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Funniest player name

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Isn't there a player in Belgium called Mark De Man? He's a defender too. Quality!

That's one of my personal favourites too.

Andreas Ivanschitz - good player but...

Vladimir Bestchastnyk - was a good one when I was 12 and couldn't pronounce it.

Razvan Rat

A guy called Bus who plays in Holland

Don't know why but I found Sissing pretty funny. Think he plays in Holland too.

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I remember reading a post in the SI forums a few years back about a kid who got scolded by her mum and his CM (at the time) seized because she thought the game was a bad influence. The kid was playing as QPR and had the player profile of Danny Shittu when his mum saw...

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I had a South Korean wing back called Kim Suk-Joo in 08. Opted to not signing him beacuse he was useless at heading..

Cue tumbleweed... :p

I seem to remember a Luciano Crapper from some time back... don't remember anything about him so he probably lived up to his name...

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If his name is accurate and he's any good he probably has Max Clifford on speed dial... that's a point surely MC should be in FM? that way when you get dropped in it for selling a star player you can convince the world that it was in fact entirely his choice to leave and it was all forced by you and you're just a poor victim in all of it lol

Although that would take attribute masking to a whole new level, where you see them as miles better than they really are until you buy them.

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Theres a player 4 switzerland they pronounce it "DirtyCock"

Cant think how u spell it tho summet like


Sorry, wrong unfortunately.

It's pronounced about like the English would pronounce Dare-dee-jock.

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Fabian Fecker - German DC plays for Reutlingen

Tyrone Crapper - 17 year old Barnsley centre mid

Jeffrey Rentmeister - Beveren central defender

Ivan Buonocunto (Is that Italian for good...erm...c***?) - Udinese

Argel F*cks is in the game as a manager btw!

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