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On 02/05/2020 at 17:23, Olly101 said:

Hi all, just started this challenge for the first time and I need some help/advice please...

I chose Hendon as my team, but they don't have an Under 18's or Under 23's team.

I saved it and holidayed a whole season just to test if they would generate an Under 18's squad when they get the first intake, but no - they don't.

I can ask board for an U23 squad but obviously it's not going to happen any time soon due to finances.

I can understand no U23, but no U18 squad is a bit odd isn't it? Is it a bug?

Also is it worth doing this save with a team without an U18's squad? Will be very difficult to maintain player sharpness / bring talent through I think?



On 02/05/2020 at 17:34, DazRTaylor said:

It makes the challenge harder, that is for sure, but definitely possible.  No, it isn't a bug.


Pleased to report that after half a season in charge and at second time of asking, the board have agreed to give me an Under-23 squad.

It became available straight away and at no apparent financial cost.


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Top Posters In This Topic


My best season since winning the Premier League in 2106/07

My biggest problem is my aging squad with 4/5 top players in their late 20's and not any decent kids coming through


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53 minutes ago, ravenation said:


You don't load the league you just load the players that play in it, then holiday for a year and see who comes up, all this does is make sure you have some players when taking over after a year. If you want to start that low down then you need a lower league database and wouldn't be eligible for this challenge. 

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Start of the season and the 75-1 odds suggested it was going to be a tough season. Pre-season didn't quite go as planned. I tried to play some of the bigger English Championship teams in order to raise some funds, but we didn't raise any funds and were played off the park in the games. Into the League Cup and a difficult group that included both Hearts and Dundee Utd. 2 wins (1 on pens) and 2 losses meant that we were knocked out without too much fuss. The league season started away at League favourites Queen of the South. This is one of the worse games I've experienced playing this game. 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go we manage to lose the game 4-3 with 3 of their goals coming in injury time. Not the start we had planned!! Despite that painstaking result we managed 2 wins and a draw in the next 3 games, with an impressive 5-2 win away at Montrose. We also got passed Inverness Reserves in the Challenge Cup. The decent start wasn't going to carry on though. No wins in the next 15 games meant that we were flirting above the relegation zone. Dundee also knocked us out of the Challenge Cup and defeat to Edinburgh City meant we were out of the Scottish Cup at the first hurdle. A 1-0 win away at Stenhousemuir broke the run of defeats, but this was followed by 2 more defeats. Into February and a decent run of results with only 2 defeats in 8 games meant we were almost safe. Despite no more wins in the last 5 games we managed to finish the season in 8th place. Not too bad considering we were new to the league and hopefully something that can be built upon next season.


It wasn't as easy to pick star performers out this season for obvious reasons. Scott Linton did well again from complete wing back and even managed to chip in with 9 goals. Dylan Easton had a similar season to the last and Nathan Austin finished top goalscorer again with 19 in 40.


The preview didn't promise too much and it wasn't far off. Due to ageing players, I am going to have to throw some of these lads in though. Conor Malpas became the clubs youngest ever player, but his brief appearances were poor.


In other news, I finally started my coaching badges and junior coaching and youth recruitment were both increased to average.



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So hope i did this right and under the rules. Ihave decided to take Gosport just promoted to Vanorama National South to the top - quite acceptable junior coaching for such low league

Will be great challenge - i have a loan player already in squad - i terminated his loan






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NK Zadar: 2065/66 season review

Another league title as we made it 5 on the trot. Our CL adventure came to an abrupt end in the first knockouts as we were spanked 2-9 on agg. by Arsenal.
(Dinamo sent one of their players out to help with the celebrations)


Plenty of encouraging numbers from the squad.


Youth intake was pleasing. Malky Duncan (66B) has the potential to become another club legend.

1655974384_YOUTH66.thumb.png.44e0e61925fa2b858aa13325804157fd.png  1624645739_duncan66.thumb.png.52440e479451bbe47863f253bc028111.png




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East Kilbride F.C. - Wikipedia

End of season 2029/2030

Well well, this was very tough season. The difference between the Championship and Premiership is huge. As you can see we just avoided, with a bit of luck, direct relegation with only 1 point. In the Relegation Playoff Final we had to play against Motherwell. The first game, away, ended in 1-1. At home we won 5-3! So another Premiership season for us!! I am very happy with this, because it was such a tough season. Most of the teams are way better then our team. So I hope we can keep our best players and finish 10th next season, because I want to avoid the Playoff final.

Oh and I changed the skin, I am trying TCS skin, so the screenshots are a bit different then before.



Financial it was a very good season for us. Mostly because of this:



Finally some cash!!! Chris Neil 25a developed into a great player for the Premiership. I am very happy with this money. We spend it in a good way:


The preview of the youth intake wasn't very special.

