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3D in main menu very annoying when you choose 2D to avoid heat

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I find it very annoying that even when your default setting is "2D classic" you still have 3D in the main menu.

I don't choose 2D because it's the view that I like the most, I choose it because I don't want my Windows Surface to get hot, which it does very fast when gpu is used intensively.

Believe it or not but the 3D in the main menu makes the tablet get hot quite fast as well, and that's not an issue when you launch the game, wait until the menu appears and very quickly press "load game".

But sometimes, you launch the game and continue to do something else while the game is loading, and if you come back to it a few minutes after it's loaded, the damage is done, the back of my tablet is hot already and the fan is making more noise... just for the sake of a 3D render in the main menu....

It would be good to have a non-3D main menu background when you select 2D as default in the setting, or have it as a seperate option available...

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