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(FM20) London Calling

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On 13/02/2020 at 18:37, kidthekid said:

Awesome start. Gutted about Barnes though

Tell me about it! But it’s essential if I’m to move the club forward. 

12 hours ago, noikeee said:

Looking comfortable. Definitely fancy your Fulham side to finish higher than last year, maybe even to retain a top half position to the end of the season. 

Cheers Noikeee. I’m happy with how things are going and knowing I’ve got 2 improvements coming in January makes it even better. Don’t wanna get ahead of myself. 17th is still the aim. Next season is when I wanna be aiming for midtable. 

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Premier League

November 2030

We start November in October. My laptop was updating so FM was running really slow hence why I stopped the month short. 

We face Chelsea in the Carabao Cup. I think I've earned the right to take this game seriously. We have a chance to get through to the Quarter Final, from then who knows.


Disappointing to throw away a lead but when the keeper has a rating of 7.4 after conceding 3 goals you know just how the game went. No complaints. It shows that we are still light years away from the top 7/8.


November is going to be rough. Really rough. In fact I can see us losing all 3 of these. Luckily we have a 9 point gap so we can't panic. Looking ahead December has the potential to be kind to us.

Good month for Tim McCarthy.


Player and Young Player of the month. Fulham players have won Young Player of the Month every month so far this season. 

I don't fancy anybodies chances this month!


Good game of football. Neither side had the lead for long. Tim McCarthy missed a penalty at 2-2 which probably would have won it. Still a good point.

Massive International Break now ahead of our home game against Man United. 3 weeks between games!


Good International Break.




6.9m well spent!


Very even game. They just showed that little bit more quality than we did. Not a horrible loss but shows we just have that little bit to go yet before we even think about challenging with the big boys. We are getting there though.

Everton away next, another tough game to finish a tough month.


We should have won. We were the much better side. Glad we rescued a point but it could and should have been so much more.

I think we were unlucky this month. A missed penalty and 2 good performances and we could easily have had 7 points this month, instead its 2.


Didn't ask for this but sure not going to say no.

Table looks like this...


The gap over the bottom 3 is as you were 9 points. I like to think we have what to takes to challenge for that 7th place and a European place but I just don't think it will happen. Next season maybe but not this season.

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22 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

17th is the aim! You were much more gun ho when you were touring unknown countries! London has changed you !

You are looking good though. Keep it up! 

Haha its a lot different when you actually have to stay with a club for more than 1 season. I really don't wanna screw them up. Need them to be in a good position when my time comes to move on!

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Premier League

December 2030

Looking at this month's fixtures...


Apart from the odd game I think this is a huge opportunity to pick up points and maybe keep pace with the top 7.

We start with a winnable game against Huddersfield.

First up though the FA Cup Third Round draw was made. I want to take this seriously this season...


I was annoyed here because I was drawn as the home side but it got swapped. I was very confused. I asked the bugs forum and they asked if I'm ground sharing. Which I am at the moment with Luton. Becuse they came out the hat first they get the home draw and we have been forced to play away. I mean its still ridiculous and probably a bug but at least there was a logical explanation for it. 


Good comeback win here. Silly red card and he will be missed for a few games. Huddersfield are a little bogey team of ours so this is a great win.

Do we ask for a new Stadium? We are selling out every game and I want to take full advantage. That being said I don't want to be poor.

City away next. Sometimes its nice to have a game with 0% expectations.


Trying to increase our finances any way possible.


This game can be so cruel sometimes. It took 3 absolute thunderbolts to beat us. We gave them a bloody good game and yet lost 3-0. Any of day we could have nicked it. Dan Cole conceded 3 goals and finished on a 8.4. That tells you everything you need to know about the 3 goals conceded.

Palace at home is the perfect game to bounce back with. 


Money well spent.


Nice little achievement. I reckon it will be at least double that before I'm ready to move on.


Poor result. Poor game and poor performance. Sort of result which shows me we aren't ready for a European challenge. Just avoiding a relegation battle will do me this season.

Wolves away next, they are struggling again but I'm ready for a tough game. We aren't exactly showing great form at the moment.


I want Ready gone. ASAP. The amount of chances he missed we should have been clear. Would have been better to have 10 men on the field. The only reason he is anywhere near the pitch is because my first choice striker is suspended and his replacement went off injured in the first minute oh and another is on loan. 

Either way this month was suppose to be a show of how ready we were for a top 7 finish. Instead its highlighted just how far behind we actually are.

Back to back games against Sheff United next, much like Man City last season only so much easier!


He wanted to leave for a new challenge and I wasn't going to stand in his way. We have lost our back up WBL. We have Gough who can fill in that position but not long term.

It means as things stand we have a transfer budget of 19m and 114k wage to play with. Looks like I might be busier in the window than I thought.


Good riddance!

30m to spend in January. I just need to figure out what I need/want. I need to buy otherwise the squad is going to look very threadbare.

We still have 3 games before all the transfers take affect.

5 of the 7 on the bench for the Sheff United game are leaving in January.


Well that was a meaty game! We were in control throughout the game. Obviously their red card made it easier. Sheppard let us down and we nearly blew a huge lead. Luckily we didn't and we managed to get 3 big points.

We have 1 day rest before playing Sheffield United again! Hopefully the game is a little less exciting but with the same result!


Well the 200th Fulham game was awful so hopefully 600th in the game is better!


We got exactly the same game but without the red cards! We nearly blew it again. Luckily we held on once again but once again it wasn't pretty. Fantastic back to back wins against a struggling side.

One more game to wrap up the year then I'll do a big midseason update on how the London Clubs are doing.

We travel to Watford who are just behind us in the league, if there was a make or break European Challenge game it's this one. We are playing on New Year Eve's which I never even considered but that's a bit strange isn't it?


This is why we aren't going to get close to finishing in the European Places this season. We were brilliant in the first but utter s*** in the second. To not get anything from this game is annoying. I think I know what I want to do with the money...I need a new keeper. Dan Cole is so hit and miss. When he's on it hes brilliant but I'm sick of seeing him make mistakes.


Changing the season expectations has given me another 7m to spend. Its realistic as well. 

I've let New Years Day fixtures happen so here is where we are for the Premier League.


Well I think a top 7 place is going to be a bridge too far but lets face it...if you offered me this at the start of the season I would have bitten your hand off! We are 16 points clear of relegation and actually closer to the Champions League! We are putting stepping stones in place to build. A top 10 finish would be amazing. 

Palace are struggling, fingers crossed they can survive! Another disappointing season for Spurs but they should be fine.

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2030-31 Mid Season Update

How do things look elsewhere? We will start at the bottom.


Welling are just clinging onto a playoff spot while the other 3 are on the outside looking in and need a big second half to the season. New boys Cray started well but have dropped since. They still have a chance though. Only Kingstonian have come up into this division and actually managed to stay up consistently.