But the intake itself was okay. Some very decent talents, with Kevin Robertson 30a and Alex Nicolson 30b as the best prospects. And again a Dutch player, who is also a nice talent: Anton Visser 30d


Best players this season were Michael McBride 27a with 16 goals, and Tony Neil 24b. Now that we are a Professional club, our players can finaly train every day. Some of our players are making very nice progress because of this. These are some of our best players:

Especially Kenny Black 28c is a great player for us. His progress is fantastic and he is already one of our best players. He just signed a new contract, but some big clubs from Scotland still want to sign him. I really hope that I can keep him for another season. 
Dougie Rae 29g has really surprised me. He's from the 2029 intake and was not the best talent from that intake. But his progress is also fantastic, he played very well in U19 so I gave him a chance in the first team. He did really well! 


So, onto next season. Let's see if we can finish a bit higher in the league. 


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The January window was not kind to us, another two players gone. Takes our outgoings to £2.4m this season.

The Baxter deal I'm happy with, he was one of our best players but that money plus a 50% sell on fee is more than fair. The keeper less so, remind me to never again have a release fee in a player's contract. This will probably cost us promotion as we were absolutely flying beforehand, since they've gone we've picked up two points in four games.

260488623_GosportBorough_TransferHistory.thumb.png.4fa5594b63190f0528a1d66aa631c300.png 669871188_OliCollingsYP25c_Profile.thumb.png.5c7f63ead46237caab831ca2c27bbd82.png 181254101_StewartBaxter_Profile.thumb.png.c24a7ea87daa325d77b8aabbdd7ffcaa.png

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Sooooo.... my laptop died... strange noises before everything died. I'm guessing a CPU fan crashed and knocked over the rest of it. Tried to open it up and see, but I don't think I can revive it without spending too much money and effort on it. And I've been thinking about buying a new one for a while now, so I don't think I'll try to revive it, and rather keep what I can for parts...

Now, I can get out the files (provided the HDD didn't kick the bucket as well), but since I moved a lot of my cables are in boxes and I have no idea if I still have a SATA to USB cable around (Yes my old HDD was SATA, the laptop is fairly old). So perhaps the the Folkestone save is dead, at least for the moment. 

But, on the positive side, I'm buying a new laptop! And now I can finally justify spending the money on it! :D

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45 minutes ago, XaW said:

Sooooo.... my laptop died... strange noises before everything died. I'm guessing a CPU fan crashed and knocked over the rest of it. Tried to open it up and see, but I don't think I can revive it without spending too much money and effort on it. And I've been thinking about buying a new one for a while now, so I don't think I'll try to revive it, and rather keep what I can for parts...

Now, I can get out the files (provided the HDD didn't kick the bucket as well), but since I moved a lot of my cables are in boxes and I have no idea if I still have a SATA to USB cable around (Yes my old HDD was SATA, the laptop is fairly old). So perhaps the the Folkestone save is dead, at least for the moment. 

But, on the positive side, I'm buying a new laptop! And now I can finally justify spending the money on it! :D

Oh no nightmare, I always have my FM folder on OneDrive back up so my save is always in the cloud as well

Always good getting a new laptop though. Sounds like yours was an old one. Must have taken ages to process

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48 minutes ago, XaW said:

Sooooo.... my laptop died... strange noises before everything died. I'm guessing a CPU fan crashed and knocked over the rest of it. Tried to open it up and see, but I don't think I can revive it without spending too much money and effort on it. And I've been thinking about buying a new one for a while now, so I don't think I'll try to revive it, and rather keep what I can for parts...

Now, I can get out the files (provided the HDD didn't kick the bucket as well), but since I moved a lot of my cables are in boxes and I have no idea if I still have a SATA to USB cable around (Yes my old HDD was SATA, the laptop is fairly old). So perhaps the the Folkestone save is dead, at least for the moment. 

But, on the positive side, I'm buying a new laptop! And now I can finally justify spending the money on it! :D

I use one of these, once you've got what you need you can format it and use it as an external drive for backing up important files like FM saves.  ;) :D

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Decided to join this challenge once again!

Starting in sweden with IK Sleipner which has some history and actually winning highest division in 1938 back in the 4th tier after a year down in the 5th tier. My reason for choosing them is that they actually start with basic training and youth facilities instead of poor as most have and also basic youth recruitment and fairly basic junior coaching. hopefully giving me an advantage in the first years and also has some balance 115k pound in the bank which is alot for this level


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1 hour ago, Padders said:

Oh no nightmare, I always have my FM folder on OneDrive back up so my save is always in the cloud as well

Always good getting a new laptop though. Sounds like yours was an old one. Must have taken ages to process

Yeah, I actually thought about doing cloud saves, since I've had a bad feeling about the computer for a while now. It's also been getting a lot slower the last months. I did take it appart a few weeks ago and removed dust and stuff, so I might have caused it a bit myself. I'm not a novice, but it's been a few years since I built a lot of computers, so I can't say for certain it's not of my own doing. Though, I still use an anti static matt! Old habits.

