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What is a balanced database in your opinion?

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This is very subjective as it entirely depends on which parts of the world you want to play in.  But for my last career save in FM19, I loaded the following nations, all divisions, with a large database:

England, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain.

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Always a crux question at this time of year. If processing power isn't an issue (if it is then Google Stadia will resolve that - or a new laptop) then I always start my #LLM games going to the FIFA rankings & loading up the top 10 European nations (+ Scotland) and remove all leagues except the top one (but leave all leagues playable for England & Scotland which down to Conference N&S and Scottish League 2 as this is where I pick up my first jobs when starting unemployed). With a Large database this gives approx 40-50,000 players which keeps the transfer market relatively buoyant and I can buy & sell players easily. I never see myself managing in South America or Asia so always stick to top EU teams.

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If I want to start managing in a Europe top team on my PC, I usually load the following leagues, down to their lowest division and set all to 'playable':

  • England
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Holland
  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • China
  • USA

If I play on a not so powerful laptop, I still load those leagues, but only the top two divisons, and set them to 'view only', except for the country I want to manage in. I usually play with one team for 10+ seasons and never move to another team, so this is ideal for me.

If playing a Journeyman save, I load all leagues and all countries in the world set to 'playable' with a default large database (not custom load 'all players' in the game, which is around 380,000 players, as my PC can't handle it).

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What I usually do (managing in Europe) is load all the playable leagues of Portugal, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and France; and in the custom settings load all the first tier club's players from all the other notable regions in Europe (like Eastern Europe, Scandinavia...), and countries of South America (Brasil, Argentina...) and Asia (Japan, South Korea...). In total I end up with around 70k players.

This, on a not very good and certainly not any gamming laptop.

In a stronger setup I go way ahead.

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Depends on the type of save you're having, rags to riches save you'd start at the lowest level and stick to 1 club, so maybe no need to load a lot of nations, journeyman saves, my favorite I tend to start with 8 random nations and start unemployed. 

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