Wealdstone still have a chance of sneaking a playoff place. Not bad effort for the newly promoted side. Dag and Red are mid-table, neither here nor there. Sutton still have some work to do to ensure they don't suffer back to back relegation. 


It's looking good in League 2. Leyton Orient battling for an automatic place. Barnet and Dulwich still have ambitions of playoffs. AFC Wimbledon are only 7 clear of relegation. Hopefully they can stay up, we can't lose another out the football league.


It looks like Charlton have finally run out of lives and their journey into League Two will be complete. They just never recovered from going down from the Championship.


Brentford are only 6 points off playoffs so an outside chance there. Steady if not spectacular season for Millwall. Still a bit of work to do for QPR but hopefully they can hang on.

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Premier League

January 2031

A new year but hopefully not a new us. I've been happy with how things have gone this season so far. 


Some tough games on paper this month, games which could go either way.

We start in the cup against Swansea. They are top of the Championship and absolutely running away with it really. We seem to have fallen into a pattern of the same teams being promoted and relegated. In fact comparing this season with the current real life season there are only 3 teams who are different. Us, Stoke and Huddersfield, or which Huddersfield look set for relegation.


Back and forth game. I thought we edged it and probably deserved to win but we will do it all again at the Cottage.

The winner at that game will have this to look forward to...


A home tie!

Liverpool at home next. Not expecting anything at all.

After doing a lot of thinking regarding the GK situation I've decided to not spend anything and see where we are at in the Summer. We are comfortable this season, seems silly to change something just because I have the money in the bank.


What a result! Drama at the end but we were well deserving of all 3 points. 

Swansea in the cup next. I really want a good cup run. It looks like we have nothing to worry about in the league so a cup run would be brilliant. 2 home games and a chance to get to the 5th round.


Absolutely goddamn laughable. Not even close to being good enough. No consistency in this squad at all. So frustrating. We wave goodbye to another cup competition and there goes this season really. Absolutely nothing else to play for.

What's the point in beating Liverpool if then can't back it up. Stoke at home next. Depending on which of my sides show up will depend on how we are going to do.


Good win but it comes at a price as McCarthy picked up an injury and will be out for a month.

Norwich away next, they are just below us in the league. I don't fancy our chances to much we just don't have the consistency.


We had a goal disalowed in stoppage time and really we should have nicked it. Still a decent point.

One more game this month and its another away game, this time its a London Derby as we travel to West Ham.

My team seems a bit battered at the moment, there always seems to be an injury or 2, suspensions and right now Internationals because of the Asian Cup. Its been a weird month. Glad to be out of it in truth.


We just seem to go through spells where not a single striker is decent. Nobody can score a goal. This came down to a stupid mistake at the back, somebody not doing their job. 

I think a change of tactic is in order. One that doesn't use Wing Backs as they have been a consistent problem position for years. And one that doesn't use strikers because this save has just been a constant string of pi** poor finishing.



Table looks like this after what I would describe as an awful January really.



Once again a pinch and a reality check is in order. 14 games to go and we are 22 points clear of the bottom 3. We are only 5 points off Newcastle and what would be a Euro Cup II place. We can't give up on that. As soon as that's out the window then it will be instant result till the end of the season. 

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Premier League

February 2031

Maybe on reflection January wasn't too bad.

The transfer window came and went without anymore activity. I think I made the right choice there.


Big month really, if we can beat Newcastle and keep 7th place in reach I'll be delighted, if we lose that then I think it will be Instant Result until the end of the season with nothing else left to play for.

We start with a tricky but winnable tie at home to Watford. If we have any hopes of making Top 7 these are the games we need to be winning.


Wow what a final 20 minutes! We weren't at the races, dominating the game but not putting any pressure on. Their goal seemed to spark us into life. 4 out of 5 goals scored by subs with 3 of them being assisted by subs. Great result!

Arsenal at home next after an International Break. Great time to get some fitness back after a tough few months.

I feel the need to point this out...


3rd top goalscorer! Scenes if he makes it number 1!


Didn't apply for it and not even going to attend the interview.


This was not a fluke. We deserved this win 100%. Arsenal sacked their manager afterwards. Quite delicious really.

If we beat Newcastle away we will go level on points with them in 7th place. 7th place will be enough for a Euro Cup II place.

Problem is we are yet to beat Newcastle with me in charge.


What a huge win! First time in the Premier League we have managed 3 wins in a row. Huge result.


Once again didn't apply for the job. Will go for this interview though. Would be nice to see if I could land a top job.

It means after a 100% month the table looks like this...


Palace look doomed. I see them more as a Championship side truth be told. Look at us. Up in 8th! We are only 5 points off 6th which would potentially be a Europa League space! I suppose I should point out 7th is automatic Euro Cup II. It all depends on who wins the FA Cup and where they finish in the league. Fingers crossed its a big boy!

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Premier League

March 2031

We have given ourselves a chance. That's the main thing. 


March on paper isn't a bad month. Tricky games but I could win 3/4 of these. Its way better than my April geez!


Been a while since we won this award after nailing the first few months. In fact a Fulham player has won it 4 out of 7 times.


Oh come on! Could you not just have given it me for once! It was probably my only chance of winning it!

No time to rest. Wolves at home. They have had another disappointing season. Still on paper it will be a tough game.


Great performance and its 4 wins from 4. Both sides had a goal chalked off but it was already 2-0 by then. McCarthy is currently joint 2nd top goalscorer!

Crystal Palace away next. Form goes out the window in a local derby. Just hoping I can carry on this amazing form.

I didn't get the Arsenal job, they picked Chris Wilder instead, who was doing a great job of leading Huddersfield out of the Premier League. Your funeral Arsenal.

I have already made a signing ready for the Summer.


He comes at us for 8.5m as it was his release clause. He is younger than Bogle, who is the only person in the team over 30. It means I can look to sell Matt Shepherd as he shouldn't get near the team once this guy comes.


It was too good to last. 6 minutes of madness. It was an even game and we deserved a point at least but it wasn't meant to be. Palace have had the better of us this season and quite frankly I'll be glad to see the back end of them!

Man City at home next. Won't be expecting a single thing. Just need to hope the teams above us drop points as well.

Most annoying thing is if we had beaten Palace we would have gone up to 6th!


We gave it a good go but we were always unlikely to get anything out of this game. 

Everton at home to finish the month. We need to win otherwise a European place will surely be out of reach.

Youth Intake time...


What a steaming pile. Can't see anybody here getting anywhere near the first team. Hopefully next season with the improvement of facilities it will be a bit better!


Great win to finish off the month! We have an International Break before the next game but this win was huge.

It means heading into April the League Table looks like this...


We remain in the hunt for 7th but its looking like that might not be enough for Europe. The only team currently in the top 6 left in the cup is Man United. If they don't win the FA then it will only be the Top 6 who gain the European places. I'm pretty sure on that. It would be guttering if after all this we finish 7th but still miss out on Europe!

