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**Welcome to the Tactics, Training and Strategies Forum**

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Welcome to the Tactics, Training and Strategy Discussion Forum

This is a community led forum designed to generate discussion around tactical, training and strategic methods to help us manage our clubs in Football Manager.  Many guides have been written to aid us with that and can be found linked in the pinned threads below this one. 

The forum is also a place to visit if looking for help with tactical and training problems or issues you may come across when managing your club.  Please feel free to start a thread if there is something you want to discuss.  There is also a Quickfire Questions and Answers thread if you have a quick question and don't want to start a whole new thread for it.

If looking for help, please try to be as descriptive as possible when detailing any issues you may have, especially when it comes to your tactical system.  We don't know what you are using after all, and posting pictures to your thread can really help.  You can add pictures to your posts by taking an in game screenshot (Alt+F9 (Windows) / Shift-Cmd-4 (Mac) or using a snipping tool such as Gyazo and either dragging the picture into your post in the box at the bottom or using an image hosting site.

If joining discussions, note that we are a "family forum" so please treat others with respect, and refrain from constant foul language and "text speak".  We also encourage you to be as constructive as possible - if all you really want to do is let off steam, there are other forums for that.

If you have any issues, please contact one of the T&T moderators - rashidi or Johnny Ace.

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