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Have you ever hoped that you would not be getting promoted?

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Have you ever known that you should not push for promotion because you wanted another year to build the team better to have a better chance in the next tier?

First season as a not so great team I wanted to take it slow and build over 2 year periods but found my self so close to promotion that I find my heart is conflicting and hoping for promotion. We got promoted first season, then nearly again in the second season. I am just relieved its now not possible second season. 

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3 minutes ago, dantares said:

I tend to always rebuild the team every promotion, so the faster I get to the top, the faster I get stability. I've never had an year where I'd get a team strong enough for the upper league.

I'm also mindful that I could have a difficult second season.

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Yes, had that thought for sure - but I always go for the promotion and then be aggressive in the summer transfer window.  Whatever country, always best to get to the top div ASAP to get greater revenue and really grow the club.

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