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You can still make it to Europe through the league if Leicester really screw up, not impossible. Definitely a strong step up over last season, this one.

I like Bicciconti a lot, increase that tackling, technique and flair and he'd be almost the ideal attacking fullback.

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4 hours ago, johnstonpickle said:

Bonnin looks like a player to build a team around for years to come! I think he would be incredible as the covering CB in the middle of a back 3...

Never have I ever seen Sheffield United do anything but yo-yo!  :seagull:

Sheffield United and Palace seem to good for Championship but not good enough for the Premier League. Same with Swansea. 

2 hours ago, noikeee said:

You can still make it to Europe through the league if Leicester really screw up, not impossible. Definitely a strong step up over last season, this one.

I like Bicciconti a lot, increase that tackling, technique and flair and he'd be almost the ideal attacking fullback.

I’ve got 3 of the top 6 left to play yet. I don’t fancy my chances. Just happy I’m still in with a shot. Either way it’s been a brilliant stepping stone season. 
I seem to be raiding MLS at the moment for their best Argentinians!

14 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

so last time i commented 17th was still your aim, but now your gutted you will miss out on European football! 

keep up the good work

I’m nothing if not erratic with my demands. In my head I know I should be happy no matter what happens but my heart will be gutted if miss out on the Top 7!

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i'm currently 7th with Leicester in my Sir Alex Ferguson challenge, 1st season, took over with us 19th and we are now 7th. Should be extatic, but i'm still stuck with wondering whether I want the "curse" of European football next season or if missing out would be best.


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Premier League

April 2031

I mentioned April being tricky...


Absolutely horrible month! We are going to need a shock or 2 otherwise 7th will be out the window. We need to beat Huddersfield, that's a must!

I wasn't going to do this at all during this save but...


Lets see what happens. England is the only job I will take because technically, they are based in London.


Fulham chairman was nervous about me leaving but was happy when I told him I had no intention of going anywhere.


Not good enough! NO WAY NEAR GOOD ENOUGH!!!! Not a single person showed up. Our away form is shocking and with it really goes our chances of a top 7 finish and European place. We can't beat the teams who are going down and that is a massive problem and tells you everything you need to know about us at the moment.

Ok...breath...remember...great season no matter what (f****** Huddersfield).

Leicester, Chelsea and United. Can see us finishing this season on a proper whimper.


Well there's that. I will be keeping an eye on who they pick going forward.


Ok well that's fair enough. Absolutely zero complaints from me.


A name to keep an eye on.

3 suspensions against Leicester. I don't fancy our chances much. The good news is Newcastle can't buy a win either so even if we lose we will remain only the 2 points behind them!


A massive win! We truly are a mix bag. You never know which side is going to show up. It took a penalty but they all count. We are 7th.

We have a gap now between games. Much needed break I think!

Chelsea at home. We are unbeaten in 3 fixtures against Chelsea in the League. It would be huge if we could make it 4.


Only 6 teams made a profit last year and we were one of them. Would be great if FFP came in and we got a European place by proxy.

The Man United game has been rearranged so in fact the Chelsea game will round up the month. I think that will work in our favour. It means we can finish this month either 7th or a few points behind Newcastle. Either way there will be a chance heading into the final 4 games!

Newcastle play in the FA Cup so they actually have already played their next game...


Late drama means they leapfrog us on GD. Only 2 goals difference. We will be level with 7th at the end of this month at worst.

In a way it gives us a free pass against Chelsea, a game we aren't expected to get anything out of.

I will follow this post up with a roundup of the other leagues. I really want this thread to be about the London terms and the original goal but the more I'm playing the more I'm realising its beyond impossible. I very much overestimated how much the CPU could help me. My next save and goal will be something that relies on me and nothing else.


Jesus my heart was in my mouth! The European Dream lives on! United face Newcastle in the final which is just tasty.


We were never at the races in this one. Lucky to go 1-0 up. We tried to hold them off but once the first goal went in it looked like they were going to score with every attack. Annoyed at the 95th minute goal as GD could play a big part yet.

It means heading into the month of May the league table looks like this...


Newcastle are blowing it! We have a chance to overtake them with a game in hand, of course its away to United so don't hold your breath! Bottom 3 have gone down without a fight. Palace just can't survive.

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2030/31 Round Up

Starting at the bottom.


Welling didn't do enough. The core London lot were rocking together in midfield while Cray tried their best, but just fell short.


Wealdstone just didn't have enough. Still a great season for them. Dag and Red and Sutton lower down but were never really in danger.


Could be an all London Final in League Two. We need somebody to go up from this division really. Decent season for Dulwich and AFC Wimbledon were average.


Season not finished but it has for Charlton. The flirting with the bottom is over. Bad times!


Midtable for these two and QPR weren't in danger in the end. 

So for the first time since this save started theres potential for no promotions. Our hopes lie with Leyton Orient and Barnet!

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Premier League

May 2031

We still have a chance of Europe. 4 games to go. 3 of them away. I still dont fancy our chances.


On paper 3 out of 4 are winnable. Football isn't played on paper and I've been hurt before!

Southampton away are probably our easiest game this month. We best win it then!


Our away form continues to be our downfall and naturally Newcastle came from behind to beat Chelsea away from home because why not.

It means we need to beat Spurs and really hope Newcastle drop points otherwise this thing is over, and amazingly they have just beat City 2-0. Get the feeling this wasn't meant to be.

Amazingly Leicester are now in our sights. 6th is 100% a European place, we need to believe we can still get that.


I think that me lost my patience with this Cariou. Way too many stupid mistakes has cost us vital points this season. He is a liability which is a damn shame because other than that he was amazing. I just can't look past it anymore.

Its really goddamn annoying because before that goal we had it all in our hands. Now we are going to have to go to Old Trafford and win just to give us a decent chance of a European place. Not happy Norwich have come out of nowhere either.


As I said...lost patience.


I'm lost for words. Stunning, absolutely stunning. They missed a penalty after 10 minutes and proceded to batter us. We hit them on the counter twice and picked up a huge 3 points. It means heading into the final day (which is totally getting its own post now) the league table looks like this...


We could finish 6th or 9th. If Newcastle finish 6th and us 7th then I think thats European football in the bag.

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Premier League

Gameweek 38

Its nice to have this. After last season we were well clear I thought this season was going to end the same with Instant Results. Instead we are in a position where a win is enough (I think) for European fotoball next season.



On the face of it we should be safe but our away form recently (not including the United win) has been shocking. I'm not confident. I just think we have put in all this effort to blow it at Villa. It doesn't help I loathe Villa IRL.


Another one. Anything I can do to stop this happening?

So here we go 90 minutes between us and Europe.


