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Situation set-piece routines


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I have never found it on FM before so I don't think it exists but instead of created set pieces being randomly chosen during matches I would like the option to have certain set pieces depending on the scoreline and/or what minute the set piece is awarded. 
Maybe the most obvious example could be if I'm 1 goal down (and/or maybe 2 or 3 up if I'm adventurous) I can set my goalkeeper to go forward for a corner. Currently they go forward randomly during the match but realistically it would only happen late on in close match. I do like sending my goalkeeper forward but currently only use it in friendlies and youth matches because I can't control when it happens.
Another example is having a tweaked set of corner set pieces for the last 30 minutes with either more players in the box if I'm chasing a goal or keeping more defenders back for the last 30 minutes if I'm winning.

Also, not a feature so I'll add this separate suggestion at the bottom. Just an idea that on the loading screen where you can see your manager standing in the changing rooms. Personally I'd prefer the shirts hanging the other way round so I can see the players names on the back of the shirt instead of the front of the kit. It's such a small thing but possibly an option in preferences to flip them round would be nice, especially when you're a few years into a save so it's newgen names and their squad number so it'll be a nice personalised image when FM loads.

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