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Add Ability to Bid on Players on Loan with Future Fees


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What it says on the tin. Think Luka Jovic.

Add the option - for example, as manager of Real Madrid - to submit a bid to Frankfurt for Luka Jovic.

Frankfurt would then ask for the asking price they would ask for if he was already their player, but with the optional future fee added on.

Currently you can kind of do this, but you can't bid on a loan player until their loan expires, and by this point either Frankfurt don't buy him in which case they've missed out on selling him to you for profit and you can buy him from Benfica, or they do and he then signs a contract making him a Frankfurt player, and therefore will reject any contract from Real Madrid on the grounds that he's "only just signed for his new club."

This isn't a one-off instance in real life either - Inter Milan loaned out goalkeeper Ionut Radu to Genoa who invoked their optional future fee, but then Inter bought him back anyway! And then loaned him back to Genoa straight after with an even bigger future fee 😂

Basically this was because he put in a good season for Genoa and when they paid the fee, they felt it wasn't enough and so they paid extra to have him back so they got free money out of it, loaned him back with a slightly larger fee so they could still buy him if they wanted, and everyone was happy.

This would be a really neat, not to mention realistic, addition to the game.

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