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Add the ability to manage Under 23/18 team


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I have asked this for 3 years in a row. I think it would be great to manage your favourite team, but just their under 23/18. I feel it would be a great way to build up your reputation and would be very fun with friends. For instance, if my mate wants to manage the first team but I also wanted to manage them, I could manage the under 23's and we could make the club as a whole unbeatable.


Now I know what you are going to say because I've heard it before. These things are as followed:

1. It would be boring

2. There aren't enough people wanting this feature

3. It would take a lot of work to put in

4. People barely use the international under 18/23 teams


So let me answer them:

1. Like ive already stated, you could play with this in many ways: with friends or alone. I know you won't be able to do transfers (unless for some reason you were playing together with a friend and he gave you the responsibility to sign youth players), but you could try and make suggestions to the head coach or even talk to the manager, like the way you would talk to the board, and request that you could sign young players. If he says no, you could still request.

But if you were playing alone it would be good to win as many trophies at under 23/18 level as you can, because in the future the main manager could be sacked and you could be in the running for it. The fans would be behind you if they have seen you rise from the bottom. Look a Jody Morris for example: He was head coach of under 18's of Chelsea in 2016/17, did very well and moved on to be Frank Lampard's number 2. Why cant it happen in this game? You could also do so well that main clubs in lower leagues also see this and try and offer for you. There is so much that this can offer - I could go on and on!

2. This is a straight up lie. I've done polls in Facebook groups and they have all come back overwhelmingly positive. Out of 200 people asked, 194 people said it would be a good idea to add the feature and see the potential in it. 6 people didn't care or like the idea. It would be interesting if you put this poll on your Twitter/Facebook pages; you would see that people truly do want this feature. I believe it to be a 70/30 split.

3. I see the mod community doing wonders on making the English leagues go all the way down 22 levels. It's very fun to start from the absolute bottom and go up. I feel if the same effort was put in this feature that I'm putting to you, it would be in the players' best interest. 

4. Let's just focus on just pure international teams on this one. I would love to know the numbers on how many FM players only play this game for international (don't get me wrong, it's a great feature to have co-inside with club football). But I think that the idea of playing the game for international games would be a bit mad. Therefore it doesn't surprise me that people rarely use the under 23/18 teams on international football. I barely use international management because of the lack of games. It's only good when you are in the world cup or euro cup, it's a bit stale after that. However, if you wanted to say that managing the under 23/18 club teams would be the same, you would be wrong and let me explain why:

4.5 The Premier League 2 play 22 games for the season - the same amount of games that the NIFL Premier Intermediate League has, which you have in your game. Not only that, they also compete in the EFL Trophy as well as the FA Youth Cup and the UEFA Youth League and Premier League Cup. And as the years go on there will be more and more youth cups that will come out and play. They normally do friendly youth cups at the start of the season as well.


If none of this convinces you at all, I have photographic proof (or links) to the polls that I did. I hope you at least consider the poll on your main Twitter account; it will show a true reflection on what the FM community wants.

Thank you for reading.

This is just scraping the surface on what this mode could do. I would love to have a full, long, passionate chat about this mode and hopefully win you all round?

Only time will tell.


- A very passionate fan

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