As starts go it could have been worse. We need to remember the Spurs game though. 2-0 up after 4 minutes and ended 2-2.


Huge goal there as Leicester fall behind.


Its been coming! Villa erase the early goal and its as you were.


Leicester's season is hanging in the balace now.


Pressure is on Fulham now.


As it stands a point is enough for Fulham.

And that's what it looks like heading into the half. Very even game here at Villa Park.


I was wrong a cheeky late first half goal gives Leicester somethin to build on. 2 points between the 4 teams chasing Europe.


Awful start to the second half for Fulham. As things stand its Norwich who snatches 7th.


Nobody other than Norwich want this is seems. Crazy afternoon. Heading into the final 20 minutes. 1 goal could still change everything.


Absolutely amazing! Out of nothing! This game was fizzling out. Fulham looked out of ideas but just how big could that goal be?


Well after a crazy final day that's just how close things were. It's saying EC2 beside Newcastle but I think that's only because of the FA Cup final left to play...I hope it is anyway!


Nice wedge of money and this is saying I'm there so I think its looking good.

Might as well do end of season awards!


Surprised to see Cargol there. Can't grumble with Ibanez he has been worth every penny.


Sold out every single league game...is it time to buy a new stadium?


The board seem to think so as well.


People who follow my threads know how I feel about China. I will be saying no more about it. Good opportunity to showcase over there.


Great effort by McCarthy he was actually top at one point but he had a bad finish to the season. Luckily it didn't cost us a Euro Cup II place.

In the playoffs all our hopes rest on Barnet.


Leyton Orient very unlucky to miss out on penalties.


That will do nicely. Thank you!


Well there we are. I didn't even have to request it.


Good to see this is under way. Will be done by November.


I assume this is a good thing! Never stayed anywhere long enough to see it!


There was an option so I asked for it and they said yes.

Lets finish on a high...Barnet...over to you....



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Fulham Off Season

For the first time since I took over...


We are debt free....bring on the new stadium!


I've also increased these to World for the first time since I took over. Should have done it sooner.


Finances are looking very healthy at the moment.

I'm really delighted we got to the Euro Cup II (Conference League). I think its a European Competition we actually have a chance of winning. I will be taking it very seriously. I don't think we will be in a position next season were we will struggle to stay up. That being said I don't think it will go as well as this season has gone.

Transfer season is already well under way.

I'm looking to bring in 4 new faces. 1 already on their way, 2 already identified and 1 unknown person just know I need to strengthen the position.

I've got the money to bring in the 2 I want to. I'm looking to sell Ledesma who has been nothing short of a flop. He's worth 12.5m. 2 jokers came in and big 4m. Absolutely not! Matt Shepherd is also on the chopping block.

I still want a new keeper but at the moment there isn't anybody out there who wants to come who will be an improvement. For now Dan Cole will have to do.


Lucas Torres comes to us from Everton. He's not the most expensive player the club has ever bought. His arrival means we should now be sorted in CM for the best part of a decade.


Julian Collins comes in for a much more modest 4.7m. I think on paper he would be great and only 23 hopefully can improve. Once again it means we don't need to worry about strikers for the best part of a decade.

I want a WBL but I don't want to pay through the nose for one, they would come to either improve or add depth. WBL and GK are the 2 positions I'm worried about now. The rest I think we are fine of the foreseeable.

Matt Shepard goes to 3m. Not my best piece of business bringing him in but he served a purpose.

Ledesma goes for 6.5m a fraction of what he's worth but actually a bit of profit. He scored 3 goals in 30 apperances for us. Clinical.

Ok I know what I said about the keeper situation but here we go...


16.25m got me this guy. He's a massive improvement on Dan Cole. 


As you can see its not even close.


I should hope so!

4 new players have come in with 2 leaving and possibly a 3rd. I'm happy with the squad apart from that tricky WBL position. That's the position that will have to wait another season, unless something falls into my lap for cheap.


This wasn't a surprise. In fact I demand I win manager of the year!


Sexy sexy money!


Expectations are there for this season. I'm happy to go along with this. No pressure in the Euro Cup II!

They asked if I wanted to increase the Head of Youth Development wage budget. I said (jokingly) no give me a new contract).


Alrighty then.

Onto Preseason!

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7 hours ago, andychar said:

I really want this thread to be about the London terms and the original goal but the more I'm playing the more I'm realising its beyond impossible. I very much overestimated how much the CPU could help me. My next save and goal will be something that relies on me and nothing else.

So where does that leave you going forward? you going to try win it all with Fulham and move on to another save? Or you going to try get as many clubs into the Premier League as you can and call it a day when it becomes untenable to get anymore in? 

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31 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

So where does that leave you going forward? you going to try win it all with Fulham and move on to another save? Or you going to try get as many clubs into the Premier League as you can and call it a day when it becomes untenable to get anymore in? 

I mentioned in the post I’ve started about preseason that this is pretty much a “see how far I can take Fulham and see what happens” save now. No more London updates. Everybody said it was impossible. I knew it was as well but it was worth an effort. The important thing is I’m really enjoying it at the moment. 


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Pre-Season 2031-32


We start with a new contract. A new 5 year deal. I had to knock the wages down a bit to get the extra year but it could be worth it.

(As mentioned before) You might notice I didn't do a London Club round-up. I think we are all in agreement that part of this save has gone. I will now see how far I can take Fulham and then see what happens. 

I have a plan for the WBL position. Ive got my eye on somebody I hope is going to be free for loan. If he is he will be perfect to fill in the gap.

I did what I could regarding the London Cup...


Chelsea are always free but it was slim pickings for the rest!


Soon that will be even higher! Looking forward to hearing about the Stadium but not looking forward to see how much its going to cost! Luckily apart from the odd purchase I'm happy with this side for the forseeable.


A nice varied Pre-Season lay in wait.

One more player in and I think this will be the final one for the season.


For 3.5m he will prove cover for the WBL position. Not going to be pulling up any trees. But we have a European competition this season and rotation could be key.

Gary Riley, our now 3rd choice keeper is sold for 1.2m. I payed 1.4m and he played 1 game conceding 2 goals against Newcastle on opening day. He cost me roughly 100k per goal conceded. Oh well eh.

Occasionally something will surprise you. I was looking at Bogel to see how much I paid for him and it seems I'm not the only one who forked out...


He's had a total of 153m spent on him. His best season by far was with me last season. I bought what I thought was a replacement but he just might keep the starting spot.


Because this is no longer strictly London based I took the opportunity to go globetrotting! I want to actually win something this save and Mexico gives me a great opportunity to do just that.

They were knocked out of the most recent World Cup in the Quarter Final by Brazil and knocked out of the recent Gold Cup in the Semi FInal by USA. I will obviously be looking to win that competition before leaving. I don't plan on winning the World Cup but I want to go as far as possible!


The tour of China was certainly eventful. Annoyed to lose that game because we dominated for 90 minutes and made 2 stupid errors. 

