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most annoying things

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Instead of new feature suggestion i would like to discuss the most annoying things to be repaired (hopefully some of the would be repaired in FM20)

- when AI make the transfer with half the price you were offering

- when player sign for much less money in other club than he was demanding from you

- when a defender head the ball to the opposition or empty space when nobody is around instead of trying to control the call with his foot

- 90% of crosses are blocked 

- when a player closer to the ball do not chase it leading to the interception by opposition

- when instead of playing short pass to the feet (having set those instructions) players constantly make long passes

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This forum is specifically for feature requests and , as you have admitted, none of these comply.  If you want these things looked at, you will need to log them in the relevant Bugs forum with examples and the developers can check them there.

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