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[FM 09] FMG'09 Kits


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Hi everyone!
I'm still playing and enjoying FM 2009 from time to time and I really like the FMG'09 kit style.


I managed to find all the 6 English divisions, (plus level 7 Isthmian and Northern Premier and the two level 8 Northern Premier leagues), all 4 Italian divisions, all 4 German divisions and some major european leagues. By the way, if someone needs them, I will be more than happy to share them here.
I saw that eventually a FMG'09 kits megapack was released at that time, but unfortunately all links on the internet expired.
Someone still have this megapack stored somewhere?

I'm particularly looking for the following kit packs:

England - Ryman League Division One North by jj72guy
England - Ryman League Division One South by jj72guy
England - BGB Southern League Premier Division by jj72guy

Ireland - Eircom Premier League by woodysj

North Ireland - Premiership by woodysj
North Ireland - Championship by woodysj
North Ireland - Interim League by woodysj

Scotland - SPL by many
Scotland - 1st Division by Dickie Dandruff, graeme, dazza & woodysj
Scotland - 2nd Division by Dickie Dandruff
Scotland - 3rd Division by Dickie Dandruff

Spain - Liga Adelante by Vegeta28
Spain - IID B - Group 1 by Vegeta28
Spain - IID B - Group 2 by Vegeta28
Spain - IID B - Group 3 by Vegeta28
Spain - IID B - Group 4 by Vegeta28
Spain - IIID - Group 7 by Vegeta28

Switzerland - SuperLeague by packmanch
Switzerland - Challenge League by packmanch

USA - MLS by NunoKopio & woodysj
USA - US Lower Leagues by Uncle Sam

Wales - Premier League by jj72guy

Hope someone still have these files and is willing to share them.

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