1 hour ago, Brother Ben said:

I use one of these, once you've got what you need you can format it and use it as an external drive for backing up important files like FM saves.  ;) :D

Yeah, I have a cable somewhere, but I can't be bothered to go get the boxes marked "misc" and see if I can find it! I did like that "sleeve" though, so I might get me one of those anyway. Backups, huh? That would be something! :p

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Had to sell this guy

Been having bids for the last 3 years and now wouldn't sign a new contract and only had 18 months left

Great player but £110m is a lot (not that I need the money with over £600m in the bank)


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On 28/04/2020 at 08:29, Mr_Tans said:


Gosport Borough Football Club - 2020/21 Season

Manager Profile | League Table | Competition Review | Squad | Finances | Transfers | Facilities


A new challenger enters! It's been a few years since I attempted a youth academy challenge and having got bored of all other saves thought I'd give this another go. I've chosen the south coast team Gosport Borough, who have the most tremendous badge as an added bonus.

First season with the club went very well, promoted as champions at the first time of asking. The final league table actually flatters the other teams as we lost 5 out of our last 10 to stop us breaking through the 100 point barrier, we hit the top spot on matchday 9 and never looked back from there.

We also had a decent run in the FA Cup, reaching the second round before being knocked out by AFC Wimbledon. The cup run did generate a little bit of extra income for the club, however it wasn't enough for any upgrades to our youth recruitment or junior coaching as the board rejected all my requests for updates. Our FA Trophy campaign ended at the first hurdle as we were knocked out by Maidstone after resting half the first team squad.

Key players:

Charlie Davis - A fantastic haul of 18 goals and 19 assists from the right wing. 7 of those goals were penalties, but he's likely to be one of our stand out players for many years to come

Matthew Paterson - The expierenced striker was our top scorer with 25 league goals. However at 31 he probably doesn't have too many more of these seasons in him

Charlie Kennedy - Solid centre back, a little on the slow side but generally a rock in an otherwise leaky defence

Our first youth intake was solid, if unspectacular. We did get a right back who has gone straight into the first team, but other than that a few others will just be squad fillers to help bulk out the squad for next season.

Hayden Atkinson YP21a - A good all rounder who will primarily be used as a right back, but can also play anywhere on the right hand side of the pitch if needed. Will be a first team regular next season

John Butler YP21b - Winger with a little bit of pace and dribbling to work with. Probably won't be needed next season as we have three players who can play on the left wing, but has some potential nonetheless

Shaun Walker YP21c - Not a great player but will go into next season as our reserve left back due to the squad only having one specialist left back

Robert Cook YP21d - Actually a decent set of attributes for a pressing forward with good pace and decent work rate. However his technical attributes are absolutely abysmal. He may get a run out during the season as an impact sub

Aims for next season are of course just to survive. A decent cup run to generate income and update our facilities would also be nice, but establishing ourselves in the division above is the goal at the moment.

Thats a great first season with a limited squad 

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8 hours ago, XaW said:

Sooooo.... my laptop died... strange noises before everything died. I'm guessing a CPU fan crashed and knocked over the rest of it. Tried to open it up and see, but I don't think I can revive it without spending too much money and effort on it. And I've been thinking about buying a new one for a while now, so I don't think I'll try to revive it, and rather keep what I can for parts...

Now, I can get out the files (provided the HDD didn't kick the bucket as well), but since I moved a lot of my cables are in boxes and I have no idea if I still have a SATA to USB cable around (Yes my old HDD was SATA, the laptop is fairly old). So perhaps the the Folkestone save is dead, at least for the moment. 

But, on the positive side, I'm buying a new laptop! And now I can finally justify spending the money on it! :D

Think of how much faster you can process the game with a new shiny machine!!! :D

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Gosport Borough Football Club

Season 2027/28 | Sky Bet League 2 | 5th (Won in play-offs)

Season Preview | League Table | Competition Review | Squad | Facilities | Transfers | Finances

League Performance:

Wow. What a season for us. I was fully expecting a bottom half finish going into the season, but we flew out of the traps and spent literally the entire season in the top 7. We were absolutely coasting to promotion before February and actually hit the top spot as the January transfer window closed, however that's where it all went wrong. The sale of Oli Collings really set us back as his reserve is a long way off his ability, and it showed as we conceded two goals or more in games on a regular basis whereas previously we were fairly tight at the back. Of our 12 league defeats, 8 of them came between February and April. Amazingly, we hung onto the automatic spots right up until matchday 43 but ultimately slipped out as Blackpool and fellow promoted club Dulwich Hamlet overtook us for us to finish 5th.

So needless to say I wasn't particularly confident going into the play-offs. I'm not sure what happened in the semi final but the players absolutely turned it on. We smashed Leyton Orient 3-0 away and 2-0 in the return home leg to setup a final against Dulwich. Thankfully for us their star striker had got himself sent off in their semi final with Swindon, something which probably won us the game as in our last three games against Dulwich we had conceded 10 goals. We came through the final 2-1 to seal an historic promotion!

Cup Performance:

Not much to talk about here. As usual, we went out in the FA Cup to a lower league side - this time it was in the 2nd round to Dagenham & Redbridge. In the League Cup we were knocked out by Fulham in the first round, and while we made it out of the group stages in the Leasing.com Trophy we were knocked out by MK Dons in the second round.