Up next was the London Cup. Were we finally going to get our hands on the trophy we created?

Well we started off only putting 8 past AC London which didn't fill me with confidence.


That's good because it was embarrasing us not even hold the attendance record for our own cup.



We did it! We finally did it! Beating Chelsea 3-2 in game 2 set us up with a chance against AFC Wimbledon which we took. Delighted. One day I'm hoping I can get Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea all at the same time but for now I'm happy we finally won it.


Oh yeah!


Hopefully this will only increase with the new Stadium.

Couple more friendlies then we are ready for the new season. We are predicted to finish 4th bottom. We were predicted to finish bottom last season. So technically we shouldm be pushing for a Champions League place this season :lol:


Last year not even a thought this year he actually has some odds. I'm hoping this is the season we get a top goalscorer.

Nobody close to winning Best Player and that's one thing I can agree with!


I am doing all I can to bring extra money into the club.

Feels good that even after all the money spent we have 53m in the bank and hopefully that will just steadily increase throughout the year.

So with the new season on the horizon lets look at projections for the season...


We are predicted to struggle again. This season could go one of two ways. We could prove that last season wasn't a fluke or we could really bomb. The squad as a whole is better than last season so fingers crossed its the former.

I'm happy with the squad and how young it is. I don't feel the need to buy anybody else for a few seasons so might just let that bank balance increase for the time being. I am worried about the new stadium and what that will do to the finances.


First time we have taken part in this bad boy! 


Good win over Valencia to finish Pre-Season. Next up...the Premier League.

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Well, I definitely didn't see Mexico coming...

Can I make a bold prediction and say I think you might just be in contention for winning the Conference League this season? Surely you have to be one of the strongest teams in the competition. No pressure ;) 

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10 minutes ago, noikeee said:

Well, I definitely didn't see Mexico coming...

Can I make a bold prediction and say I think you might just be in contention for winning the Conference League this season? Surely you have to be one of the strongest teams in the competition. No pressure ;) 


There are a couple of teams I'm very weary about but I should go far, if the draws are kind.

I figure now the save has changed direction why not go International. 

Truth be told I'm enjoying this save but I'm getting the familiar itch for a new save!

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Premier League

August 2031

We have a real chance to hit the ground running as we start with back to back games against newly promoted sides. We will have one eye on Europe though.

Despite not being in Europe for a long time Fulham will be seeded for the final Qualifying Round.


I think on paper Rosenborg would be easier. I expected it to be teams I've never heard of. Not going to lie!


On paper we could get off to a great start this season. Football isn't played on paper so we will have to see what happens.

So we start the season at home to Brighton. I've yet to win a Premier League opening fixture so 3rd time lucky eh!


My starting line up will look like this. Once again on paper its better than last season.

(Arranz is injured at the moment so he will be replaced by the new signing).

Slavia Prague won 3-1 at home in the first leg so they have one foot in the next round to face us.


Snapshot of frustration. Dominated from start to finish and still couldn't win. We were so comfortable during this game it was laughable yet we couldn't find the net. 39aa4ffc413260ea6217b7180e9ef15b.png

This needs to improve. So goddamn frustrating. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because its the first game of the season but Jesus I'm angry.


You can f*** off as well.

Nice pointless 10 day gap between games isn't ideal when you have waited all preseason to get started!

Bournemouth away next. If we play like we did in the opening game but actually take our chances then this should be a walk in the park.


1-1 draw was enough to see Slavia Prague through.


Another 3 points thrown away, this time down to a stupid 2 footed lunge in the box. Absolutely stupid. We should be looking at 6 points but instead its 2 and with Liverpool away next it will stay at 2. Horrible start when I started this season with some more confidence and ambition.

We dip our toe in Europe next and I'm just sat here thinking what can go wrong this time.


Good win. Could have been more but should be enough to see us through!

Liverpool at Anfield next. Chalk up a nice loss. I think we need to be happy with midtable this season. Last season's 7th place was brilliant but this season lets just get mid-table and give the cups a good go!

First game after a European tie, lets see how those tired legs go.


Once again I'm at a loss. We gave as good as we got and yet still lost 3-1 and oh look 2 penalties. I swear if we didn't have bad luck we would have no luck.

If we carry on playing like we have done so far this season I will not be worried at all but we need to start turning these performances into wins. 

Second leg in Europe next and I'm going to take a gamble and assume the tie is won. I'm going to rotate.


Bit of a crap Carabao Cup draw but at least we are at home. Want to give the cups a real go this season, I want silverware.

Only 3 players start who also started the Liverpool game.


That's more like it. Horrible attendance though.


Ok that's better than I expected.


Obviously gutted to get Benfica at this stage but its a good test. We should still be finishing top 2 in this group.

We have one more game to finish this tough month. Home to West Ham who are pointless at the moment. We really need to win this game.


1-0 down and down to 10 men I feared the worse but that was a brilliant performance. Brilliant come back and shows what can happen when we play well and take chances. 

It means after a mixed month the early league table looks like this...


If we had that luck we could be 3rd with 10 points. Instead we are 11th with 5. Lets build on this start. I think once this team gels together it will be brilliant.

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Premier League/North American Nations League

September 2031

Started this post but accidentally closed it so heres a quick recap.

2 Mexican games.


Both a piece of cake.


We are as good as through I would say.

You'll notice the change of skin. That's because I used Instant Result. I will do for friendlies and that competition. But I'll play Gold Cup and World Cup. It's just a nice thing to have without it taking way to much time!

Now back to domestic issues.


We play in 3 different competitions this month which is what I like to see. The only away game is a throw away game while I want to think we can win out the rest of the month. Would love a win over Benfica show we mean business.

But first up its away to City. We played well against Liverpool there's no reason to think we can't do the same against City.


Getting Goddamn sick of this now!!!

1) This game was epic all the way up until the Red Card. I haven't changed the tactics at all so why the hell all the red cards suddenly. Too make this even more annoying is I had both CM on a yellow, I took one off and 2 minutes later Ibanez gets himself sent off the absolute *****.

2) We had a goal chalked off to go 4-3 up, nice bit of luck there.

3) ANOTHER penalty. Once again I haven't changed the tactic in the slightest so what the hell is going on!

Rant over.

Benfica in the Euro Cup II (yes I know its called the Conference League in real life but its not in this game so I'm going to call it the Euro Cup II).

Would be nice to get off to a good start in the group stage but we can't lose our heads if we don't.


Stunning result. To tell you just how dominating we were their keeper was MotM. He didn't save a penalty or anything like that he just finished with a 9.0 despite conceding 3 goals.

Half a million for winning that meaning we could come out the Group Stage 3m richer. Wouldn't say no!

We just need to replicate the Euro Cup II results in the league now.

Wolves at home next. Winnable game.


Always good to see!


