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Something i have been puzzled about since the role suitability feature came in was how is it determined.

Some roles have almost identical primary and secondary attributes.  Yet the difference between a player suitability ranges from a full green circle to a red slice.  DLF and F9 come to mind.

A player that has "good" attributes for both roles is reckoned to be terrible F9 but a natural DLF - i just dont understand how that is calculated.  Is it my Ass Man has poor judging ability? Or are-there hidden weightings other than primary and secondary for certain attributes?

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Like everything else in the game, it's just advice for you to follow or ignore as you see fit - you're the boss after all!

Exactly how it's calculated only the SI developers will know, but it's largely based on a player's attributes compared to the game's own built in ideas of desired attributes for a role.

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