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FM 20 Beta - Impossible to launch the game - Ubuntu

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I Know you don't ever test the game since 2017 on ubuntu.
But I continue to play FM on it, and i'ts OK with FM 18 and 19. And for the first time, the game doesn't work. I've seen this screen attached, or just a black screen.

Could you help me?


Capture d’écran de 2019-10-31 23-42-19.png

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Doesn't run on linux with PlayOnLinux. I am also just getting a black screen after the initial load screen in a virtual machine. Best of luck man. I’m going to have to put it on my windows laptop.

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I don't have a Windows laptop ;)

I have tried with 20.0.1 version :

- Playonlinux : no (just black screen, maybe a problem with the graphic card)
- Virtualbox : no (virtualbox bug)
- Steam Linux : no (just black screen, maybe a problem with the graphic card)
- WineHQ : Game launch, but no 3D image on the welcome screen. And crash dump when I tried to launch a new game (after championship selection)

I will try with 20.0.02 version, but now I'm not really optimistic...

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Ok, so if other people have issues launching FM. I might have a workaround, at least it worked for me.

I had enabled proton 4. 11-8 in steam general settings. It didn't work.
What did work though is right-clicking on the game itself and properties. click on "Force the use of a specific steam play compatibility tool" -> proton 4.11-8.

Now the game works on my ubuntu 19.10 .

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I have played FM20 all versions so far, including minor versions and BETA via Steam & Proton 4.11-8. I have also played network games.

Only minor issue is when using Alt+Tab the screen freezes for ~5 seconds, but playing full screen has no problem.

My specs:



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