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Let us choose transfer date for staff

Kick Wilstra

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There is something that bothers me with FM staff management regarding staff management. is that you can only recruit staff immediately. So when I offer a contract to a staff member who has currently an expiring contract I simply have to buy down the contract, even if it's May and his contract expires the end of June. Why isn't it possible for staff to set the transfer date at the start of next season date, like it is for players?

This bother me even more if I want replace staff that has an expiring contract, especially for key positions where you can only have one. I have a staff member who has been a loyal servant to the club, but unfortunately for him the club has outgrown him, so I want a higher quality member once his contract expires. That means I either have to fire him for his last month, or I have wait for his contract to expire before I start recruit and an replacement. It feel wrong and disrespectful to fire a guy end of May just because his contract expires the 1st of July. But it would be silly to wait until then before I start to look for a replacement. So please SI give us the option for staff transfers to set them at the start of next season, just like we can for players!

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