Good win. Hard fought but good. I think we are starting to turn a corner. I'm not worried about relegation lets put it that way.

Spurs in the cup next. Its our 3rd game in 6 days so it will all come down to fitness as to what team I'll be putting out.

We are looking a bit thin on the ground thanks to suspensions. Don't fancy our chances.


We missed 4 penalties in a row. Feel like this season has just been laughing at me so far. We should have won it in 90 minutes but at the moment not a single 1 of my 4 strikers could buy a goal when it mattered.

I hate the new rule with the League Cup. It should be Extra Time at least. We have lost on penalties 3 out of the last 4 season and I'm getting absolutely sick of it.


Don't worry you won't be.

As far as I'm aware winning the Euro Cup II doesn't get you a European spot next season so we have to win the FA Cup now or finish Top 7...I think we need to enjoy our European adventure because I can't see another one.

One more game this month and we are at Home to Villa. We better bloody win it.


Another game where we couldn't put them away but we got away with it this time. We need to be better going forward!

It means after a not bad month in the league the table looks like this...


We are heading in the right direction. That's all that matters.

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45 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

From London to Mexico! awesome, lets see how far Fulham can go!

And get some cream for those itches! 

I’ve got enough salt for a lifetime of chips. 

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Premier League/North American Nations League

October 2031


Tricky month in the league broken up by Euro Cup games.

We start with a big game in Europe. Win this and we will be favourites to progress to the next round.

3 changes have been made from the side who beat Villa. I want to make sure a few of the bench players get some starts as I don't really want to be losing them so need to keep them happy.


Straightforward easy win. Still no striker scoring which is worrying.

Arsenal away next. We have only lost games this season away to the big boys so can't really grumble to much.

Would love to get something against either Arsenal or United but don't fancy it! An International Break would split these games up as well.


I'm showing the stats on these away losses to the big boys because I want to show that although the results aren't going our way we are sticking with teams! Liverpool, City, Arsenal I feel all 3 of these games could have gone either way. We aren't far off getting the results on a consistent basis, we are just massively missing some strikers. Just for a chance eh!


There we go.

Mexico time now. We start with a friendly against Egypt. I will be rocking with Instant Results.


Well I've had worst results.

Onto the actual competitive fixture now. Trinidad and Tobago away, I'm expecting another big win.



Almost in the bag. Not the hardest of starts to my Mexican adventure.

Onto United now. I'm at home so that's good but I just don't feel like we are getting the rub of the green.


Well I helped with 3 of them!


Now that's what I'm talking about! This only tells half the story. United had 2 goals disallowed and we missed a penalty. Adjas with the chance to get his hattrick, he also hit the post. Huge win, fantastic performance and honestly I think if we can keep going we could seriously challenge for the Top 7 again. I will admit with the 2 goals chalked off, we finally had some rub of the green.

Back to Europe now. If we win (which we should) we will be at least 5 points clear of the chasing pack but honestly it will be 8 and then surely top of the group will be ours thanks to our big win over Benfica.

Quite a few changes made, I'm fairly confident the fringe players will get the job done here.


Job done. It took the big boys to come on to seal the game but they did and that will do me.


The Romanian side get a huge draw against Benfica. If I can help to knock them out at the group stage by purposely letting them beat me then I will. It would be great getting a big boy out the competition this early. Long way to go yet though. I think we are pretty much through though.

Swansea away wraps up the month. If we can get through this month with only the loss away to Arsenal then it would be a brilliant achievement.


Good solid win away from home. Historically its the away form that has let us down so this was pleasing.

It means the table looks like this...


I would say we are right where we want to be. We are only 5 points off the top 4 at the moment although that is a bit ambitious. Lets stick with 2 points off top 6 which would be a Europa League place.

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20 hours ago, andychar said:

As far as I'm aware winning the Euro Cup II doesn't get you a European spot next season so we have to win the FA Cup now or finish Top 7...I think we need to enjoy our European adventure because I can't see another one.

Winning it gets you into the Europa League Group Stage the following season, much like winning the Europa gets you Champs League Groups.

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3 minutes ago, BML said:

Winning it gets you into the Europa League Group Stage the following season, much like winning the Europa gets you Champs League Groups.

I was unaware of this, I was just going by the Rules page of the competition. That's brilliant either way and an even bigger incentive to winning the thing! Thanks for letting me know!

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No problem! I think SI just copied the Europa model for this new competition as UEFA haven't exactly been forthcoming as to how it will actually work. Not sure why it doesn't appear on the Rules page though.

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Premier League/North American Nations League

November 2031

We are in a good place at the moment. I'm not even thinking about relegation. We just need to keep winning to keep the pressure on that top 6/7.


Only the 1 home game this month so it's going to be tricky. Hopefully we can wrap up Euro Cup II qualification and dent Benfica's chances of getting through.

Southampton away starts the month. They are struggling but despite the win over Swansea I'm still not convinced by our away form. Guess I'm just waiting and expecting the bubble to burst.


Woooooo! You know what that means...


It's nearly 9m well spent!


Things are looking good with facilities.

Is there any poinr increasing the Data Analysis Facilities?


He also wins Young Player of the Month. Great effort by him. I think he could be a monster of a player.

"Lol watch me injury one of your players out of nothing" - FM (probably)



Massively let down by the strikers not for the first time, second time, third time etc. Their keeper won MotM but we should have taken one of the chances we created. 3 strikers had a go and all of them were absolutely useless. I'm starting to think I need to spend money on a new one, and the cycle continues!

Molde away next in Europe. A win will see us through, I'm more intersted in what happens in the other game.


Absolutely you can start more games and it has nothing to do with losing my first choice for 2-3 months....honest!


First goal we have conceded in this competition but it didn't matter much in the end. Good result.


Job well done.

Benfica drew again! Meaning if we beat them there's a good chance we could knock them out. 

International Break time so we switch to Mexico. Still Instant Resulting.

Our first proper test. We host Switzerland in a friendly.


Even game fair result. No longer 100% but still unbeaten at least.


Well its hardly a surprise but yay.


Didn't need to play game 4. 

Here it is anyway.


No sweat.


Trinidad relegated we advance to the Semi Final. Whenever that may be.

Straight back to Fulham now and Newcastle in our only home game. No pressure then!


Brilliant result. Newcastle did what we normally do and failed to take their chances. Adjas is the only striker at the moment who is showing any signs of life going forward.

Benfica away next. It means nothing we are through as group winners but it would be sweet if we could beat them and help to knock them out at this stage. Potentially make things easier for us going forward.

I decided to make changes still. I need to believe we can beat anybody over 2 legs. I need to keep players fit and healthy rather than risk them in a meaningless game.


Good point in the end. We were probably second best and hanging on in bits. 


It will come down to the final game. The Romanian team can't get through anymore so no reason to let them win. If Molde beat Benfica in Norway then they will go through. Otherwise Benfica will limp through.