Will Mills YP26b: What a player. 13 assists and 9 goals this season and finished with the third highest rating in the league with a 7.25 rating

Lewis Adams: The centre back has kind of come from nowhere to establish himself as a first team regular. Showed amazing progress in training this season, and scored the winner in the play-off final

Caleb Mohammed: A fringe player in the last couple of seasons, but a change in formation meant he became a regular and since Baxter's departure is now the leader of the midfield

Finances & Facilities:

The £2.4m we recouped from player sales helped the finances out no end as the club hemorrhages money otherwise. At the end of the season we successfully request an upgrade to youth recruitment, youth facilities and training facilities. I'm dubious as to whether the youth facilities upgrade will end up being completed as we may run out of money by the time the upgrade comes around.

Youth Intake:

Another solid intake, with a couple of stand out players:


Esteban Mbomio YP28a: I'm delighted to see our Equatoguinean is the best of the bunch. A technically and mentally gifted player, however some work will be needed on his physical attributes which are all absolutely terrible

Max Pardoe YP28b: A more well rounded attacking midfielder than Mbomio. He is probably more suited to senior football than Mbomio at the moment due to his superior physicality

David McKernon YP28c: Another DLP for us to try and fit into the squad. He might have to wait a couple of seasons before breaking into the first team. Good potential though

Sam McDonald YP28d: Centre back with solid attributes, apart from his heading. Will probably be part of the squad next season due to us lacking cover in this area 

Next Season:

I said this last season, but surely going into league 1 our aim is to survive. I think the jump from league 2 to 1 is far greater than the national league to league 2, but we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully I can keep hold of our best players and keep us up!

Career Summary:

Shaun Walker YP21c has become the most capped youth player with 228 appearances after a broken leg for John Butler put him out for the season and ended his career with the club due to his contract expiring. Hayden Atkinson and Neal Jeacock are also leaving the club at the end of the season as we create room for the next wave of youngsters.


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Hitchin 2031/2032 season:



Safe for most of the season, but took quite a few hammerings and a lot of losses! Wins were by the odd goal, loses normally by 2-3.





First team:

Best positions (first image) - Current formation score (second image)

image.thumb.png.ab3ea8a516c309acece13dccd12648d7.png - image.thumb.png.7a4e00e10231eb5e1e6d9c3824fc2c04.png

Quite a poor squad for the current league I think.

Youth Intake 2023:



32i could come straight in to the first team based on the stats



sent my first loan out!



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Arkonia Szczecin 2020/21


Manager - Squad - League - Transfers - Facilities - FinancesIntake

Hello everyone so finally I got my copy of FM20 and ofc I started from backing to buissnes so YA challenge :)  First of all I want to say that im playing on unofficial update that gives in Poland sunday leagues (6 league lvl). All clubs down there are amatures or semi-professional. Arkonia is one of older club in Poland that played in around 60's on the top league level. Unlucky for them they went road all way down on the bottom on Polish league system. Lucky for them now I can manage then (Guess most likely they had club logo so its more fun for me to play :)) in this challenge. At the start of the season I had 13 playable players but lowest league in Poland is not quite challenge so I survive it into youth intake to get some more players. We manage to win easly league (not realy becouse in last league round) and move to IV. Best prospects from intake were Piasecki 01a great DL for few level of league climbing. And two MC Janicki 01b and Bielecki 01c (forgot take screen). I would say my finances are good all the time if I can I'm asking to improve my youth recruitment and financing. Aswell I've got one course for my self. The biggest problem is ofc to hold players. With this update in Poland you have a lot of team that just waiting to steal your players grrr.




Squad - League - Transfers - Facilities - FinancesIntake

Another quick season littlebit disapoitment for me. I think I will be able to jump into III League (4 lvl) and mby there try turning professional to avoid loosing players. KS Przecław was too strong for us this season... even if we bet them 2 times in direct matches. In second half of season we lost 1 match and tied 2 times and at the end of season when we had chance to catch up we tied like 3 times in row unlucky. Our oponents win even playing in 9 against enemy so well let's say I want forget about this season asap. In the half of season we lost our key players Piasecki 01a and Andruszko leaving our left side in ruin. Our DC from last intake Paprota 01 who was decent aswell left. So waiting for next intake I hoped for someone who will replace them but unlucky we didn't had enough potential. I decided that Janicki 01b will be changed on ML (defensive winger) so we were able to play somehow. Intake was great we got 3 older players but with great CA Kowalczyk 02a, Koziel 02b, Jedrzejczyk 02c jumped right from intake to first squad Stanczyk 02d and Piekarski 02e as a subs had some minutes for themselves aswell. From facilities side I managed to get cooperation with local club to improve my training fields. In next season I hope I won't lose a lot of players and ofc main target is to win league :) Idk if it's bug of this update but im not playing in any cup (regional or in Poland) but will see if with my reputation improve I will be able to play soon. Sorry for bad english :)

Season    |  League           | Pos  |   Europe  |     Notes
2020/21   | Liga Okręgowa     |  1st |   n/a     | Winners
2021/22   | IV League         |  2nd |   n/a     | Top 4


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Gosport Borough Football Club

Season 2020/21 | Vanorama south | 15th

It was a tough 1st season - expectations was high and as i knew Matthew Petersson as an excellent targetman from previous versions of FM, i struggled to find the right tactic first half of the season. My direct counter attack and cautius approach just didnt give any stability. 

