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Anyone signed Torgeir Borven from Odd, in Norway.

I signed him as 4th choice CF for Man utd first season, 850k.

He only played 11 games all season but scored 4, assisted 3 and was a handful in every game. For the reserves he scored 17 in 16 games. 

Would be great signing for mid Prem team I am sure!

Torgeir Børven_ Profile.png

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Top Posters In This Topic

Everyone likes a free transfer:



I've had both these guys at Western United in the A-League. I've signed Susnjar in my current Hansa Rostock game but don't have a need for Armenakas even though I have him on trial. 

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2 minutes ago, Jorge666 said:

Stefan Bajic at Saint Etienne is fairly wonderful 😉

For real? He's just normal 'Goalkeeper' as his media description in mine (2nd season) :D

He does look like a wonderful goalkeeper, though.

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On 29/03/2020 at 15:11, mojo_pin1 said:

Hey guys looking for some general help here, I started a save with Trapani in Serie B expecting a relegation fight but 8 months in it's looking very likely I'll get promoted, not really sure how my team on paper is... not great, most of them are on loan too, so I'm going to need cheap serie a level players in general but most importantly, a DLP & a CWBs for both sides, any help &/or recommendations would be muchly appreciated.

How is your Trapani save going?

Did you use Tolemello and Laurenzi? I bought them for my Parma save.

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check out Wahid Faghir. only 15 at the start of the game and can be signed for less than 500k. Absolutely tore it up in my u18s for 2 seasons! Promoted him to my u23s and did the same

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anyone signed Scottish starlet striker Michael Ruth from Aberdeen? I've had a few saves in FM2020 and never really noticed him, but he's absolutely killing it in my journeyman save at Hearts! Signed in 2022 for only £525K and now worth £10million.


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Not sure if anyone has mentioned him yet but Brenner from Sao Paulo is a really good striker. 

Signed him on loan for Hamburg in first season with option to buy for £15 million. 

Started 9 and scored 5 so far. 

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Not seen this lad mentioned yet. Not at my game pc but he is called Hannibal Mejbri and is at Manchester United. 18 years old wonderkid up for loan. Got him at Modena. Scored from a free kick and in open play, runs so fast with the ball defenders can't keep up so foul him etc. 

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Great read through with some excellent suggestions! I used the latest transfer update & I haven’t got my laptop with me but these couple players I picked up on my 1.Fc Magdeburg save 

Ricardo Campos 18/19 years old looks promising needs developing. Potential Bundesliga but my staff aren’t quiet the best so someone may want to take a better look at him. 

All at the start of the game but then also these Tom Adeyemi, Ben Marshall & Florian Makhedjouf  - All Free transfers roughly Good Bundesliga 2 quality Sp probably Championship type players. Also Tommie Hoban is injured at the start of the game but is a good Bundesliga 2 player but fairly injury prone / Injury track record.

One excellent player I picked up 6months in on a free transfer was 

Parfait Guiagon - 19, Ivory Coast AMC/CM 

(not sure how much he is at the start) 


My scout has suggested Kamal koaeh who isn’t worth much in value may be worth a look. 

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Added a player and rough player quality. 
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I haven't seen him mentioned anywhere on this forum (i've done a search and everything), but AMR Viktor Tsygankov from Kiev has been mighty impressive for my Man Utd team. A relative bargain for top sides at £17.5m his assist numbers are amazing and often gets into streaks of form that make him undroppable - even keeping Greenwood out of the team.

Also, Matheus Henrique from Gremio, another relative bargain available for less than £20m is a top CM-DLP. He plays passes in behind that other players don't, and regularly bosses games.

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On 16/05/2020 at 03:41, vangtoiga said:

Not sure if this guy has been posted in this thread. Nevertheless, I found the next Carlos Fierro in FM20

Jose Juan Macias 

He can be signed in first season around 4m-7m UK pound

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 9.29.12 AM.png

I’ve had him before at Brighton Signed for £5m. Is a little inconsistent for me and goes missing in some big games but play him as AML - IF and watch his value sky rocket

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Anyone else signed Ahmed Kutucu from schalke? First time signed him for £4m start of second season and he won me the europa league that season scoring 34 in all competitions. Now worth £40m and only still young. Great all round striker

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1 hour ago, SteelCityColt said:

Apologies if mentioned already but Adam Hlozek has been good enough to start for me in the Championship and seems to have potential beyond. Not sure if random stats. Picked up for 100k!


This is him in my save in 2026. Real Madrid bought him and he's now out on loan.


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I am not sure how good he turns out on this years save but I have bought him for £1 million at the start of the season and loaned him straight out.




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This is one for the Lower League Managers 

Fidel O'Rourke from Liverpool you can sign him on a free transfer at the end of the first season

I'm currently in the Vanarama National League and he is on fire for me playing as a lone advance forward. According to my coaches he's operating at a Premiership level after 2 seasons



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9 hours ago, Earnie is God! said:

And for anyone interested, this is what he looks like in 2027


That 20 natural fitness would have been the icing on the cake for me, in my game it only generated at 11 

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Bakery Jatta has been a godsend in my köln save I used him at Bournemouth and thought he wasn’t bad he’s at Hamburg playing second tier German football you’ll probably have to battle Leipzig for him but he is my top scorer in a fairly average team he’s about 2mil if u buy smart 

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1 hour ago, wkdsoul said:

Anyone got a running shortlist of these? 