One more game this month, Chelsea away. Oh well we know how this is going to go.


We were second best throughout. Probably the worst we have played to be honest.

League table looks like this...


We have been distanced a little bit but the only games we have lost this season have been Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea all away from home. I'm happy.

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I think this is going well. Pretty much the same level as last year in the league, despite the European distraction, in which you dominated the group. Looks like a steady season of consolidation in progress. 

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  • 2 weeks later...


Premier League 

December 2031

After trying my hand at a few different saves I've been drawn back to this. 

I'd already started December so here's the few games I've already played.


This was a frustrating game. We huffed and puffed and did everything except score. Disappointing really.

We followed it up with another home game.


On the face of it a good comeback but once again we battered them. Glad we could come back for a point but really it could and should have been all 3.

Frustrating start to December leaves us with a mountain to climb if we want a European place next season.

Speaking of Europe. Our next game is a pointless Conference Cup game. We are through as group winners so I can rest players.


A nice draw in the cup. Not going to rest players though. I want a trophy this season or at least soon.


Very good performance. Rested enough players and still performed well. 


Molde beat Benfica! So amazingly and luckily for us one of the favourites for the competition have gone in the Groups.


More than 1m given out for getting to the Knockout Stages. Every little helps!

We currently sit 9th in the Premier League our next game is away to 12th place Stoke.


Its good to see all that money spent on Youth since being in the Premier League is working!


Great win but very nervy finish. They had a goal chalked off in stoppage time as I was ready to smash my laptop in!

Huge game next as we face Watford. We are currently 3 points off them and they occupy what could be the all important 7th spot.

So this is my first real proper look at the Conference Cup. It appears some teams drop down from the Europa League which makes winning it that bit more tricky. We have a bye into the Second Knockout Round because we won the Group. The First Knockout Round looks like this...


A couple of tricky looking teams in there. Fingers crossed the God's are kind when it comes to the draw. It does mean we will be in the Last 16 though which is nice. Draw won't be made till the end of February so we can concentrate on the league for the time being.


Very good win and equally good performance. We had to wait but it was worth it.

We have 2 more games left this year and they are both against the same team. We face Leicester away and then home to round up 2031.


Frustration as we were more than worthy of a point here. Can't even blame strikers. 20 shots and 12 on target they just came up against a keeper on form. Luckily we play them straight away so chance for revenge.

Play like we did here in the return game we should spank them to be honest.


Football eh! We played worse but won. Not going to complain. Nice to see a striker get the goal as well. Our top goalscorer half way through the season has 6. We just never have that consistent reliable striker!

The table looks like this heading into the new year.


The goal was to avoid a relegation battle and we have done just that. We sit in 9th at the half way stage but look how close it is. We are only 5 points off a Champions League spot!


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I was a bit premature with the screenshot of the table. I swear to God that never normally happens!


Arsenal beat Villa so they jump into 4th. We are still only 5 points off Champions League. Weird to see Spurs so high!

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Premier League

January 2032

A new year but hopefully more of the same.


More tricky games than not in the league.

Starting with a trip to Everton. We have closed the gap to them to 5 but a loss here could ruin all the hard way reeling them back in.


A good solid point. I think we will be happier than they will be. Its the 3rd month in a row we have started with a 0-0!

FA Cup next. We travel to a League One side. Last time we did that Rotherham dumped us out. I will be making changes but the team I put out should be good enough.


Becuase we play on the Monday night it means the draw was made before we play. A trip to Championship side Sheff United awaits the winner.

Not the strongest line up but I'll be annoyed if they can't get the job done.


Scunthorpe gave us a good game and the scoreline flattered us a wee bit. Job done though and its Sheff United in the next round which will round this month off.

Back to league action next and its Arsenal at home. Been a tricky start to the year in the league!

We are keeping one eye on the Carabao cup still because it could be the difference between 6th and 7th being a European place. Liverpool take a 1-0 lead into the second leg against Leicester. We need Liverpool to win that. The other is Chelsea v Man City, right now it doesn't matter who wins it.


We matched them. More than matched them but we are going to keep seeing results like these unless we actually pick up a striker who is good at their job. Lillingston has 17 goals this season. That's 10 more than our top goalscorer and that is the difference. That's why despite the performances we are still losing these games. And the reason we are 9th on the outside looking into those European places.

My budget next season is all going on a striker. I don't care if I have to spend 60m on one I need a goddamn striker.


Oh and it just keeps getting better. That's his career over.

I will be losing 2 players because of U23 International Call Ups. I've not heard of anything more ridiculous in all my footballing life.

I was asked about how I felt about the future of the club...


Well a text would have been nice!


Good win! Flat first half from both teams but we had a good solid start. Wondergoal bought them back in it but we looked as comfortable as my heart would allow. It puts pressure on the teams above us as we were the only game that night.


3m brings me a replacement for my fallen CB. Obviously that page is an eye sore but he's only here for a season and I'll have no problems letting him go for free at the end of his contract. He is there to fill in a hole.

Bottom of the league Swansea next. Good chance to string a few wins together.


Good solid win and good performance. We once again made it difficult for ourselves but at least we were able to grab a late goal to ease the pressure. Good to see McCarthy back among the goals.

United away next. No hopes or expectations of anything.


Amazing result! We have matched the big boys this season without getting any luck. This game we were battered and came away with all 3 points. Football eh.

One more game this month as we travel to Sheffield in the FA Cup. Chance for a decent run here.


I made no changes I didn't want to take any chances and we produced a professional performance. Into the next round. Lets hope for a kind draw.


S***. Arsenal face Derby at home in the replay so its very strongly looking like it will be Arsenal...away.

Liverpool beat Leicester in the Carabao Cup Semi Final meaning a Top 6 finish will be enough for a European place this season.

So after a good month the league table looks like this...


Up to 8th. 7 points off Champions League so that's not completely against the realms of possibility but we need to aim for the Top 6, maybe Top 7 if we are lucky. Still plenty of football to be played.

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Premier League

February 2032


Quieter month and a chance to really push for a European place. Couple of big games.

Everton at home is a tricky start to the month. They are currently just below us so its a nice chance to put a bit of distance between us and 9th.


Great start to the month. We have a gap over 9th now. Adjas is showing signs that he could be the player I thought he could be. 

Transfer window closes. We didn't have a chance to make any more signings. We didn't have the money and I didn't really want to ask for more. 

Another home game now and a decent chance to make it 5 wins in a row as we look to pressure the teams above us. International Break in the middle though. We finally get our players back from U23 Internationals. Not that we missed them judging from results.


We still have the 3rd lowest wage budget in the entire league. Showing we are doing well to be matching the big boys.


Not ideal. But at least Arsenal are ahead of us in the league. The more teams left in the competition currently in European places the better. At least 5th Round is the board expectation.