My squad was totally killed by the 9 matches pr. month first 3 months and we often had to play some of my 14 players with 70% for start.

After we changed to more possession based Gegenpress tactic with short passing, we stabilized and didnt lose many points last half of the season.

Qualified for FA cup 1st round - but went out to Cambridge at home. In Fa Trophy we lost in 1st round.

Finances are worrying, but we managed to get a coach course for myself and several other around the training set up.

Youth intake looked very interesting and we already gave debut to 7 16/17 years old players during last games of the season

We need go after promotion for next season, as we need increase in income. 







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Fotbolltransfers.com - Officiellt: IK Sleipner lånar Riki Cakic ...

Youth Intake 2020

(01-A)Adam Åhman | (01-B)Daniel Bergström | (01-C)Filip Melander

Quite a good first intake for this save i must say! The two downsides with it is that a lot of them where unambitious even though our HOYD is professional and that our best youth prospect Adam Åhman
plays on the same wing as our current best player Citaku but Citaku might get switched to left wing since he can play there as well to make room for Adam. Some might make some impact very soon.
You can see which one we went and signed based on which ones i gave a nickname.

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End of Season 1

After a great start in the league (we were first for a while), we started dropping some games and eventually finished 6th (predicted was 14th).

Golden generation in the intake with some high potentia players such as Semen Chornyi and Andi Tairi ( Andi was a starter in the end of the season)Screenshot_902.thumb.png.60bf3c8a3259576072111b7ac2fe4268.png


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Just lost to Tottenham in 2120 League Cup Final

First final since winning the FA Cup in 2107

Tottenham probably the worst team I could have faced as you can see from past meetings

Can't beat them


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Fotbolltransfers.com - Officiellt: IK Sleipner lånar Riki Cakic ...
Season Review 2020
League | Facilities | Transfers | Finance


A season when we were expected to be relegated and we ended up with an impressive 4th place which beforehand is of course a great season. But i still end this season with a little bitter taste since after half the season we were actually first and looked really impressive dominating most games. But after the half way mark something seemed to happen and we started conceding way more goals. In the end we weren't really close to playoff and we have to turn last half bad form until next season. Our best player i would give to Citaku which where a real point maker for us and most things happens through him 18 points in 23 games is really good.

Youth intake day was okay we have some people who will impact very soon. To bad it seemed like my u19 manager where in charge of bringing them in and not my HOYD with professional personality...

We let our top three prospects from the youth intake make their debut in the last game of the season and all made a solid debut and we won the game 2-1

Transfers Apparently the club signed Billgren before i took over but he didnt play a single game and contract goes out now so he is leaving 
Finance is going downwards because of our quite good facilities mostly and some staff that will leave after this season to save money. But we got some grants after my screenshot so we went back up to 140k which is nice

Facilities here we got even better than we started with with our board increasing JC twice and YR once so really excited for next season youth intake

Top Scorer: Fabian Kizito 12 Goals 26(0) Games
Top Assists: Gentrit Citaku 8 assists 23(0) Games

Best Average: Filip Elg  1 Goal 6 assists  22(2) games 7.16 avg
Top Prospect (01-A)Adam Åhman 1(0) Games avg 6.80


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Season 2025/26 Review

League | League Cup | FA Cup | EFL Trophy | Transfers | Squad | Finances


After last season's unexpected promotion this was more like what I expected. I think jumping from National league to League Two so quickly caught us out at time as most of our players were leading National League North quality with a handful decent National League level with just 2, our awesome Scotsmen Conor Murray 23B and Keiran Higgins 21A, good for this level. Not a shock to say we struggled at times, we had several spells of losing runs and not winning in 7 or 8 games before winning a couple. We were never in the relegation zone which I'm happy with, after a run of 5 wins in 7 over November and December we were clear of the battle so I threw in 3 18 year olds who I had been planning on waiting till next season to play but they all have great personalities so I thought why not, all did OK and now means we usually start with all 11 players in the team from our academy which isn't bad after 6 seasons.

Transfer wise we lost a couple of good young players at the start of the window where the change over from part time to professional meant I missed a couple of players and it was too late to react. Hilton23A was a good looking player, One with League One PA but hadn't really done much when played this season and 500K in our financial state was too good for me to refuse. I also added 50% of next sale too.

The cups were awful, lost every game. Maybe next season then.

Youth IntakeAnother decent looking one, wasn't expecting much but I like what I've got.