Not a recently updated one as my team has now moved up the leagues and I no longer needed to keep it updated.

But here's a list of the ones in here that I created a couple of months back maybe [let me just check it doesn't contain swearing or any personal info... no, good to go :)]
* = highly recommended although I didn't keep that up to date either. I added some info to the players but any comments were from whoever posted the player, not mine

*Patrick Berg
*Valakari CM/AM
*Marco Kana CM
*Brandon Cortes 18yo CF Argie

Leonidas Stergiou, 17, centre back, Switzerland, St Gallen
Ivan Lepinjica, 19, DMC, Croatia, Rijeka
Kevin Ehlers, 18, centre back, Germany, Dynamo Dresden
Alhassan Yusuf, 18, centre midfield, Nigeria, Goteborg
Filip Marchwinski, 17, attacking midfield, Poland, Lech Poznan
Filip Stevanovic, 16, attacking midfield, Serbia, Partizan
Joe Gelhardt, 17, striker, England, Wigan
Matias Arezo, 16, striker, Uruguay, River Plate (URU)
Brahima Ouattara 20yo amc
Jean N’Guessan- 16yo mc
Ivan Franco
Erik Botheim, 19 years, pretty complete, technical striker
Pacome Zouzoua
Kevin Quevedo 
Arjen van der Heide LW
Gonzalo Villar - Elche £475k
Toni Herrero - Levante £500K 
Gael Alonso CB
Noah Katterbach from Koln
Xavier Mbuyamba CB
Aaron Hickey - 17 year old DL/DR - 500K from Hearts - not sure how I didn't fall in love immediately when I found him. Two-footed and already capable of playing on either side. Complete Wing Back is rated as his best role. 
Scott Banks - 17 year old AML - 500K from Dundee United - versatile. Doesn't quite have the pace I would like in a winger, but could end up as a fairly well rounded winger to compensate
Mohammed Guindo 16yo ST/W
Armin Gigovic 16yo CM
Jairo Concha CM?
Bicho AM free
Bruno Fornaroli
Henry Martín
Lucas Cavallini
Luka Zahovic
Santa Cruz 20yo CF Argie
Moha AML maybe AMC £2.5m
Chris Mochrie - Dundee Utd
Leonardo Campana
Tobias Christensen
Tobias Borkeeiet DM/CM
Pedro de la Vega LW
Daniel Dalehaug
John Bjorkengren - excellent BBM contributing both goals & assists.
Hicham Khaloua - already mentioned in this thread I believe, good as IW or IF from the AML position.
Facundo Waller CM/LM 23yo? URU
Aleksander Buksa 16 CF
Benjamin Sesko 16yo CF
Eirik Ulland Andersen 28yo LW
Eldar Sivac 21yo RB
Killian Sardella 17yo cb/RB

Simon Olsson
Oscar Linnér (gk)
Nils Froling
Sondre Rossbach (gk)
Odin Thiago Holm
Fredrik Andre Bjorkan
Tobias Christensen
Onni Valakari (Finnish but Norway-based)
Mikkel Damsgaard
Jonas Wind (though he starts the game with a long-term injury)
Victor Nelsson
Jeppe Hobjerg
Magnus Kofod
Jacob Christensen
Jacob Sorensen
Simon Tibbling (Swedish but Denmark-based)


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I started my save in the English non-leagues and didn't have other countries loaded to start with. As I've progressed into the football league, I've been removing the non league divisions and replacing them with top flights around the world.
So I don't have even half of the players I listed above (especially the Scandinavian ones), and with it now being 2028 some of them who were in my game have retired, but here are screenshots of the 26 still playing in my save in 2028.




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2 hours ago, Blue 4 Life said:

With those stats, he could be converted into a good centre back too. 

Prob a bit old for the retraining, but hes been great so far. 

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Had a scan through the thread and couldn't see this guy mentioned:

Mustapha Fofana of Strømsgodset.


This is him at the start of the game, he'll negotiate with clubs from the January window, and from what I've tested he seems willing to go down to league 1 level.

Only used him in my Zurich save so far so in terms of performances all I can tell you is he's very good in the Swiss top flight. Has some room to grow and an interesting distribution of attributes that can make him a very useful player imo.

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On 04/05/2020 at 15:19, Ewan0404 said:

Not sure if anyone has mentioned him yet but Brenner from Sao Paulo is a really good striker. 

Signed him on loan for Hamburg in first season with option to buy for £15 million. 

Started 9 and scored 5 so far. 

He’s an absolute beast for me at Rangers. Signed for 15m in January 2021 he scored 24 in 19 games. Now in his first full season, he’s scored 56 in 42 games, including 25 in 14 ECC! Just managed to negotiate a new contract with him taking out his minimum fee release clause with Liverpool and Man Utd chasing him. Going to hate letting him go but I’m afraid I’ll have no choice! Sorry for crappy photos!!




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