for example, we got a "free kick" or a "corner" and the referee wristle to Final Time... the question is " WHY!? ".

Normaly, in real life, the referee let the player beat the Free kick or the corner and after that he wristle when the ball goes out our the team "lose" the shot.

Please... fix that... plz!

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There is nothing in the rules of football that says that the referee will let a game run past the allocated extra time just because of an attacking situation.  Because game time is not exact, it is left to the referee's discretion to decide when time is up and some will be strict and some not strict.

In the above situation, if the team scores after 93.30 minutes, how do you think the losing manager and supporters will feel?

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Even the corners? In Portugal, England, Europa League, Champions League... every time that the player have to beat the "corner", the referee let them play... in FM, I got a Free Kick and then: FT... He didnt beat the free kick yet !? uau, thats good... Please, watch some games and watch more streamers talking about the same problem... For our benefit or against us, let them kick the free kick or the corner and then the referee can end up the game...

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32 minutes ago, martplfc1 said:

The worst 'bug' about the last part of the game for me has always been that it shows you the final minute or so even if nothing is happening, even if you're on "key" highlights only.

Doesn't happen this year. If there's nothing of note, the game ends without a highlight.

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I have seen my team iscore in the last minute to rescue a draw where I also though the game was just playing out the last 30 seconds in key highlight mode.

No doubt had it been the other way around i would have raised a bug :)

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