Mark Moore 26A - Coaches rave about him, I'm not so sure as yet but with decent passing, technique and flair could play our False 9 role
Michael Welch 26B - another option for the False 9 role
Luke Ward 26C - a nice looking defender, big fan of his speed, needs work on the technical's but otherwise decent
Ronnie Little 26D - with those passing and vision attributes he could be our playmaker, needs bulking up a bit mind
Matthew Hayes 26E - a decent looking right back
Alassane Diouf 26F - needs some work but has a good personality and could be an option for our DM role

Career Progress

Season		League		Position	Junior Coaching		Youth Recruitment 	Notes
2020/21		VNLS		8th 		Adequate		Fairly Basic
2021/22		NVLS		3rd 		Good			Average			Recruitment and coaching upgrades Lost playoff semi finals	
2022/23		NVLS		14th 		Good			Adequate		Youth Recruitment upgrade, started first coaching badge
2023/24		VNLS		7th 		Excellent		Good			Got first coaching badge. Promotion via playoffs
2024/25		VNL		5th 		Excellent		Good			Won promotion via playoffs. Got Youth facility upgrade
2025/26		League 2	14th 		Excellent		Good


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End of Season 2

We were able to get promoted in second place, with the top goalscorer in the league. Next year we will play in the firt tier and it will be really hard to stay up.

Our youth intake was really good with a lot of good players ( the best are Guzenko and Mironenko).Screenshot_920.thumb.png.536425766374f79118f7eed5eb89f803.png



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Is there a way that I can negotiate club culture when negotiating new contracts? Since day 1 we have had sign under 23's. Obviously I haven't signed one player so they really aren't happy with this. I want to change it to develop young players using academy.

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S3 - Campeonato de Portugal Prio A (3th) - Taça 3rd Round -  Squad - No transfers 


Released most of our original players so the youngsters get the game time they need. Letting go of Alex Junior was a hard decision to make as he was one of our starting players, but we had some talented wingers that could become equally important.

Season review

Disappointment, the only thing I can say considering how this season ended. Last year, we had an extremely good start but had a major breakdown from december on. The goal was to prevent the same thing from happening, something in which we succeeded. We had a very solid year, only losing 6 games in total and securing 18 (!) clean sheets this season. However, this didn't seem to be enough.




This graph shows it all. We have been so damn consistent throughout the season and were on top of the league for quite a while. The fact that we don't get rewarded for our performances and those ugly B-teams steal our play off spots... I don't think FM ever frustrated me this much, wow!  Such a bitter pill to swallow, losing our 2nd spot in the very last game while we have the same amount of points as Vitoria. It is wat is it now, and just like last season, Braga B & Vitoria de Guimaraes B claim the first two spots and qualify for the play offs. Luckily enough, both (!!) of them actually managed to get promotion this time by beating the other teams in the quarter & semi finals of the play offs. Thank you guys, bye. No more competition distortion in this league! 

Class of 2022 - Top performers


 Of last years intake, Rui Carvalho is by far the most important one. He became our leading player, and was someone we missed the previous seasons, namely a striker we could really rely on. Had an incredibly good debut season, scoring 15 goals and providing 5 assists. Some Liga Ledman II teams are sniffing around, which shows he's special because other players don't attract any similar interest. That being said, we simply cannot lose Carvalho. He's our set piece specialist, our goalscorer, our future. I'll have to wait until he turns 18 to offer him a (long term) semi-pro contract, so let's hope he doesn't get poached in the meantime. 

Other notable player of last year's intake was Erikson Reis, our starting left back this season. Played very decent, although my assistents don't think he's the most talented of the bunch. 7 assists as a full back, not bad at all. His personality also changed from unambitious to fairly determined, love it!

Youth intake



Seems a better intake than last season. Signed Soares (ST), Nascimento (AML/R), Semedo (AMR), Cabral (AML), Reis (AML/R) Sanches (DL/R), Gomes (GK) and Duarte (GK). Excited to see two talented keepers coming through, Dutch nationality looks nice as well. They will become our 2nd & 3rd goalies, I believe they could be more gifted than Santos , but he deserves some credit after the season he had. Soares also looks interesting and will be a nice addition to the squad as a sub for Rui Carvalho, should improve a lot in the physical part tho. Last but not least Sanches, either footed full back that can play on both sides. Looks like a gem and will get a lot of match experience next year.

Aim for next season 

Might be a powerful and overly confident statement, but I feel like I want to aim for those play off spots again. If we continue playing like we did and there are no B-teams to stop us, it should be possible...


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NK Zadar: 2066/67 season review

We completed the domestic double as we were chasing Slaven Belupo for the majority of the league campaign before they fell away.
Heartbreak in the CL as we lost on penalties to Barca in the first knockouts.


Some fantastic stats from the team. Our elite striker topping the charts on goals, assists and average rating.


Youth intake wasn't much to write home about except for this French AMC. Just need to get rid of his fickleness.


Our youth team clinched the UEFA Youth League again.







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Scarborough Athletic - Season 16 (2035/36)

English Premier League

League: European football stretched our squad again, but we did better than the last time we qualified for the Euro Cup, finishing up in 7th following a decent run of results in the spring. Unfortunately this didn’t get us into Europe this year, as 8th placed Leicester won the Euro Conference and qualified at our expense. We did well in the domestic cups, reaching league cup quarters and taking Liverpool to extra time in the FA cup semi. A pretty crazy season scoreline-wise, with us finishing joint top scorers with 75 but conceding third-highest 66 goals in the process, thanks to our awesome attack and crappy defense ( @Padders - is this absolute lack of quality defenders a Scarborough thing? :)  ).