Another CB out for a long period of time and we are starting to be a little threadbare at the back.


Great win against a struggling Bournmouth. Its a win that lifts us up as high as 5th! We close the gap to 4th to 5 points. I'm dreaming of the Champions League!

Brighton away next, tricky game. They are rock bottom but we can't take them lightly.


Annoyed with late goal but cant complain about the result. We are in the middle of a brilliant winning run and, you know what, we are only 9 points off top :lol:

Watford away to finish the month. Big game as they are just below us.


Will be a tricky tie but really we should be looking to go through here. Both legs played next month, looking forward to getting back to European action.


Huge result! We rode our luck in this game. They had 2 goals chalked off, we had 1. Even game, could have gone either way, luckily it went ours!


Outstanding effort lads.

Table looks like this...


2 points between us and the Champions League with 10 games to go. Amazing season so far. I'm liking the gap between us and 8th as well. So very very tight.

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Premier League

March 2032

3 different competitions this month. Big month for us!


First time in a while one of our players has scooped up the Young Player of the Month award.


And for the first time we pick up this award! Delighted!


Only 3 league games this month. 

We start in the FA Cup. No replay. Its extra time and penalties if needed. Don't fancy our chances much but we will give it a good go. Interesting we play on 5 different days of the week this month. With only Wednesday and Friday not seeing any action!


Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I started the game and nipped to get a drink, image my surprise when I came back 2-0 up! Straight to defensive! 

We are into the Quarter Final of the FA Cup and apart from Liverpool and Chelsea there aren't any big boys left. I am cautiously optimistic.

League action now and its a quick turnaround to Stoke at home. The team has a 12 games won in a row record stretching back to 2000. I would be lying if I said I don't have one eye on it!

There has been a change in the fixtures due to FA Cup...our game with Chelsea has been moved in the league in order to make way for...


An away tie against a Championship side. At this stage in the competition we really can't complain with this draw! Liverpool and Chelsea have been drawn against each other so another big boy will be eliminated regardless.


I thought this was going to be the game that got us. We were playing well just not scoring. 2 late second half goals turned the game around and gave us a brilliant win. Confidence is at an all time high.

Conference League First Leg next. We are at home first which I don't like but what can you do. Chance to open a big lead and maybe rest players for the Second Leg.


47 shots we managed. We also missed a penalty. I think I'll be resting players for the return leg save in the knowledge we should be through!

The route to the final was drawn.


The big boys are taking each other out which is good. It looks like it will be Arsenal Tula in the Quarter Final.


Then it will be a big boy in the Semi.

Spurs away next. Huge game. Historically we seem to slip up against what is now an average Spurs side.


Hate playing Spurs. Hate blowing leads. Not once but twice! Our luck finally ran out as we missed a massive opportunity to take hold of a top 4 place.

Legia next in the return leg. I will be rotating.


Jesus! Any point me impoving the youth facilities? Shocking intake if this is the best.

8 changes made for the second leg against Legia.


Obviously it was a heavily changed side so I can't read too much into this loss. I did get FMed a little as well. The important thing is we are through to the next round.


It will be Russian side Arsenal Tula as well. We should win this really over 2 legs.

Bristol City away in the Cup next. We have been drawn away from home every single round this year. The starters will be playing this, chance for silverware. I can't say no!


Into the Semi Final we go! We had a little scare but pretty much dominated the game. Good solid performance with what could have been a banana peel.

Bit of a gap between this and the Chelsea game. I have a friendly with Mexico (at this point I'd forgotten about Mexico!) but it will be an Instant Result job.


With the other game Chelsea v Leicester this really couldn't have gone any better for us! A huge chance to visit the FA Cup Final.

We have agreed to sell Andy Robertson for 10.25m. He wanted to leave and his contract runs out next season so I wanted to cash in when I could. He goes to Dortmund. I bought him for 2.3m.


Great result. I did nothing :lol:

Chelsea at home finishes the month. This has to be the biggest Derby between this two in modern times. 


Unreal absolutely unreal. I was hoping we could upset the applecart but this was beyond my wildest dream. Hugh win and maybe a statement of intent.

It means after a looooooong month the table looks like this...


We are 8 points off top so many winning the league has gone but we are only 5 points off second! We have dragged 3 teams into a Champions League battle. We are currently goal difference away from being the best London club in the country. Newcastle pipped us to 6th last season and they are currently pipping us to 4th. Next game? Newcastle away...

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29 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

Looks competitive! 68 points after 31 played is not a lot

that Chelsea result hurt! But good job

It hurt me 2 but at least nobody will worry where my loyalty lies!

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1 hour ago, henryzz said:

Would you mind doing a lower league london update every few seasons?

Yeah sure. 
I really don’t wanna give up on the London aspect of the save but it became clear it was pointless :lol:

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Premier League

April 2032

What a huge month.


Huge game against Newcastle next, we need to avoid defeat. On paper the rest of the month should be ours. But there are a lot of games and football isn't played on paper. If we get through in the Conference League I'd be surprised if the Semi's weren't this month as well.

So Newcastle at St James'. They currently sit 4th just 1 point ahead. As mentioned we just need to not lose. I'd be happy with a point. We could into it off the back of that huge win against Chelsea. 5-0 by the way is the largest margin or victory in the history of the fixture.


Very good game of football which really could have gone either way. Neither side deserved to lose so I'm happy with the outcome. It keeps them above us but in touching distance. Good result. I think it sees the end of the title challenge although that was never really a goal at any point, more a pipedream.

We go to Russia in the hopes of taking a lead back to London with us. No time to rest players.


We know he is looking to sell.

2 big players have picked up injuries in between the Newcastle and Arsenal Tula game. Both have been told to play through it. Players are literally putting their bodies on the line in order to make sure this season is memorable.


Well. I was expecting a win but I wasn't expecting this. Brilliant, it means we can rest as many players as possible for the return leg.

12th place Southampton at home next. We need to win to keep up the pressure on those above us. 6 games to go. Come on!


2 huge points dropped. Not good enough to be 4-2 with 3 minutes to go and not win the game! Keep the concentration!

We are resting players next for the Arsenal Tula game. Good chance to get a bit of fitness back.


I'm liking the look of that. Although we have been making a loss each month. Its easier to take with the potential of Champions League money on the horizon!

9 changes made for the second leg.


Our back ups did the job well. 11-0 on aggregate. Even I wasn't expecting that!


Shakhtar turned around a 2-0 first leg loss to win 3-2 on agg against Monchengladbach. Amazing for them. I would have prefered the German side but either way it was going to be tricky. 1 game each month.

Cup Semi against Championship side Notts Forest. We are favourites. No question.


Outstanding performance. We didn't let nerves get to us and controlled from start to finish. The first FA Cup final for Fulham since 1975. But who will we be facing?

I'm going to leave the post here because my laptop is being slow so think it needs a restart.

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