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Welsh League Hardships

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From what I've seen (4 saves) this appears to be the most likely brexit in game, I've had 3 of 4 with this outcome and I feel your pain. I struggle with this even in the Scottish prem, my go around has been snapping up youngster newgens with good potential. After a couple of seasons you build a good profit and increase your cash. 


Although I imagine this would be much more difficult in the Welsh leagues... 

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19 minutes ago, Blue_Exorcist said:

So month or so into the season this came up after brexit , its going to be really hard to sign non UK players in the welsh league now , anyone know how to remove this for a future save ??

The highest paid player in the welsh league is on £850 per week.


Just for info- how many non-UK players actually play in the Welsh league IRL?

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its just going to be an annoying , i know the game needs to be realistic but also there should be room to do some slightly bizarre things , thats what makes it fun , i remember in FM12 signing 2-3 players from Reunion that did really well for me and helped the Welsh league and my club reputation develop.

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The wage levels available are going to be such that attracting any sort of quality non-UK youngsters is going to be difficult.  I am sure that the editors that are available after launch will be able to sort the issue.

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