Europe: We topped the group consisting of Napoli, Feyenoord and Maribor, and manufactured a fantastic second leg comeback to beat Napoli 6-5 on aggregate in the quarters. Eventual winners Man Utd were too strong for us in the quarters.

JkAB7H7.png  wmPpNKX.png  M7ZBCbp.png

Players: We now have two wonderkids in Nick Harmon 13b (ST/AML) and Ben Griffiths 12b (MC/AMC), and while Christopher Uche 12a (DLC) is not a wonderkid he has been a very solid center back for us amongst our generally rubbish ageing defense.

kcubSx1.png  tr9PCJa.png  RVUepzL.png

Youth intake: Not much depth but I'm feeling cautiously optimistic given our dire needs in defense. The intake preview promised center backs and Bartosz Wiacek 16a (DC/MC) looks pretty awesome, although I’m not sure he'll be needing that 11 finishing any time soon :)Darren Maguire 16b (DL/WBL) comes through in a very understaffed fullback position, and Lee Carver 16c (MC/AMRC) joins the swelling ranks of our attacking midfielders.

SD2G4kz.png  kRvPatF.png  3E0aN2o.png  L6stD1A.png

Facilities: Training & youth facility upgrade + stadium expansion done, another facility upgrade on the way


Transfers: quite a few of the ageing / not good enough players leaving


Season    |  League        | Pos. |   Europe   |     Notes
2020/21   | Vanarama North |  7   |   n/a      | Lost in playoff semi final. FA cup first round
2021/22   | Vanarama North |  2   |   n/a      | Promotion through playoffs 
2022/23   | Vanarama Nat.  |  16  |   n/a      |
2023/24   | Vanarama Nat.  |  8   |   n/a      |
2024/25   | Vanarama Nat.  |  3   |   n/a      | Lost in playoff semi final
2025/26   | Vanarama Nat.  |  6   |   n/a      | Lost in playof final. FA cup 4th round
2026/27   | Vanarama Nat.  |  1   |   n/a      | Promotion
2027/28   | League 2       |  3   |   n/a      | Promotion
2028/29   | League 1       |  5   |   n/a      | Promotion through playoffs
2029/30   | Championship   |  5   |   n/a      | Lost in playoff final, in extra time
2030/31   | Championship   |  4   |   n/a      | Lost in playoff final
2031/32   | Championship   |  1   |   n/a      | Promoted. League cup semi.
2032/33   | Premiership    |  6   |   n/a      | Qualified for Europa League
2033/34   | Premiership    |  8   | Europa Q/F |
2034/35   | Premiership    |  6   |   n/a      |
2035/36   | Premiership    |  7   | Europa Q/F |

Season    |  Coaching     |  Recruitment      | Training Fac.  | Youth Fac.      |  Stadium
2020/21   |  Adequate     |  Fairly Basic     | Below average  |  Basic          |  3208
2021/22   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Basic          |  3208
2022/23   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Below average  |  4000
2023/24   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Below average  |  4000
2024/25   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Below average  |  4000
2025/26   |  Excellent    |  Good             | Below average  |  Adequate       |  4000
2026/27   |  Exceptional  |  Good             | Adequate       |  Adequate       |  4000
2027/28   |  Exceptional  |  Good             | Adequate       |  Below average  |  5500
2028/29   |  Exceptional  |  Good             | Adequate       |  Adequate       |  5500
2029/30   |  Exceptional  |  Good             | Adequate       |  Adequate       |  5500
2030/31   |  Exceptional  |  Excellent        | Average        |  Average        |  8250
2031/32   |  Exceptional  |  Exceptional      | Good           |  Good           |  8250
2032/33   |  Exceptional  |  Exceptional      | Good           |  Good           |  leasing Hull's ground
2033/34   |  Exceptional  |  Exceptional      | Great          |  Great          |  17323
2034/35   |  Exceptional  |  Exceptional      | Excellent      |  Excellent      |  leasing Boro's ground
2035/36   |  Exceptional  |  Exceptional      | Superb         |  Superb         |  35099

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Hitchin 2032/2033 season:



An absolutely shocking season. most losses in the league, shocking defending. Plenty of goals was a plus, back to the drawing board on the tactic I think.





First team:

Best positions (first image) - Current formation score (second image)

image.thumb.png.b5e5ddd7bf57e9f8d0b18fb8af2ccb22.png - image.thumb.png.a74f09d20201291001d4b65aca92e122.png

Quite a poor squad for the current league I think.

Youth Intake 2023:



Going to re-think formation based on the whole squad and work out who is worth promoting, selling and demoting based on this season.


image.thumb.png.19c98f782ee6f8d74b77270de091facc.png 1202631301_Musasellonfee.thumb.JPG.8641baf8edbf59e946756feda2a60886.JPG

Got a welcome intake of cash due to the sell on clause of Sam Musa 24b. Still not enough to break even for the season.

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Gosport Borough Football Club

Season 2028/29 | Sky Bet League 1 | 2nd

Season Preview | League Table | Competition Review | Squad | Facilities | Transfers | Finances

League Performance:

Another incredible season as we secured our third promotion in a row, and our first automatic since the national league south. We started off okay for the first couple of months of the season, and were hanging in and around the play-off positions. However a run from October to Christmas saw us win 9 out of 11 games and climb into top spot on 2nd December. Ourselves and Ipswich occupied to the top two spots from December, swapping positions on numerous occasions, but like last season we had a terrible end of season slump. It wasn't anything as bad as the previous year, but 2 points from our last 4 games meant Oldham did have the chance to catch us at one point, but defeat for them at home to Wimbledon on the penultimate day of the season sealed promotion for us.

Cup Performance:

Our best cup performance so far came in the Leasing.com Trophy, where we reached the semi finals but were beaten by Ipswich. The FA Cup dream was ended by Southend in the 2nd round, and once again we were knocked out of the League Cup in the first round, this time by MK Dons.


Max Pardoe YP28bAn amazing debut season for Pardoe as he scored 20 goals from attacking midfield. An even more impressive feat when he was being rotated with Mbomio before he was sold to Watford

Michael Bohrer YP25a: 20 league goals for the German. He sure does miss some chances, but his physical attributes let him get in the right positions time and time again

James Bird YP27b: 12 assists and 6 goals from the right wing. An unexpectedly productive season when all eyes were on our left hand side after last season

Facilities & Finances:

The sale of Mbomio and Carlton for almost £5m helped us immensely on the finance front. We've stayed comfortably in the black and had approved improvements to youth recruitment, training and youth facilities which is very good indeed. 

Youth Intake:

Not quite as good as the last couple of seasons, but still not bad. Very heavy on attacking mdifielders and strikers which is a shame as we really need fullbacks and probably a new goalkeeper.


Kieran O'Donovan YP29aWill likely be Pardoe's understudy for next season. Plenty to work with so hoping he will develop into a solid player for us

Darryl O'Hara YP29bA pressing forward with some excellent mentals at this age, will again be part of the squad for the coming season

Stephen Brown YP29cWill have to settle for a place in the u-18s unless we have an injury crisis. A decent attacking midfielder but not as good as O'Donovan

Next Season:

Who knows I guess! We're going to be the worst team in the Championship by quite some distance, but we've over performed for the last few seasons so let's see if we can do it again. I don't foresee too many players leaving the club so hopefully we can keep the core of the team together and give it a good go.

Career Summary:

Michael Bohrer YP25a becomes the youth intakes top scorer as he is now up to 72 goals from 169 games. Our youth recruitment and junior coaching are nearly maxed out which is very good news.



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Ok. just got my computer and have set it up, and downloaded FM and tried it out, and MAN this is a much better experience.

Now, I went a bit overboard and bought a laptop so I could play a lot of other games as well, but the processing speed, oh lawwwd, the processing speed! :D

An i7 9th gen processor, 16 gb DDR4 RAM and RTX2060... Yeah, I upped to a bit to silly levels, but hey, I've had my old laptop for a long while... I'll treat myself!

I'm trying to decide where to start again, and I might have a go here and there and not post in here before I know I've found the place I want stay at.

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Fotbolltransfers.com - Officiellt: IK Sleipner lånar Riki Cakic ...

Youth Intake 2021

(02-A)Per Rödin | (02-B)Joachim Johansson | (02-C)Frederik Hallin

An okay intake. To be honest i was hoping for more after all intakes but we get in an defender who will start fighting for his place in the starting eleven and also Joachim has some really nice stats for the CDM DPL position which is what i use so he will come in for the rotation.To bad we got a lot of unambitious intake both these years but last years prospects have been doing really good as the season review will tell later.

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End of season 3

After a great start with 6 in 6 matches, we only got 15 points from the other 24 matches. Last match was against the team that finished 13th and we would be safe from relegation if we won by 4 goals.


My board decided to sell one of my promising strikers for 425k.


The intake was not very good and I don't see any of the palyers making it to the senior team.Screenshot_933.thumb.png.07d38af76e8af38d77e8bd0cce6fdf7e.png

The best player was, once again Chornyi, but there were other plaayers having good seasons.Screenshot_940.thumb.png.9cb81e63f50b3a62507d91c30129ea46.pngScreenshot_941.thumb.png.8e58caeb45df1a531f62303fd289791e.pngScreenshot_942.thumb.png.6f4b8cd94a861071f3df36e427dfa6be.pngScreenshot_943.thumb.png.cd4243e56ab0439db12218a660bcbb38.pngScreenshot_944.thumb.png.45bd9dd38ea61a8e37ee8e7c84894d34.pngScreenshot_945.thumb.png.0fb0829051355221f99eb034b4884ad5.png

Goal for next season is mid-table.

The board also anounced plans to build a new stadium.



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